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  1. Right-handed reliever Chris Resop was optioned to Double-A Carolina following Tuesday's game. The Marlins may make a trade to fill the roster spot. A trade? Or making room for Hermida? 923129[/snapback] The Herald had Mckeon hinting towards a trade for a position player.
  2. For a player to be eligible for postseason play, he must be in the Marlins' system by midnight tonight. McKeon hintly strongly that the team was about to complete a trade for a position player. Not sure if Posted already. what could we possibly do?!
  3. yeah Punk'd has a history going after NBA players. in one episode they got A.I. and Jermaine O'Neal back to back 899774[/snapback] uh they go after just about anyone, not mainly nba players 899987[/snapback] they also got Dirk
  4. That is a squad! If it happens that would be fun to watch.
  5. If the Heat do trade EJ then does that make it a greater possiblity that they may sign Walker and he could become a starter?
  6. Am I the only that has seen him do this?!? 873408[/snapback] No, my wife just told me that too. You know women have a 6th sense for all that. She just mentioned to me that she saw him, after the HR, point to the cameras and then to his belly. He may have been dedicating his HR to his kid... :thumbup 873508[/snapback] Yea that's what I was thinking ! :thumbup
  7. Am I the only that has seen him do this?!?
  8. Not sure if posted already but the last couple of games after Miggy hits a HR they have a shot of him in the dugout and he points to the camera and then does some kind of thing with his hands going over his stomach, does anybody know if his wife is pregnant or something?
  9. Personally I believe he's in a really bad slump that maybe a season slump, I doubt he's done for completely. I think next year will be much better for him, he'll return to the allstar he is.
  10. please god no, we dont need leiters clone 866554[/snapback] Leiters clone?! Redman pitched his @$$ off for the fish in 03'(14-9 with 3 CG in 190 IP.) I don't see why we wouldn't bring him back. Look at Leiter, started Sunday for the yanks and pitched amazing. Maybe a change would do big red some good.
  11. Mike Lowell won't be moved PERIOD. Melvin Mora is the O's starting 3B and will be for years to come. And why would they even think of putting him at 1st with Palmero?! lol the guy isn't going to just all of a sudden become JUST a DH. I don't see lowell going to the O's
  12. I was checking to see if there were any #'s on gosling pitching to our hitters and there aren't any, so I am guessing we've never faced him. I am also guessing that if Lowell isn't in the lineup then something is up and it's only a matter of time we hear something.
  13. Geriardi more of possibility than Leyland. 861801[/snapback] Geriardi is an @$$! wasnt he the one a few years ago that made comments about how the fish celebrated after a walk off homerun?
  14. I give a big meh to this deal, it's really contingent on who Penn is spun for... 861905[/snapback] I doubt Penn will be traded for some reason, once he's here I think he'll stay.
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