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  1. The AP's reporting it as well. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?...2349EST0647.DTL Paulie Depo: Fool him once, shame on Javy. Fool him twice, shame on Green. Can't fool him thrice, because hes got an extra two mil. ...BTW, where was that extra two million when Beltre called last December? Just curious...
  2. Their offense will be better than last year. Sad Admin Jones will rebound, the farm system will produce a ROY candidate, and they will have full seasons from Adam Laroche and Marcus Giles. This organization may be the biggest pain in the ass in sports. God how I hate the Braves.
  3. Lowe emphasized money wasn't the primary lure. "It wasn't money," Lowe said. Something about athletes saying that when they get big contracts kills me every time. This could be great news for Giants fans. Lowe may keep the ball in the yard, but in 2005 he'll give up so many hits, the homers won't matter. Defense behind Lowe: 1B Big Choi/ old slugger* 2B Pornstache SS Izzy 3B Jose "Don't Hit it Here" Valentin With the exception of Izturis, this infield defense is scary-bad. Ground balls are going to skip through so often, Derek Lowe will leave games when most Dodger fans do. In the third inning. *Big Choi couldn't hit squat after the All-Star break. Pitchers began to realize that if it came in faster than 80 MPH, it was off Choi's radar. My bet is that by mid-May, the second-rate sabermatricians in Chavez Ravine will bring in some Todd Zeile clone to stop the bleeding.
  4. don't forget that he likes the aminals http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?...SPGRRAL57C1.DTL
  5. Lineup: 2B Ray Durham SS Omar Vizquel 1B JT Snow LF Barry Bonds RF Moises Alou 3B Edgardo Alfonzo CF Marquis Grissom C Mike Matheny Bench: 1B/3B Pedro Feliz C Yorvit Torrealba OF Michael Tucker IF Deivi Cruz OF via minors or trade Rotation: Jason Schmidt Brett Tomko Noah Lowry Jerome Williams Kirk Rueter Bullpen Armando Benitez Jim Brower Matt Herges Jason Christiansen Jesse Foppert Scott Eyre Tyler Walker/ Wayne Franklin Based on past seasons, the offense should be consistently productive from 1-7. The major question marks are Vizquel and Snow: both had plus seasons in 2004 after noticable dips in 2003. The rotation should be solid as well. The only problem besides age and the likeliness of injuries (which is high) is Brower/ Herges/ Foppert et. all's inability to strike anyone out. Looks like another season of 88+ wins, in contention the whole way.
  6. from the returnees: Blyleven Dawson Goose Sutter Will Clark will always be my favorite player. Does he belong in the Hall? I wish. Injuries have helped to give his arch-nemesis, Rafael "Limp Noodle" Palmiero (a defenseless fence-swinging hack on perennially losing teams), a better chance. Not one of these new guys looks like he'll cut it, which is good because it will force some guilty minded voters to reasess their stinginess this time 'round.
  7. [ Her eyes are gorgeous and her complexion is awesome. 646155[/snapback] LOL! Thanks for defending Mrs. Damon's honor, Passion. We were all a bit worried.
  8. I understand his E.R.A and that they iverpaid for him, but if you are 9 games over .500 you got to be doing something right! 643699[/snapback] Does this guy remind anyone else of a left-handed Aaron Sele? I'm betting that in 2005 Milton's numbers look a lot more like the 98-2000 seasons (when he played for a sub-.500 team) than '04.
  9. 3 yrs, 25.5 mil. This is the same deal in total dollars that Matt Clement got. Wow. It just keeps getting better and better. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/news/story?id=1953888
  10. Rotoworld is reporting that the Reds have signed LHP Eric Milton to a 3 yr. deal.
  11. No, Im on birth control. 643192[/snapback] (shaking head)
  12. The New York Yankees will receive my vote in this poll. 643140[/snapback] And they couldn't care less. 643152[/snapback] LOL!
  13. 1. Besides the Marlins (or whoever else is your favorite team) who else do you like? 2. Why are you a fan of the Marlins (or whoever else you root for)? If you like any other teams, why do you like them? Local reasons? Because of a certain player? 3. List your childhood baseball heroes 4. List your five favorite baseball moments 5. List your five least favorite baseball moments 643164[/snapback] dude i love the gmen too but your new signature makes teh passion's look respectable
  14. Schilling's response to the Times article: What a horrifically untrue [expletive] article," Schilling wrote in an e-mailed response to a question. "First off, Bobby Valentine doesn't know [expletive] about me nor Randy. Second, I had always intended to start the game but was never sure if I could. I earned the right to start that game and wanted to, but given the schedule that ended up being a lot like the 2004 situation, we felt it best that I not pitch so I could open up the second half in Anaheim. "I can't speak for Randy's side of this story because I have no idea what went on there, but as for me starting and then not pitching, it had nothing to do with RJ or anything even remotely related to him. Bobby's an [expletive] for even making these comments and much more so, given the fact he doesn't know [expletive] about either of us, other than what he's heard." -from Today's Globe. http://www.boston.com/sports/baseball/reds...l_possible?pg=2 I miss Valentine as well. I'll take drama like this over Conversations with Vanessa Malone any day.
  15. ironic that the guy urging others to use the hot stove thread is the one who started the thread, and posts there most often. what are the odds? thanks for the heads up.
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