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  1. Willingham's having a career year. Don't kid yourself. We all saw the beginnings of that swing in 2005.
  2. http://www.jersey101.com/en/products.asp?typeid=458 the uggla one is 28, thats a steal
  3. Your friend is getting them from china. I found em online, same selection... Nothing wrong with the quality though
  4. Its a three hour flight, why cant he be there by the 3rd
  5. tried that, thanks though. Anything else?
  6. http://www.footballfanatics.com/COLLEGE_Florida_State_Seminoles/Nike_Florida_State_Seminoles_FSU_Grey_No_Hitter_Baseball_Jersey/partnerID/1445 - Only site i've seen it on, and no stock. I like the road better than the home, agree? Heres the pic: Or, if my some miracle, one of you has some crazy miracle searching ability, the one with the FS on the upper corner like the yankees NY or boston's B would be incredible. My greatest thanks as usual.
  7. Usually on the sewn jerseys on ebay, you can get them for 30 bucks, but the lettering isnt as nice. I'd be interested in a Redsox Lowell jersey in large... They are replicas not authentics Explain the differences between the Authentics, Majestics, and these that Piazza has. (I really dont care if they look good, just trying to figure it out)
  8. Usually on the sewn jerseys on ebay, you can get them for 30 bucks, but the lettering isnt as nice. I'd be interested in a Redsox Lowell jersey in large...
  9. Nope. Comcast doesn't televise Marlins game on Sun Sports up here. I'm in.... but how about those Noles though!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ANOTHER Walk off vs. UNC!
  10. his comeback will happen with the marlins
  11. i like swimming to the series. Breaking Ground
  12. So any update on the hit getting reversed?
  13. whoops :notworthy made my hour.
  14. So, the wife and I are taking a trip to New York (eww) to see some games at Yankee stadium and Shea before they are demolished. I am threatening to wear my "Certified Yankee Hater" shirt with my 2003 Josh Beckett jersey and our official Marlins hat. I want to know if I will make it out of there in one piece? I kinda did that. Marlins shirt, pendant on necklace, cap, and screaming and cheering. A LOT of fun, and they were actually cool about it. I had fun, you will too.
  15. Black w/ the normal logo... but is that whole thing ur sig?
  16. OBAMA PRAYER: "Lord ? Protect my family and me. Forgive me my sins, and help me guard against pride and despair. Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. And make me an instrument of your will" RIGHT WING TRANSLATION OF PRAYER: Death to americans, i hate the troops, go muslims, burn the american flag, which by the way isnt on my lapel, and um, something racist!
  17. The Berlin Speech tomorrow. 1PM, should be out of control huge. I've heard turnout estimates reach ONE MILLION. Poor security with that crowd.
  18. As a Yankee hater, i get a bad feeling about this. I think hes gonna have a huge turnaround. Bank on it.
  19. time to take out the red sox Not if I can help it.
  20. Rabb, NY = 2 RSox+ Yanks- Angels - 15 Athletics - 18 Blue Jays - 16 Indians - 16 Mariners - 14 Orioles - 19 Rangers - 16 Rays - 17 Red Sox - 16 Royals - 16 Tigers - 17 Twins - 16 White Sox - 15 Yankees - 1
  21. RSOX + YANX -1 Angels - 15 Athletics - 19 Blue Jays - 15 Indians - 16 Mariners - 14 Orioles - 18 Rangers - 15 Rays - 16 Red Sox - 14 Royals - 16 Tigers - 16 Twins - 16 White Sox - 15 Yankees - 5
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