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  1. No I didn’t mean a trade based around Alfaro or that it fell through over Alfaro, I just meant that he was probably going to be a throw in as part of a larger trade that ultimately didn’t happen.
  2. The catcher situation genuinely makes zero sense to me and, for their sake, I want to hear in a couple of years that they were about to trade Alfaro as part of a package for a stud that fell through last minute. Otherwise, I’m just at a loss honestly.
  3. Exactly. It’s not that he was wrong, it’s the way he went about it. Like a fan got hold of his twitter and started throwing a bunch of “inside” info around that was at best a possibility but framing it as a certainty. Very upsetting as a fan!
  4. Given that with a good bullpen we would be only 4-5 games out without all those blown saves and holds, trading Curtiss for what is probably a Wallach 2.0 seems counterproductive. You have Alfaro and Sandy, traded for Jackson and drafted multiple catchers. Wtf is the point?
  5. I found it odd that Mish was speculating so much and I partly blame him for a lot of this disappointment. Why was he so vocal and excited like he knew something was going down? In the past you would read “marlins open to making trades that would help team win now and in the future” or some generic shit. Yet here we was almost telling us he knew something we don’t know. Super annoying and embarrassing on his part honestly.
  6. You know it was a shit deadline when everyone they traded was “acquired” by the other team. None of the headlines say “Marlins Acquire” lol
  7. What really hurt the team is that all their top pieces are hurt or working back from it. You have Pablo, Elieser, Sixto, and Cabrera all hurt to some degree or at the tail end of rehabbing. Cooper would have been moved too had he not had that issue. I’m sure a pre-trade physical is probably what found the torn UCL given the timing of it.
  8. At this point throw a AAA team out there and try to go for the #1 overall pick. As to their intentions, I think they do they just are too cheap.
  9. The real issue becomes, WHO would they even sign to play center? If they could somehow re-sign Marte it would be great
  10. Holy crap, way to cut a fart before leaving the room. Terrible
  11. Man, the cubs really sold low on Baez. 3 years ago he was up there with the Tatis/Lindor type player and look at him now
  12. You’re absolutely right. They can only unload contracts through the waiver wire but no trades. My general point still stands though, teams looking to strictly cut costs could be shedding big contracts thus creating more “moves” we have yet to see
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