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  1. You’re 100% right and the irony is that is racist in and of itself. “Black excellence” should be just as offensive as “white power” but apparently one group of people can be proud while the other cant. and I’m not part of either of those groups so I could care less. I just enjoy calling out the hypocrisy when I see it.
  2. Just playing devils advocate here, but how do we know that Aramis wasn’t a complete diva that thought he was the shit and personally rubbed Brenly the wrong way? Maybe Brenly disagreed with the front office acquiring him over someone else they had been targeting that Brenly proffered and so he was invested in Aramis doing poorly in order to feel vindicated. Point is we don’t know the details, and as I’ve pointed out before, we need to worry about ourselves. Cause when it comes to passing judgement on someone’s character in a time where one tweet can ruin a career, people should Refrain from it.
  3. Yeah it feels that way but I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt this year cause of the Financial albatross that was the 2020 season and to a lesser degree this one. Luckily they’re going to be at full capacity now so those extra 20 tickets per game might help sales
  4. Obviously, and you know it is. That doesn’t change the fact that he should laugh that shit off. If you have to “persevere” past a DM you have a weak composition. Not because he’s rich, but because that’s what a strong person does. I hate anecdotal evidence cause I understand it means jack shit in any true debate, but I literally couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say something like “great, more fucking spics” when they overhear me speaking Spanish to my grandmother or something. And you know what I do? I laugh in their face and say “yup, fuck em all right?” And I move the fuck on. which is my point, instead of everyone worrying about telling people what they should or shouldn’t say, parents should revert back to the old “sticks and stones” adage and raise some well-adjusted adults.
  5. Welcome to 2021. Where your intentions are not yours to have but rather dictated and established by a population of people (read children) that believe "racism" is destroying our society, when in reality it's the unfounded mob belief that our society is destroyed in the first place that is truly dividing and destroying it. The division itself is what's dividing the country...how is that not obvious? My source? I'm a "POC" minority myself that owns my own business, feeds over 50 families directly (not counting the hundreds I feed indirectly through the course of my daily work) and doesn't give 3 flying fucks what anyone in this world thinks or says. I go about my daily life like anyone else cause I was taught that way by my refugee mother. I was never taught to believe myself to be a "victim" of anyone or anything. And I've lived outside of South Florida for fucking years so it's not cause I live around a bunch of minorities. To call what Brendly did racist and to call a multi-millionaire athlete with a shoe company a "victim" is a fucking slap in the face to the black people who came before him that faced REAL fucking racism. Cause in my book, racism is segregation, telling your daughter she can't marry someone who isn't part of your race, telling me to go back to my country even though I was born here (which has happened to me so many times in my life that I literally wouldn't care to count)....what Brenly did is just a dumb joke that someone with their balls set firmly on their body wouldn't allow themselves to be affected by because they'd understand that they're 100% above someone else's words/opinions. Huge difference between something "racial" and something "racist". Everyone needs to grow the fuck up and worry about themselves. Once they do, they'll realize it's their own bullshit mentality that kept them back, not anyone or anything else.
  6. The only positive from this annoying claim is that it proof we are getting closer to finally jumping the shark on this narrative. When you gotta reach this far, you’re running out of shit to say
  7. Thank you! you know how many men in this country got slapped/punched by their wives today? Or how many of them were berated and belittled? Yet no one gives a shit about that...if domestic violence is such an unspeakable horror then it needs to go both ways.
  8. Lol you’re absolutely right. It’s more like they put in variable holders in the design and they let a computer populate it with the top ten google search results for that city.
  9. I’ve said it and I’ll say it again....they gotta stop letting these 20 year olds in the marketing department design apparel. Baseball fans are the most “purist” of any sport when it comes to uniforms and all these gimmicks are insanely annoying.
  10. MySpace was a beautiful place. The closest it got to spreading panic was the bulletins that implied that if you didn’t re-post them a murderer would come kill your dog in your sleep or some shit.
  11. Yeah I get you, and I’m not saying can’t ever figure something out. But his current repertoire/skill set are not gonna cut it. His curveball is slow and looping and he’s throwing less than 90 on the gun. Unless you have Maddux-esque movement that doesn’t fly these days. Granted, he used to throw a little harder so there’s a possibility of some underlying injury. But again, as is, homeboy ain’t gonna cut it.
  12. Yup, first thing I thought was “that’s what you get on q New York team”
  13. As much as I have zero desire to ever see him in a Marlins uniform, I kinda feel bad for the dude. It sucks to work your whole life to get there and suddenly realize you're not good enough. That's some serious existential crisis shit.
  14. Here is Jordan with a statement regarding the people who were apparently harassing his wife on social media cause pretty much shat the bed again. Yeah he sucked, but as a he said, it's a fuckin game, you don't have the right to involve the players' wives. I'll try to find the posts where people were saying those things for context.
  15. What Rockies start are you guys referring to?
  16. Cousin actually lol NVM, I now see Michael corrected you lol
  17. There was a picture of Jose Salas playing second and everyone thought it was Sierra even though mags is lefty. He was just making a reference to an old post lol
  18. I use brave. It’s built on chromium so it works on Pretty much any site you visit and blocks trackers and cookies and even has a built in anonymous mode that acts pretty much like a free VPN. I got sick of the surveillance and wanted to limit it as much as I could.
  19. Wouldn’t it also be delayed further for Sanchez since he technically debuted and played in a few games last year?
  20. I think “buying” this year would be very near-sighted unless it’s for a long term solution at a position of real need (which right now is either 2nd or 3rd. I’m just not convinced about BA). They should bring up the prospects this season And treat it as a dry run for them to get their feet wet cause next year is the soonest we should really be making the run for it. Should have been this year, but the injuries to Sixto, Cabrera, Elieser, and Marte have really made it as low start out of the gate. And the lack of a minor league season last year pushed the Meyer/Bleday/Burdick/etc group back a whole year. Unless it’s a straight salary dump and they don’t have to send anything meaningful back, “buying” means parting with something relatively substantial and I think that’s counterproductive for them at the moment.
  21. Yeah I agree, no reason that Dickerson or Duvall should be with the team next season. I say trade Dickerson at the deadline and trade Duvall in the off-season. Let me amend that by saying if Duvall goes on an absolute year by the all star break then you trade him too but only if it’s an overpay.
  22. When is the service time cut off? Could that be part of why they haven’t brought him up? Also, he’s ripping right now but he still worries me a bit as far as long term success goes. Looks like a shit load of swing and miss in that bat
  23. And Trevor is third, very nice!!
  24. Also, and this is coming from a Cuban, Miami isn’t Cuba and has a shit load of other nationalities that make it up. I don’t enjoy the pandering to “the community” like Nike understands it. For gods sake the marlins don’t even have a single Cuban player on the team, how does a Cuban team from the 50’s represent this city? NO ONE that isn’t a huge baseball fan even understands the reference or even cares. Might not be a popular opinion but I’m just annoyed already with the perspective of Miami being Cuban sandwiches and beaches. They’d have been better off basing the uniforms on stray cats, traffic, and Food stamps. It would have been a more accurate “connection”...
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