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  1. I don’t like milk at all lol I even eat cereal out of the box. As for the lemon Oreo thins, if you haven’t tried them, fucking do it before you knock’m lol
  2. I just eat them. No milk, no nothing. Just a dry ass cookie and the reckless abandon with which I do most things. also, the lemon Oreo thins are by far the best Oreo
  3. You’re a fucking Hero, bullet! I’ll email Jeter and let them know to cancel the Lysol partnership and just put you at gate H so you can pinch the fans
  4. Don’t even get me started! Lol or when you stand up you’re a public safety hazard and need a mask, but once you sit down to eat at your table, everyone else in that Applebee’s is safe from your cooties 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. Oh for sureeee I know 99% of these businesses are only putting in these regulations cause they're scared some guy in a suit is gonna shut them down for "covid violations". So yeah, they will do something that addresses the lines and entry, but I just feel like this particular iteration of it is going to get a lot of friction and probably gets modified. For example, walmart started with the metered lines and some one at the door counting people going in and going out and only opening one particular exit (which is a whole other stupid thing in my opinion to funnel everyone in one door and t
  6. Yeah the entry time thing is stupid. I'm the kind of guy that gets there as early as they possibly let me so I can catch batting practice. I'm not gonna let them tell me my "time" is 30 mins before the game. I'm getting in that line early one way or another because as you said, until around 30-45 mins before the game, those gate lines are pretty much empty and you can walk right through especially with the electronic tickets making it quick. Unless you get to pick your time but that's stupid as well. It's miami, half the people are on Cuban time and will miss their time even if they planned on
  7. Lmao nothing but positives coming from this. 1) One less undeserving idiot has a job. I don’t even care that he had any of those feelings; I expect all these rich ass exec types are the same. He deserves to be fired for being stupid enough to admit this on a recorded meeting to people he didn’t need to admit it to lol. And 2) I get to laugh at someone else’s misfortune
  8. I drink about a gallon of water a day. I don’t drink anything but water so it adds up. Only thing I’ll drink other than water is a cup of black coffee while fasting before my morning workout. and to add to the sub-topic that has come up, black is the way to go with coffee. When you add sugar and milk/creamer to coffee you’re not really drinking coffee anymore, it’s something else. A drink with a coffee base, but not “coffee” per se. Example, water is water, but once you add sugar and lemon it’s lemonade which is a whole different drink. Same applies to coffee in my mind.
  9. Same number I used to wear (also cause of Jeter lol)...I knew I liked this guy
  10. Aw, good to see Sandy Leon again. Can't hit for shit but he's a great catcher and from all reports, a great teammate
  11. Dude I’ve shipped a Lou’s and it was great! Lol super expensive And not as good as getting it fresh but still great lol
  12. Ship one to the MB.com headquarters so we can try it
  13. Good loooooord that’s stupid lol
  14. Wait, what is that field called now?
  15. I don’t blame her, they have a Cheesecake Factory and a yard house
  16. Maybe I’ll catch a game at the BB&T one of these days. I don’t foresee myself really becoming a “hockey guy”, but I’ve had less of an excuse to drink a couple of beers and eat personal papa johns pizzas
  17. That’s the problem, other than a couple of 3 war seasons (both in hitter friendly parks) he’s barely a replacement level player. Sure he’s had a couple of good offensive seasons, but other than one season of his career he’s terrible defensively and that negates any positives from his bat. So idk where he’s “bouncing” back to. He’s making more than Rosario, and Rosario is the more consistently overall productive player. They should have traded Dickerson And his Salary for a bag of peanuts and signed Rosario to replace him. And before anyone says “no one would trade for Dickerson”, rem
  18. Eh, depending on the price, I’d be fine with Starling coming back as insurance. But I have no interest in ever seeing Dickerson again. You could trade him right now for all I care.
  19. Yeah definitely. And it’s ironic cause people who don’t understand baseball call it boring too lol but those of us who get it know that even if “nothing happens”, something happened lol
  20. Yeah I figured they do the shootouts now but then I couldn’t remember if it was soccer that did that lol definitely a good decision on their part. Sports ending in ties is like a slap in fans’ faces.
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