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  1. 1 hour ago, hovertical said:

    using Meyer to get an unproven bat at this point is stupid for this team.  They literally just need MLB ready bats and a catcher who can actually defend and call a great game.

    I’m with you 100%. That’s why the trade worries me and reeks of desperation/cheapness  unfortunately 

  2. 1 minute ago, pollythewog said:

    Mcinvale control issues pretty bad though?

    Then they shouldn’t have acquired him cause that ain’t news lol bring him up and see what you got 

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  3. Bass might be on the roster but he’s crap, I would get rid of him too. As I noted in the game thread they should bring up Mcinvale to see what he has, bring up Guzman to see if he figured out his hitability issues, and bring up basically anyone in the minors with high strikeout numbers to see what they can do. Either they blow games and it helps out draft stock, or you go into the off-season with 1-2 leas bullpen holes to fill

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  4. Honestly the best thing they can do is throw the Okert/Hess kind of guys from here now that Sandy is done with his tremendous outing. Winning games at this point is counterproductive so just let the scrubs pitch. Why isn’t Mcinvale up to see what he’s got?

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  5. Completely different approach to the Jazz we were seeing early in the year. I’d have to check the stats to see if they’re pitching him differently but he’s swinging at pitches outside the zone now (as he did last season)  that he was laying off earlier on.

  6. Really just wanna see progress from individual players but I hope that as a whole they lose every game from here on out lol maybe we can finally draft that 3B of the future 

  7. 1 hour ago, el_gmac said:

    So the pick is available if not signed by any team ? 

    Unless I’m mistaken, he’s “their” player until the next draft so no other team can sign him now. If he has college eligibility then he can go to college.

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  8. 12 minutes ago, Michael said:

    If he homers in 10% of his ABs with a 50% K rate, would you be cool with that? 

    [That'd be a 60 homer run and 350 strikeouts, but ... lol]


    I guess it depends on the overall OBP but unless there are a good amount of other hits and walks in there that’s still just a .100 batting average/OBP so no lol

  9. Just now, FishFry said:

    Having a trade fall through because of Alfaro would prove more incompetence then anything.   I want to hear that teams like the Giants declined offers in the likes of Max, Cabrera, Eder and top tier prospects.  That would be more accepted. 

    No I didn’t mean a trade based around Alfaro or that it fell through over Alfaro, I just meant that he was probably going to be a throw in as part of a larger trade that ultimately didn’t happen. 

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  10. 3 minutes ago, FishFry said:

    The bad part is we now have to endure a year plus of these catchers like we had with Alfaro.   There is no forward momentum at all because of it and it will be their excuse for 2 years (we addressed that position with two catchers). 

    The catcher situation genuinely makes zero sense to me and, for their sake, I want to hear in a couple of years that they were about to trade Alfaro as part of a package for a stud that fell through last minute. Otherwise, I’m just at a loss honestly.

  11. 7 minutes ago, SongInTheAir said:

    I've been super critical of Mish in the past but kind of warmed up to him over the past year, but this was a BAD week for him and his credibility as a journalist. Not saying he made anything up, but he certainly got some things wrong or misinterpreted a bunch of the info he was being fed by his source. Just not a good look with the Duvall thing and with the "wow" thing. 

    Exactly. It’s not that he was wrong, it’s the way he went about it. Like a fan got hold of his twitter and started throwing a bunch of “inside” info around that was at best a possibility but framing it as a certainty. Very upsetting as a fan!

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