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  1. 1 minute ago, ZfromCIS said:

    Yea, I’m more interested in seeing Peyton.

    I genuinely don’t believe either will be a step up from Alfaro. He hit pretty damn well his first season with us (by catcher standards) and I do believe eventually he’ll figure the defensive woes out. Just takes some guys longer.

  2. Jackson doesn’t strike me as the kind of dude that would have 70 grade power. He’s kind of on the small side. Just proves some people have those gorilla fast-twitch fibers and some of us don’t lol 

  3. 3 minutes ago, FishFan95 said:

    I actually went back to see what you saw with Alfy. What happened exactly?

    No clue! Bleier looks like he runs an Office Depot, what does Baez get from acting tough with him? Lol

  4. Just now, FishFan95 said:

    I think I heard the Mets dugout cheering for that one. They thought it was a no doubter.

    Not gonna lie, I saw Alfaro slow down and I thought it was gone too 

  5. Can someone who’s good at this kind of thing look something up for me? I’ve always thought Isan was too patient at the plate and should instead be aggressive on fastballs in the zone. Is there a way to see what pitches his hits lately have been on? 

  6. 2 minutes ago, ZfromCIS said:

    Don’t look now but we might not have gotten worse at the deadline lol

    He has that same old school bat path that I see in dudes like, coincidentally, Marte, and Xander bogarts. Instead of being overly loopy like Jazz, Isan, Michael Chavis, Javy Baez, etc., he’s quick to the ball and just stays on plane with it.

    My expectations of him are a Harold Ramirez type player with more power and more speed so anything extra would be a total bonus.

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  7. 3 minutes ago, pollythewog said:

    Bender needs to make a much better 0-2 pitch than that 

    Hopefully they teach him a cutter in the off-season. Something hard to offset the arm side run on the fastball 

  8. Just now, FishFan95 said:



     Bender screamed “fuck!” when he got off the mound cause what was supposed to be in on the hands stayed out over the middle of the plate and would have been gone in probably half of the other parks.

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  9. 2 minutes ago, hovertical said:

    Was his seemingly + defense a known quantity?

    I believe so yeah, I saw a couple of videos on twitter of his outfield assists when they traded for him.

  10. 1 minute ago, FishFan95 said:

    What's with the fake throw with no other runners besides McNeil? If you are gonna gun it, that is the spot to do it. Not like he would get the runner, but the Marlins could throw the ball into the dugout and it wouldn't matter in that spot.

    Nah it wasn’t a fake throw, he just realized there was no point in throwing it and held up. He isn’t even throwing out prince fielder with Cecil fielder on his back when he caught it a foot from the wall lol

  11. They’ve both gotten extended looks in the past so I’m not surprised the team has lost a little faith in them, but given how the season has gone, I say let them play out the season as starters and go from the there. Isan really is starting to give me some hope unfortunately 

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