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  1. 1 minute ago, hovertical said:

    If it's all said and done and they don't get their "WOW" piece I will say I'd rather they signed Marte to an extension than traded for Luzardo. Since so far they've only weakened their lineup further and I do NOT trust them to spend in the offseason. 


    The real issue becomes, WHO would they even sign to play center? If they could somehow re-sign Marte it would be great 

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  2. Just now, SilverBullet said:

    Actually pretty sure they got rid of post deadline trades.

    You’re absolutely right. They can only unload contracts through the waiver wire but no trades.

    My general point still stands though, teams looking to strictly cut costs could be shedding big contracts thus creating more “moves” we have yet to see

  3. In theory they could still make trades after today. It just wouldn’t be by contending teams looking to get better. You’d see teams like the twins trying to unload contracts like Donaldson (which is what the marlins should be targeting. Contracts for good players that their teams no longer wish to pay)

  4. 2 minutes ago, Iowa said:

    Pretty much $60 mil left on his contract.. not a chance in hell unless the Twins are giving up at leeeeast half. 


    I really like his bat/glove but he's made of glass and kind of a douche. BA could play RF

    Yeah that’s what I’m saying, if they give up half then I’m all for it. As for the glass thing, BA has been injured all season and missed a third of the season in 2019. Albeit from a broken hand but Donaldson has had those freak accidents as well. Idk, for the right price I actually would 100% welcome him.

  5. You think Marlins are in on maybe trading for Buxton and Donaldson? I would love to have Josh Donaldson if they throw in around half of the money. He is a REAL middle of the order bat the team needs and I know some here are bullish on BA but I just don’t see it long term honestly. And both would be free agents after 2024 so they have the same amount of control. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, Erick said:

    Pretty sure Jorge Alfaro won't be a part of any significant trade. Maybe Jorge Alfaro for a player to be named later. 

    Idk man, he’s an upgrade over some other starters out there so I can envision  a trade where he’s a throw in to make something happen. I’m not saying he’s a significant part of any significant trade but he’s not totally useless. A team with a real coaching staff can turn him into a good catcher. 

  7. 10 minutes ago, hovertical said:

    Teoscar Hernandez. Yes please. Won't happen though lol.

    Unlikely? Yes, but ya never know! Jays are short on pitching big time and the marlins pitchers are the belle of the ball now that Max is gone once Berrios is traded as well. It would take really good pitching that would hurt to lose but our rotation is wasted on a black hole of a lineup. Let’s see! 🤞🏻

    edit: Shit I hadn’t seen the Blue Jays got Berrios! Lol that throws a wrench in that whole operation so yeah you’re probably right. No chance.

  8. 2 hours ago, Das Texan said:

    If thats all he is, the Marlins are in bad shape. 

    I disagree. It would still be the best second basemen they’ve had since Dee Gordon and Omar infante before him. Granted, I do believe the power will be higher than that but I wouldn’t be disappointed with it. It’s basically what Josh Harrison provided for years when Pittsburgh was good. And I wouldn’t have complained about having him then.

  9. Hmm, skeptical about this trade honestly. My assumption would be that Alfaro is getting moved in another trade along with a ML starter for a center fielder. I’m hoping it’s Walsh as previously mentioned, Teoscar Hernandez, or Trent Grisham in that order. If we could be guranteed to receive the production he has this season the. I’d be excited if they went with Mullins but he’s still a wild card at the moment for me.

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  10. 52 minutes ago, marlins_09 said:

    Still think we end up making a trade with the Angels. Marsh or Adell for SP. Meyer or Eder + a younger guy like Fulton. 

    Just makes too much sense given their needs and they have a surplus of OFers 

    I was telling my friend yesterday that it sucks that Marsh ended up on the IL cause I was hoping they’d acquire him. But hey, maybe that’s a nice buy low opportunity too 

  11. 11 minutes ago, SonOfJack said:

    It was briefly I think in this thread or some other Marte thread.

    Last I checked, Monte hadn't played in AAA since being optioned so it appears he was suspended by the team at least for a bit.


    God this Yelich trade gets more and more brutal by the day lol

  12. Why do you want him? Lol I wouldn’t even trade Zach Thompson for him.

    He had one good year in 2019 where not only was the ball juiced, but the baseball gods decided the Nats were going to be good, and has been ass the rest of the time. I genuinely believe that Magneuris Sierra would prove to be a more valuable player than him if given a chance to play every single day. 

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  13. Love it. Franchy Cordero has been a complete waste of space so I’m sure he’ll basically take over his role of 1B/OF/DH.

    I was hoping they’d get Scherzer but not for the kind of haul the Nats wanted.  Now they need to go get Berrios from the Twins and at least another pitcher cause the starting staff is rough at the moment.

  14. 31 minutes ago, Michael said:

    I think he's more in the 25-30 HR range once he gets it figured out, honestly.

    He just needs to chill at the plate, relax and stop TRYING to go deep.

    Oh definitely, I was just saying where the floor would be for me to believe he was worth making the Gallen trade for. Dude has 30 homer power easily.

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  15. 32 minutes ago, hovertical said:

    to be fair he's also been squeezed with an abnormally jacked up strike zone both last year and this year.  I'm not sure what's going on there but it's not just us that's noticed it.  There have been tweets out there where it's been discussed. I think even Blaylock pointed it out for crying out loud. 

    I also never saw Jazz as some dude who's gonna hit around .300 as much as I would love him to.

    Yeah I agree, I think as long as he’s hitting .260-.270 with speed and 10-15 jacks to go along with hopefully more steady defense he’a a total win in my book.

  16. 1 hour ago, SilverBullet said:

    Maybe I'm crazy but I don't see Jazz arrogant like this kid. Confidence and arrogance aren't the same thing. Jazz has a confidence and energy but he's likeable. This kid seems like he's unlikeably arrogant. 

    No Jazz is my favorite player On the team right now honestly. I’m just saying we only have room for one big personality 

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