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  1. Yeah same here with the ASG. I remember they made it “count” in 03’ in an attempt to make it matter more so people would watch but for me personally it just got too serious. I liked watching when it didn’t matter and you had Walker flipping his helmet and hitting right handed against Randy Johnson lol now these managers play it like a playoff game and it’s kind of a buzzkill for me
  2. I never vote either, idk what drew me in this year lol no clue of the rounds thing is new 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Don’t be an instigator, you read what I wrote. Interpret it in whatever way unties you’re panties. edit: no you know what, fuck that, you made that comment to insinuate that I’m basically a hypocrite. But you literally don’t know me. If you did then you would know that I’m one of the most objective people that you’ll ever meet. So to answer your question, though it’s a shitty choice to have to make, it’s a decision that should be left to the parents. So yes, my comment extends to abortions. Cause I’m an OLD SCHOOL liberal back when that meant pack a bowl, live, and let live. I don’t live for any Fucking politician nor do I believe any of them give a flying fuck about anything or anyone other than money. Democrat, republican, reptilian, I don’t care. I was taught to keep my head down, work, and worry about me and mine. Happy with that?
  4. Our starters are a top 5 staff in ERA, yet we lose games 2-1, 1-0, 2-0 way too often. It’s the hitting that is keeping us from being a first place team in what has really been crappy year for the division. After that, the bullpen blowing leads late in the game has been the other reason for our record. For gods sake, that Sandy start where he went 8 scoreless and lost it in the ninth 1-0 was gut wrenching and proves it’s an offense issue.
  5. Mysterious. I’m horny.
  6. Even for all star games?! lol
  7. Who you guys voting for? Here’s my latest ballot. As you guys know the Red Sox are my other team so that’s kind of the only bias I had (I voted any marlins I could the first time but none made it to this round of votes). Other than that I went by OPS and the only other factor was whether I thought the player was a dickhead (EX. I would never vote for Acuńa or Harper no matter how good a season they have) Share your ballots!
  8. Yeah i get you lol If you don’t care about making it from scratch then check out that mix, nice to have when you get the hankering for it at home.
  9. I was wondering how long it was gonna take for us to just be able to post with our regular accounts in this sub-forum. I wasn’t about to go through all that new account crap lol As for this conversation, I’m kind of emotionally exhausted by it at this point, but I’ll gloss it over a bit. All I ask from people now and going forward is to be COMPLETELY skeptical of everything the government requires you to do, especially if it makes someone rich. Do your own research on everything, form your own opinions, and don’t become part of these “movements” that feels they need to tell others what to do with their bodies and lives cause that’s super annoying and creepy.
  10. Holy crap lol Could’ve been me writing that. Right there with ya bullet 🥃 As for the homemade old fashioned, ABC liquors has an awesome mix that you just pour into the bourbon (and add the orange peel/cherry if you like). If you want it from scratch, I don’t have a “recipe” per se to share with you cause I just eyeball it, but I usually go buffalo trace bourbon, angostura or orange bitters (I prefer the orange bitters cause I’m too lazy to buy and peel oranges so that helps the flavor), simple syrup (either bottled or made by mixing equal parts sugar and water in a small pot and heating till incorporated...or if you’re really lazy just put in equal parts sugar and water into the drink lol) Thats it, it’s a very simple drink to make in theory, it’s just the quantities that make or break it. In my experience too much of the bitters can make it go awry. I usually put in everything else first then add bitters until it tastes just right. Hope that inspires you to make one in the near future! Lol
  11. Are you out of your mind? This is a changeup team, get with it or get out.
  12. Wow...WTF is the story with Thompson? I like to think I’m pretty caught up on most of the players in the organization but I have no clue where he came from lol. Did the Marlins trade for him at some point recently? edit: I know he’s pitched multiple times for the Marlins, I jut mean where did they get him from. I can’t even find his transaction history online.
  13. You guys know I’ve had the theory since last year and at this point I’m 100% sure I’m correct. But there’s a unified approach to always look for the off speed pitch and to go the other way that, depending on the pitcher on the mound and what gameplan they decided on that day, either works perfectly or is completely exploited. Hence the feast or famine offense, the late awkward swings on fastballs down the middle of the plate. Notice Jesus Sánchez and how he’s visibly trying to push balls to left field. Anything up and in he gets destroyed on cause he’s actively looking outside and teams are starting to realize it. I’m not saying he’s not a good hitter, but I promise you they’ve instructed him to go almost strictly to left field all of a sudden. Yeah, when he guesses right he’s on it, but when you got a dude spitting up and in with 95-97 you’re toast
  14. Bet nobody here has a Todd Dunwoody card! 👀
  15. Jesus chriiiiiist! These designs just get worse and worse 🤦🏻‍♂️
  16. Apart from the design being total trash, that hat model looks like something you find in Walmart. Maybe if it were a 59-50 or a 9-50 (snapback). Just complete trash
  17. Man I feel bad for Braxton Garrett. He was super hyped when the marlins drafted him then almost immediately underwent TJ, got lit up in the bigs, and now is getting lit up in the minors. Hate to see dudes struggle after working their whole life to get there.
  18. Good looooooord that’s bad lol
  19. He could have just had a rough day with mechanics or gripping the ball, but at those low levels, Sometimes they specifically tell them to go work on hitting a specific spot with a specific pitch. Maybe they were telling him to work on locating his chase pitches out of the zone, or on throwing his slider in a 3 ball count, etc. As Mike pointed out, he was definitely dominant otherwise.
  20. @Michael I was close! 5 scoreless
  21. Yeah he still sucks though lol even a blind squirrel finds a nut
  22. No name pitcher with a 6+ era? Yup, he’s throwing 7 shutout innings...
  23. You’re 100% right and the irony is that is racist in and of itself. “Black excellence” should be just as offensive as “white power” but apparently one group of people can be proud while the other cant. and I’m not part of either of those groups so I could care less. I just enjoy calling out the hypocrisy when I see it.
  24. Just playing devils advocate here, but how do we know that Aramis wasn’t a complete diva that thought he was the shit and personally rubbed Brenly the wrong way? Maybe Brenly disagreed with the front office acquiring him over someone else they had been targeting that Brenly proffered and so he was invested in Aramis doing poorly in order to feel vindicated. Point is we don’t know the details, and as I’ve pointed out before, we need to worry about ourselves. Cause when it comes to passing judgement on someone’s character in a time where one tweet can ruin a career, people should Refrain from it.
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