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  1. On an unrelated rate, I’ve actually never understood why coaches are always old has beens. Why isn’t it given to a current player who maybe isn’t great but at least has a more current approach. There’s no way these old coaches are too techy or analytical. Seems odd but idk, not really sure why it’s not a thing. Your manager at work can be your same age and it isn’t weird, not sure why it’s not like that in sports lol.
  2. The move needed to be made for sure. Though, I'm not sure anyone can fix the issues this team has. Super depressing season lol
  3. I don’t think it gets more interesting than Vince was lol
  4. For sure, only way he hasn't lost his job somehow over the years.
  5. I say trade him. He hasnt Improved over the years, still walks a lot of guys, can’t miss bats and is homer prone. He should have been the one released over Straily
  6. If it gets that money off the books, go for it! Chen is an albatross and Steck and Conley both have stuff but are completely unreliable. Take that money and use it to lock up young core pieces.
  7. Coudn't get an out. Fuckin sad....Stay consistent with the decision to field the "best" team, and send this idiot down.
  8. I think just the white on the autonation Alley might be a possibility if players complain.
  9. Something else that I think is complete bullshit is that the waters on the 305 menu are only $3 at the particular spots where they offer the 305 menu. Yet If you go over to the next place the SAME bottle is $5. I think that’s wrong. I understand the food since different items will be prepared in different places, but keep that size water at $3 for every location. Dick move
  10. Not sure if it was mentioned, but I sat in the "comunicad 305" section (right field) and it was a fucking shit show! Not only do they let people bring instruments and noise makers, but there were TWO bands sitting in there. Some old cuban guys the marlins paid to be there called the "marlins pachanga band" (they are pandering so much to the hispanics that even I'm starting to get offended lol) and a middle school band that apparently started learning their instruments last week cause they were terrible. And both bands were playing different things at the same time, people making noise with maracas, bubuzelas (spelling?), and other instruments. It was just a cacophony of nonsense that I could only take before leaving to walk around in the 5th to get away from it. Other people left clearly annoyed. I brought it up to my season tickets rep and some marlins reps that were there, they're having a meeting tomorrow and they're going to address it. they're trying to hard to make it always feel like a "party" that it makes it impossible to just sit down and enjoy the game. Crazy annoying!
  11. Well yeah the BA is lower but the slugging is higher so clearly they’re hitting him harder. As we know, BA isn’t really the best indicator sometimes. But yeah I get you. I understand the reason for optimism, but at the same time I’d rather temper our expectations rather than build around him being a centerpiece of the rotation and being let down. Honestly I’d rather you be right than me lol
  12. Well the problem with some of these big arms is that as they get fatigued and the arm slows down a little, they start to get too much running action on the ball and can’t control it. So yeah, keeping him at 1-2 innings would help. Plus he’s Not the typical 3-4 pitch starting pitcher so he lends himself to getting “figured out” the third time through the order. Obviously I’d love for him to find himself and dominate as a starter but history shows a trend for this kind of pitcher. I agree with Guzman too.
  13. Though I don’t understand the Straily choice, I like this rotation. Though I fully expect Alcantara to end up in the bullpen at some point.
  14. What in the literal fuck? I don’t understand this at all!!
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