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  1. He's been a slow starter in new leagues so far in his career so he's pretty much on track. He'll get acclimated to it eventually. A lot of his offensive issues right now (or at least what i've seen" is him not being aggressive early in the count. he's almost TOO patient and gets himself into pitcher's counts too often.
  2. What I mean is he doesn’t have a FUTURE on this team. I think the fact that he hasn’t come up once and they put JT riddle in center a lot this year proves that. Far too many outfield options. You have Jesus Sanchez, Bleday, monte Harrison, that will be up in the big leagues by 2021 (and if I’m gonna have a 4th outfielder I want someone with some pop off the bench). So yeah bring him up with the expectation to trade him because unless what we have coming up completely tanks, he won’t be anything worth having around especially considering his lack of versatility (versatility being what got Riddle in there over him). An all defense-no offense fourth outfielder can be easily picked up when the time for contention rolls around. Also: I think cooper has earned his spot as that 4th outfielder / back up corner infielder so again, I just don’t see where he belongs.
  3. At this point I think they should bring him up and give him an opportunity to have a decent stretch so they can trade him somewhere, cause I don’t see him getting a chance anywhere here honestly.
  4. I almost made one but I wasn't sure of the site's stand on religious jokes lol
  5. I don’t feel like Bleday will be up at any point next year. They’ll wait to delay his clock till 2021 which is when they’ll begin to go all in due to the expected TV revenue (pretty sure that wolverine report confirms that) And I agree with others in that Pablo will be in the rotation over Sandy. All that said still very excited for the next few seasons!
  6. lmao you wouldn't catch me dead with that, but Juice did a great job.
  7. No for sure he’s a second baseman, I just think maybe they’re bluffing to make it look like they’re not desperate to trade Castro. Either way for sure Castro gets moved and for sure it’s to make room for Diaz lol
  8. Holy crap, that is freaking laughable.
  9. Haven't the marlins been saying they don't need to trade starlin to bring up Isan since they could put him at 2b/SS/3b/LF if need be? I'm sure it's a plight to limit any perceived desperation to trade Castro but maybe that's why he didn't mention it.
  10. This guys name is too close to Lewis (Brinson) so he’s a bust
  11. man Idk why I thought he was 32 when he was here. Ok forget the bour reference, I stand by what i said lol
  12. I don't know man, I think that he will get better and peak around his 31-32 years old seasons (like Justin Bour) assuming he remains healthy. I definitely think he's capable of being a starter on a playoff version of the marlins. Even if his average regresses to around .270-.280 (which it probably will) I still envision him being a productive hitter with a consistently high slugging %. The team should eventually be fine offensively, specially if we you're getting the production we're hoping to receive from Isan Diaz and Monte Harrison. If they need an upgrade anywhere I think it's shortstop (assuming, they keep Banderson at 3rd)
  13. Right now the important part is developing the starting pitching and the hitters. I think they’re purposely managing the bullpen to lose. That way we keep the talent up and doing well, but get the added benefit of having Conley and Chen blow games late and keep us drafting in the top 5....I mean I’m half joking but there can’t be any other reasons those two morons are still in the big leagues.
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