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  1. I have to agree, I've always been the kind of guy that stays the full 9 innings, but I've left every single game early that I've been to the past two seasons. Complete Drag.
  2. That’s great to hear, thanks for the updates man!
  3. Yeah it definitely could’ve been worse, but still.
  4. Holy crap.... https://sports.yahoo.com/boston-red-sox-david-ortiz-shot-dominican-republic-hospitalized-020705191.html
  5. Welcome aboard! This city has shown they go to sporting events when the team is playing well. Doesn't matter if they're cuban or Turkish, if there's a good team on the field people will come. No one came to see Hechavarria, and no one has declared their allegience to the marlins for signing the Mesa brothers. I'm cuban, but I don't want this team trying to use the "hispanic" card to draw people in. Let's build a classic baseball culture in the city and let it cultivate over generations like the other teams have.
  6. Good low risk, medium reward signing
  7. Super pumped with how they handled the draft. One of only a few exciting things this season.
  8. I hope to god they do terribly. We need a #1 draft pick next year.
  9. At least point me in the direction of the thread that caused these changes to your profile/allegiance lol
  10. Maybe there should just be a topic about jeter hate coming from the media and we can keep them all in there? Just a suggestion, if you prefer it this way, I'll still be here regardless lol
  11. Jesus, I’m teally starting to feel terrible for cooper. The poor guy cannot catch a break.
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