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  1. So what did you all think of my lil cuz tonight? Well, I wonder how his ERA is so low with all those walks.He throws every pitch exactly where he wants to...for the most part. Not going to give very many guys anything decent to hit
  2. So what did you all think of my lil cuz tonight?
  3. Isn't this pitcher that douchebag kid's cousin? Edit: guess so lol What's your problem?
  4. Jeff Locke vs Anderson Perez I wonder if Jeff Locke's cousin will make an appearance tonight!Hechavarria 6, Yelich 7, Stanton 9, Lucas 5, Morrison 3, Solano 4, Marisnick 8, Mathis 2, Alvarez 1 I sure will! Gotta pull for Jeff tonight. What a whirlwind season thus far! Go Jeff!
  5. Oh my god, please shut up. Go away. Nobody wants to hear your crap again and again and again. We get it, you're some supposed self-made self-righteous self-driven middle-aged man who has nothing better to do with his life than to roam around web forums and attempt at being a mega-hipster with radically opposing views from the mainstream. Non-religious marriage defender, we get it. Go away. To be fair, being against marriage equality is technically the mainstream view as it has gotten voted down repeatedly when put up to public vote. Ironically, it is large liberal voting blocks for the Democratic party who by and large are almost entirely responsible for the equality laws being routinely voted down...the black and latino communities. Its why ridiculously liberal states like California and New York vote it down regularly. I am indifferent to it. If people want to get married, let them. As long as it doesnt personally affect me I dont care what people do.Lets not pretend that religious organizations that should have no say have been dumping huge sums of money into getting those ballot measures to fail in New York and California. But it also shows that democrats are capable of thinking for themselves unlike republicans who pride themselves on how frequently they vote with each other
  6. In 20 years, this will be an issue like Negro water fountains and bathrooms. The only attack on marriage moralists need to worry about are marriages that aren't about love
  7. I think he will figure it out pretty quickly. spring training is exactly that
  8. I'm going to get it in a couple of days. in the show 12 the marlins park did not have the roof. was this fixed? Not yet. Still rains inside. Minor gripe I suppose
  9. Has anyone else picked the game up yet? They have outdone themselves again this year. The ball psychics are amazing, the got the coloring right for Marlins Park, the graphics are sharper, more editing options, etc, etc, etc. I haven't had this much trouble putting down a baseball game since MVP 05. They also have a separate mode where you can use the exact game day lineups throughout the season with the players actual stats from that day instead of trying to keep everything so precise in their Franchise mode
  10. I'm really tired of Keith Hernandez perpetuating the lie that we sold off our team after 03. We lost Urbina, Lee, and Pudge who all wanted too much to stay and the writing was on the wall about that.
  11. Chavez also made that nasty habit of giving heating oil to those who couldn't afford in the richest country in the history of the world because many of our capitalist policies excluded and blamed the poor for not being able to heat their homes. Did Chavez have various issues? Absolutely. Was he the monster most Americans think he is? Hell no.
  12. Canes looking pretty sharp this far. Larkin needs to slow down a bit but the crazies are seeming to have little effect thus far. Go canes!
  13. Keep the fences where they are...and I think Hanley has simplified to see ball, hit ball because he is that crazy talented...I think the MVP race is neck and neck between Hanley and Kemp
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