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  1. farmer_fran


    I don't know anything about turtle riding, but I do know about turtle rolling.
  2. Packers vs. Patriots would be awesome.
  3. eh I disagree the defense was horrible tonight I was disappointed that the Jags let Maroney get so many yards, but Brady was just unbelievable, I don't know if they could've done much more. I mean they could've tried to blitz more, but I'm afraid Brady just would've gone over the top to Moss.
  4. Damn that's the most nerve racking game for me in a long time. Glad we got out of there with a win.
  5. The Redskins need to bring in Brunell. :mischief
  6. They should hire Dan Marino. so he can quit the next day again? :o I say he last 2 days this time. :mischief
  7. They should hire Dan Marino.
  8. Anyone watching the Texas game? LOL Don't touch the ball when its on the field moron That was great. :lol
  9. I must say that's the first time I've seen 4 unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in a row. Sapp ejected.
  10. MJD is decent. He just destroyed some poor guy to get that TD. :lol
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