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  1. Rotoworld says he will get an MRI on his left shoulder. http://www.rotoworld.com/headlines/mlb/391053/giancarlo-stanton-to-undergo-mri-on-shoulder
  2. Doesn't get any easier tomorrow, Zimmerman is a great pitcher, Id give us good odds to get shutout again... is there a term for a series shutout? Like a Platinum Sombrero or something? lol
  3. Im expecting quite a few shutouts this year. I wouldn't be surprised if Gio or Zimmerman shut us out as well... gotta find some offense somewhere.
  4. I just found me a new fantasy sleeper lol. I wouldnt be suprised if Fernandez ends up being the best pitcher on the team this year.
  5. Come on guys be realistic, Olivio is going to demand a contract that will be wayyyyy to expensive for us. Be Realistic. Ok?
  6. Oh, sure, Hechevarria and Marisnick will probably get a fair amount of playing time but I expect both of them to struggle offensively and not amount to much in overall value going forward. In other words, I'm pretty confident they will be busts. And I'm not sure what scouts you are reading, but BA acknowledges that there are some serious questions about Marisnick's bat. And what makes you rule out the possibility of the Marlins making some signings next offseason (not necessary of the Reyes caliber)? It's not like their revenue is holding them back like it had in the past. They dumped these contracts not really because the revenues were low, but because they realized that most of them were overvalued and the whole team was not presently in the position to win. That's my big issues with these players as well, its great that they are wonderful defensively, but how much can they really contribute if they can't make an impact offensively?
  7. The biggest problem last year wasn't hitting or defense... it was offense. None of the prospects we got in return are regarded as high level offensive prospects, we can have the best defensive team in the league, if we can't score any runs we are still going to lose.
  8. After reading this lovely article from David Hyde: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-marlins/fl-hyde-miami-marlins-0807-20120806,0,594249.column It seems pretty clear that the FO shouldn't face the brunt of the blame for some of the worst moves. This article claims the only reasons we signed John Buck, Heath Bell, and a few others were due to Loria's interference. Very unfortunate... Hey Loria! Let Beinfest RUN THE TEAM... you know the job you pay him for!
  9. There seems to be a lot of talk lately about the Marlins FO, and justifiably a lot of criticism regarding their decision making. I think when judging this FO, though, it's important to look at more than trades and contracts, which can, on occasion, be susceptible to hindsight (such as the oft mentioned Cabrera/Willis deal). Though this team has certainly given out some immediately questionable contracts and pulled the trigger on mixed trades over the last two seasons. I want to talk a little bit about how this team scouts and handles players. Three scenarios immediately come to mind which I think are indicative of the boneheadedness that defines this FO. 1. Bonifacio (2009). I don't really want to get into it, as enough has been said, but they chose to stick with this guy and his negative WAR for 500 PA, potentially costing us a playoff run. This when a presumably productive Gaby Sanchez was waiting in New Orleans. 2. Dominguez (2011). They expected him to assume the starting role when all sense and reason said it was exceedingly unlikely he was ready. Then when they realized their error, they had no choice but to throw the starting 3B job at Murphy, having failed to plan for any other contingency. Luckily, Dobbs bailed them out for the first couple months of the season with his .400 BABIP. 3. Bell (2012). Yeah. This thing. Perhaps it wasn't entirely their doing, but they gave him that contract. If it was Ozzie insisting on using Bell over and over and over and over, I refuse to believe they weren't capable of stepping in and making sure he wasn't used in leverage situations. I don't know how many wins these three scenarios ultimately cost us. Then there's the futility of the Carlos Lee trade because "he's an RBI guy", their unfounded faith in Coghlan for 100 PA of .400 OPS, the Ozzie Guillen hiring (10 million dollars and prospects for a backward thinking gimmicky manager who seems to judge his success by how many people disagree with him), the constant shuffling of players between New Orleans and unnecessary demotions (followed by pointless and short stints), their over-reliance on scouting, and their apparent obliviousness to sabermetrics and alternate sources of information. Despite their penchant for pulling off a clever trade every now and then, this FO has demonstrated a level of incompetence that I find hard to wrap my head around. Count me among those who think its time for Beinfest/Hill to go, and for this organization to radically reassess it's approach to decision making. Hindsight is always 20/20 man, but I wouldn't blame Beinfest for too many of the problems of the last few years, remember many of these issues never would have arrived if we had the alleged budget of this year in the past. Beinfest did the best he could with limited resources and bad ownership. At least pick the right battles, Boni has been great the past 2 years, he has turned out way better than I thought he would after 2009, so i'd say they scouted him pretty well. As for the Dominguez thing last year, I think it was pretty obvious that ownership didn't care to make a run until this year, so there really was no urgency to have a starting caliber 3b or have a suitable back up plan. Sure the Bell thing didn't work out, but everyone misses on FAs sometimes. If you really wanna split hairs on a poor decision by the FO, I think you should really start with the John Buck signing, I threw up in my mouth when I saw that! Oh well, i'm glad the FO has the cajones to admit this team didn't have the chemistry it needed and was willing to blow it up sooner than later. You know what they say, if at first you don't succeed try try and try again...
  10. Ozzie quote from the Herald "In the past, they do stupid (expletive) here," Guillen told the Herald and Post. "They let him go to Asia and play and have his surgery knowing spring training is coming up. It ain't going to happen again. They worry about more (expletive) off the field than worry about what happens here. I think it's more important, the Miami Marlins, than the USA team, or whatever he was doing. I think they knew he had this problem during (last season). I'm not going to blame anyone, but think about it. There's a lot of (expletive) we've got to clean up, and that's my job." He's right. Ozzie is starting to get on my good side, especially with him sticking to his guns by not using Heath Bell in the ninth. Too bad it doesn't matter anymore if Bell blows games. While I agree with him on Lomo, he's a long way away from respectability. I really don't think he should be praised for not using Bell in the 9th. Considering he seemed to be the main architect in keeping him there for an absurd amount of time, and he almost immediately went back on his word the first time Bell was removed from the role (because Cishek got unlucky and blew one save). Somehow I think Ozzie was under a lot of pressure from the FO to continue to use Bell as the closer, so the FO wouldn't look as bad making a poor investment. I wouldn't put all the blame on him for his use of the bullpen, especially early in the year.
  11. Here is some info about Eovaldi from Fangraphs if anyone is interested. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/index.php/nathan-eovaldi-key-piece-in-hanley-ramirez-trade/ I agree with the sentiments above as well, I'd rather have a collection of solid players than one superstar like Hamilton, the Florida Panthers did a good job following that blueprint last off season and made the playoffs for the first time in 10 years.
  12. Not really a suprise, and I kind of agree, things just don't seem to have fit. According to Scott Miller of CBSSports.com, rival executives who have spoken with the Marlins believe they've "never been more open to the idea" of trading Hanley Ramirez. The revamped Marlins have been a major disappointment during the first season in their new ballpark and Miller writes that they have come to grips with the idea that the pieces on their roster just don't fit. This includes Ramirez, who is hitting .246/.322/.430 this season and is currently sidelined with an infection in his right hand which developed after he punched a dugout cooling fan and didn't take his medication. There were whispers last week of a possible deal with the Red Sox, but the idea failed to gain any momentum. Ramirez still has two years and $31.5 million left on his contract after this season.Jul 23 - 11:31 PM Source: CBSSports.com Per Rotoworld
  13. Not sure how viable it is, but any alternative to driving and parking at the stadium has to be seen as a positive... Miami Marlins Countdown: 5 days to history: Tri-Rail hits a home run for fans By Richard Menning MIAMI--Miami Marlins' fans in Broward and Palm Beach counties suddenly have a big-time reason to rejoice as Opening Night against the World Champion St. Louis Cardinals approaches on Wednesday, April 4. In fact, they will have reason to celebrate before and after every night game this season at Marlins Park. Tri-Rail always had the ability to get fans to the Magic City; the problem was getting them home as there was no northbound train after 9:40 p.m. Not any more. In a major announcement to Examiner.com on Friday, Miami Marlins' Executive Vice-President of Operations and Events Claude Delorme said that the team and Tri-Rail have reached an agreement to offer a late train to accommodate fans from the northern areas of the team's realm of appeal. Tri-Rail is officially going along for the ride, giving fans an alternative to the aggravation of driving in rush-hour traffic and the expense of parking in whatever lot they are fortunate enough to find in the Little Havana neighborhood. And with gas prices hovering at around $4 a gallon and even more in some locations in the tri-county region, the train provides a highly cost-effective alternative. The commuter rail line serving South Florida from West Palm Beach south to the Miami International Airport offers a variety of timetables for fans to get down to Miami, and now will have a train leaving the Miami Metrorail Station approximately one hour or so after each night game. "We are pleased that our discussions with Tri-Rail have resulted in an extra train that will give our fans up there (in Broward and Palm Beach counties) that choice of either coming by car or by train," Delorme said. Here's how it will work: fans who so desire will take Tr-Rail at their respective departure points and get off at the Miami Metrorail Station. They will then board a train for the approximately 20-minute ride to Culmer Station. There, they will hop on a shuttle bus and be whisked to the ballpark. After each night game, shuttle buses will take fans back to Culmer Station, where they will board the Metrorail and head back to the Tri-Rail station. A waiting train will bring them back to their Broward and Palm Beach destinations. Continue reading on Examiner.com Miami Marlins Countdown: 5 days to history: Tri-Rail hits a home run for fans - Miami Marlins | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/marlins-in-miami/miami-marlins-countdown-5-days-to-history-tri-rail-hits-a-home-run-for-fans#ixzz1qfKLgEa7
  14. I love Big Z, and if it only involves trading Volstad, with the Cubs eating most of Zambrano's salary, how could you not make that move? It will be a very... passionate clubhouse!
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