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  1. It has been such a long time since the last time I visited this site. Saturday Sept.5 Argentina vS Brazil - Hoping for Brazilian win... Colombia vS Ecuador - Colombia must win the remaining 3 out 4 and tied one of them. This one is a must win @ home...
  2. I'm a die hard Fins fan but Roonie a probowler? I don't think he deserves it. In my opinion Chad and Bell would have been better choices.
  3. Depressing watching Real Madrid play this year!
  4. minus

    Fantasy help!

    I would use Maroney hmm... I have Maroney on my starting line up but I'm beginning to think Fargas might be the better option this week.
  5. Chavez is a bigger clown than Bush! !
  6. minus

    Fantasy help!

    I'm having a hard time deciding who should be my #2 back this week. Is between: L.Maroney vs Jets Defense J.Fargas vs Chiefs Defense Maroney might be a bigger centerpiece with the injury to Brady but you never know what the tricky Patriots are going to do. They might just give more carries to Morris. Fargas is another back splitting carries. He did manage to rush 97 yards last week against Denver. McFadden has shoulder sprain or something like that. They might be more cautious with Darren so it might Fargas getting majority of the carries. What you guys think?
  7. Dude... What you waiting for? I'll make the deal in heartbeat...
  8. 12 team Keeper Fantasy Football league QB P.Manning J.Campbell RB M.Lynch L.Maroney
  9. How about a half sisters daughter? :mis2 Now that sound sick! :blink:
  10. Third cousin? Don't think about it. Just do it !! :shifty
  11. Hillary is an excellent running mate if Obama plans on losing the general election. Yeah, that's how I feel about that. I disagree.
  12. minus

    Iron Man

    I thought it was great..
  13. I once dreamed that I was peeing and when I woke up I was covered in piss. :lol
  14. Beasley is the pick.... I couldn't be more happier... Sorry not a big fan of Rose.... Wade-Wright-Beasley-Marion :cheers
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