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  1. It's only been 4 years since i've started a topic on here but I find this to be a fairly interesting discussion. Following Juan Rodriguez on twitter, a lot of people seem to be calling for Brett Hayes to get more playing time over John Buck, with his abysmal average... But just in doing some quick research I found these statistics, which prove quite interesting. Focusing strictly on marlins win-loss record and runs allowed. In Brett Hayes' last 8 games, Marlins pitchers have allowed 56 runs. Marlins are 3-5 in those games. In John Buck's last 8 games, Marlins pitchers have allowed 29 runs. Marlins are 6-2 in those games... Small sample size, but i think it's part of the reason JB is still getting the playing time that he is.. Discuss!
  2. gotta love south florida "fans"... first to criticize, last to show support.
  3. Someone on MLB Network mentioned something I never thought of before. Maybe the reason that the naming rights to the stadium was never announced was due to the Marlins wanting to make their big splash, and then get a sponsor, rising up the price in the process! thought about this the other day... a building is worth a lot more with reyes and pujols playing inside it then without.
  4. #Marins fans be on high alert. Could be historic night -Frisaro SOMEONE FIND ME A DAMN ONLINE STREAM FOR MLB NETWORK firstrowsports.tv
  5. according to Jon Heyman of MLB Network "Marlins owner Loria's meeting with commissioners office related to Pujols contractual issues" could be no trade clause issue? something creative beinfest is doing.. any other thoughts?
  6. big guys are reporting it Ken Rosenthal "Sources: #Marlins, Reyes in agreement on six-year, $106M deal, pending physical. #MLB" Buster Olney "Marlins have agreed to a deal with Jose Reyes."
  7. SI_JonHeyman Jon Heyman those who claimed the #marlins were engaging in a publicity stunt can now take it back. reyes is about to become a fish. yup.... been saying this all along.
  8. Per Ken Rosenthal on twitter seconds ago "Sources: #Marlins, Reyes close on six-year deal, believed to be for $110 million. #MLB"
  9. I like that the Marlins are aggresive, but a little to much. Will we have enough for CJ or Buerhle? yep, tweeted moments ago by Scott Miller of CBS Sports "Marlins definitely have enough $ to land H Bell, Reyes and a starting P like Buehrle. Could steal the show here in Dallas."
  10. welp, i had to do it.. it's not very pretty but: http://freelomo.com
  11. I so happened to wander down to the new stadium yesterday afternoon. I asked about flex packs and he said those are still about 6 months away...He said they were getting ready to introduce half season ticket plans very soon though! Again this was yesterday at the new stadium headquarters..
  12. LOVE that edwin let him finish the game. if it were gonzalez last year he would have taken him out in the 7th. then in the 8th, and then especially after the hit
  13. they should honor the stadium by exploding it, along with the dolphins and huizenga. nay for the patch!
  14. had a little conversation with Joe Frisaro via twitter last night... ME: @JoeFrisaro i hate to say this because i don't want him to go but has Uggla's trade value ever been higher? Joe: @Me he's going to sign a multiyear deal. Why do you want to trade him? JJ's trade value has never been higher. trade him? ~! ME: @JoeFrisaro i was just giving some food for thought since his name was 'on the block.' but .275 25+hr 25+doubles RBIs? yes please Joe: @Me ~ never on the block, meaning since Spring Training. Yes, last Dec he was
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