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  1. after 4, both pitchers have 43 pitches, both have 3 k's, and both have given up 1 hit..
  2. had to happen sooner or later..i'm glad it didn't happen yesterday in the 9th inning at least.
  3. what's the record for walks in a game by one pitcher? chacon must be getting close...
  4. put cabs in the on deck circle to scare them a bit!
  5. Since our other four starters always get CG's anyway, we should just have all the relievers pitch an inning or two apiece every 5th game.
  6. it's pedro. he's good. i'm not worried.
  7. anyone else get a little scared when AA was calling for it? i'm like uh oh i hope that extra pinky doesn't get in the way 731133[/snapback] yes! exactly!
  8. knotts used to be a marlins minor leaguer, right? anyone remember who he got traded for?
  9. better to keep expectations low for this one...players coming back from tommy john always suck it up the first year or so. it took kerry wood a season and a half to become dominant again...
  10. screw the grand slam, just stand there and wait for him to walk everyone.
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