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  1. Great News........... Josh doesn't even like country that much and would never pick it to enter too!
  2. Listen, Your not going to beat the Yankees on a 1 nothing lead.... no matter how long you hold it. Beckett pitched an unbealivable game and his team did not hit when they needed too. Castillo was swinging at god knows what, He SUCKED last night and blew big oppurtunities. As for Lee enough, said even boone screws up and hits a little bit. I believe this team can do it. The yanks are up and confident now and we have them weak when they are like that (just like the cubs) But we got to hit, you cant leave players on base with 1 out going in .... in any situation. If we can not drive in runs to support our pitcher going over 100 pitches then we are not a deserving team of a win. I still believe.
  3. Im from NY and am fighting off every anti marlin fan in the city. That fan did what every person in that seat would have done. The marlins want this and I intend fully on seeing them here in NY saturday night!!! The saddest thing was not the stunned faces of young children but the old faces of hopes lost!!!!!!!!! BOO HOOO lets go marlins :w00t !!!!!1
  4. Im am devestated over AJ situation he has so much passion to play and there is nothing worse in life than loosing control of your abilites. We have a good pitching staff that has suprises me greatly this year so far. Hope AJ hangs in there and hopefully his fans will continue to support him.
  5. ok, cant lie Im a chick and have a thing for AJ but yes i suppose he wouldnt be # 1.
  6. ITs all about the pitching.........., we obviously can see what 6 solid pitch innings can take us ( not taking in to consideration Toroborgs early take out's of pitchers) How would you rank the pitchers performances this year.... Would AJ still be # 1??? I would like to do this every month or so to see who remains most consistent throghout the season> My Ranking AJ Josh B Brad Penny Redman Pavano in that order..... if your interested love to hear your input!
  7. Ughhhhhhhhh, Beckett almost had the tag and dropped it..... now were tie. YUCK
  8. :whistle 4 successful stolen bases
  9. :mischief2 How bouty AJ's Assault team ( he'll beat you beyond recognition) Penny's punishers Becketts body bags ok i guess they are awfully girly, sorry i tried.
  10. I agree, Penny did awesome and this is exactly what he needs to boost his outlook on his potential!! We can make this pitching staff work.
  11. Who knows the pitching schedule against NY yet???
  12. Did i just read that Penny hit a homerun? what inning and score is it?
  13. Thanks guys... i will def look forward to getting updates on the games especially when burnett and penny pitch they are my favorite!
  14. :mischief2 I hate to say it but i think 8
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