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  1. They’ll probably boot your car until you pay up.
  2. Details just coming in. Press Conference tomorrow morning.
  3. Probably no Prado extension too.
  4. God forgive me for what I’m about to post but I still keep thinking of what would had been if mattingly,loria, hill,Boras or whoever the fuck decided to push JDF’s start back thinking this guy Conley was any good especially when we were still alive for the playoffs the last few days.
  5. Jeter for manager at this point anyone?
  6. Banfield is another Kyle Skipworth, Sean Reynolds a Jason Stokes.
  7. I actually bought them for the Mets series and we were the only ones in the upper deck. That’s why I said it’s sad if we can’t even get a decent turn out and that’s when we were 2-4.
  8. Jeter discovered that student pass tickets were as low as $2... damn this is sad. Lol
  9. Has anyone seen any cool Nike dri fit shirts at the team store besides the ones sold on MLBSHOP?
  10. Lids is a shit show. Tried to place the discounted order over the phone like their twitter account told me to. Ratchet operators had no idea what I was talking about saying that the jersey was always $100.00 (basically yeah they were never suppose to be discounted) anywho they had no choice but to refund me the 35% back. And place the order.
  11. Lids is gonna honor my cyber Monday code and send me the black jersey!
  12. All marlins jerseys are excluded from this green Monday sale. Fuck lids. They tweeted me back to DM them when I put them on blast. I dm my order # and nada
  13. Mine says cancelled now. About to go off on them tomorrow! All I ordered was a black jersey.
  14. Keep us updated on the lids debacle. I had my lady order me the black jersey with the discount. Supposedly it’s still processing and the black ones ship out 12/7.
  15. I was torn between the black and blue. Took the black since it goes with anything. Got the 35% off too.
  16. Nice. Just copped the Black jersey. They also added the BP Jersey. Someone is getting fired from lids...
  17. FYI Lids has 35% off the White jersey and Batting Practice jersey! Mens sizes only!
  18. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/25324853/griffin-conine-son-jeff-conine-suspended-first-50-games-minor-league-season Good thing BJs took him before us.
  19. Maybe a #16 would've been worth a buy. Oh what could've been.
  20. I'll have to pass. I'm not impressed. Not feeling them ?
  21. Terrible. Done as a fan. You can sign all the mesas and hire Papi as the manager, sign Gaston, sign Machado. Idc it’s like Milwaukee’s logo fucked Miami once again and conceived this logo.
  22. [ATTACH]2212._xfImport[/ATTACH]I hate when they start with this BS wearing other team’s gear..
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