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  1. This whole awards process is a sham. I got the shaft last year.
  2. I was actually invited...but I had other affairs to attend to.
  3. Yes, I played for Bakersfield and Clinton last season. In the Rangers organization. I was drafted in the 7th round in 2004.
  4. "Chase Utley" is just a nerd posing as a baseball player so he can feel better about himself. Listen, I'm sorry there are shortcomings in your life. I'm sorry you don't play pro baseball like me. Go out and shoot some hoops with your friends or hit on girls at the mall. Maybe that'll brighten your day up.
  5. Ben Harrison


    .reve reyalp llabesab tseb eht ylbissop etiuq ma I
  6. To the greatest golfer ever, Chi Chi Rodriguez! Even with my great baseball skills, I am still not worthy :notworthy
  7. I was lucky enough to make into UF due to my awesome baseball skills.
  8. I would like to announce that I hit .318 for the Bakersfield Blaze this last minor league season. I am currently moving my way up in the Texas Rangers organization, and with the emotional uplifting from all my fans on marlinbaseball.com, I may just make it up there one day. So this thread will be dedicated to me, Ben Harrison, so you can post whatever encouraging words you have for me. Yes, the minor leagues aren't the most glamourous place to be these days, but it could be worse. I could be living in Iowa or playing football for the Philadelphia Eagles. Wow, I couldn't imagine that. So go ahead and post away, I can't wait to hear all of the cheers and adoration for me.
  9. Funny how so many celebs popped up at once. We all know that I'm the only true celebrity on here. Beowulf is not real. Nor is Yoda. And I have a man crush on John Rambo.
  10. Bob Dole is the best celebrity poster of all time, because he's Bob Dole. Master Chef Julia Child is scary. 955010[/snapback] Bob Dole is overrated. But good to see I finally get some respect around here.
  11. You've got a lot to learn Ben.....Get to the majors then you can talk but until then shut your mouth punk. 912194[/snapback] Ummm...what did I say? And anyways, you're not Chase Utley, you're just some nerd on this message board posing as him. Get a life.
  12. We still want an explanation to you being drafted and your tenure at UF. 912147[/snapback] This guy played at UF? How come I'm not familiar with you?
  13. They should have some pro scouts out there checking that kid out.
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