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  1. while miggy did get lazy later on, he really is the best player this franchise has seen so far. the single off the intentional walk attempt really sticks out to me
  2. Well to me this is just another sign of the Dolphins trying to get an old QB that is past his prime Daunte Cullpepper Trent Green Chad Pennington? The dolphins should skip on Pennington and should try and build a team around Chad Henne, he showed that he has NFL savy in the game against the Gators, sure his college stats don't look too good, but neither did Tom Brady's, and they both went to the same school, Michigan. I feel Chad Henne should get the starting spot even though he won't, this is already a lost season for the dolphins, i am just hoping we suck enough to get a James Laurinitis in the draft completely agree...Pennington is garbage now, and an injury waiting to happen.
  3. Any chance we sign Ben Gordon, and trade Marion for a center?. Gordon Wade Beasley Haslem Brand :drool Who is the point guard with that lineup? I don't see one... and gordon is restricted, chicago is not just gonna let him walk away
  4. Wow, this game was nuts. They better fix the feed problems by tomorrow, I can't handle missing two goals again.
  5. Draft Beastley. Do it. I agree. Random question: are you watching Starsky and Hutch on FX?
  6. I wouldn't count out Russia, they're full of confidence and Spain are historically underachievers. Yea, i agree. I am the least in favor of Russia, but I just can't see Spain not beating themselves again. Spain and Netherlands always start promising, and fail gloriously. Russia is playing great soccer right now, they dominated Holland in terms of scoring chances, and will continue to rely on their offense IMO.
  7. and if russia plays anywhere near as well as they played today that netherlands - russia might be the game to watch.
  8. so the quaterfinals are looking a little like this .... Protugal vs Germany Croatia vs Turkey Netherlands vs Sweden/Russia (winner of) Spain vs Italy that 1st and last matches are going to be amazing!!! it's been a good tournament thus far. yep, can't wait. can you imagine netherlands - portugal in the final? i know it was 2 years ago, but man, that was a wild game.
  9. that first goal against Italy was pure bull crap that set the tone, if that wouldn't have happened I find it doubtful that the Dutch beat Italy. On a good note this isnt the end for the italians as France and Romania tied 0-0, so if Italy beats the crap out of Romania and France ties/beats the dutch 1-0 or 0-0 than the Italians still have a high chance to get through. .. hopefully :confused yea.... that worked! well when you get a goal disallowed right before the half because of an "offside" (clearly not even close) than that's what you get. Overall you can really see that they are missing Cannavaro in the back and the fact that Materazzi is out injured does not help the situation. How about Buffon on that bullcrap penalty kick? ... best keeper in the world!!! ... and again, another bull crap call agains't Italy, I think I might need a book to keep count. Either way they still have a chance as long as they beat France and the Dutch beat Romania. cause when you tie a player around his neck and bring him down 5 yards away from the goal should not be considered a foul. and how about toni begging for calls at the other end? i particularly enjoyed the way he wrapped his defender then fell with him, and caught the ball.
  10. Dick Vermeil is not on the list?!!
  11. gator286

    1st round talent

    chris leak is going to be lucky to be drafted the second day. i'm a gator fan, but he's not the type of player the NFL looks for.
  12. can't wait to see the movie version
  13. gator286

    Champions League

    STEAUA made it! jesus ..the two best teams in teh same group? they cant meet until the finals though right
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