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  1. Conine throwing out Snow at home plate against the Giants in the NLDS playoffs.... As far as best moment at a game I was at: the Phillies series at the Vet in late September of 2003 when we knocked the Phillies out of the Wild Card... With Lieberthal on 2nd, Jim Thome hit a rocket to left center, Conine made a great catch at the wall and then threw out Lieberthal at 2nd... Marlins went on to win that game That, and Miggy hitting one out after getting dusted vs Clemens.
  2. Nothing against you Matty, but blowing a save against you BLOWS!
  3. Anyone betting he pulls a Miguel Cabrera on his first game?
  4. Honestly... it seems to me that one of two things is happeneing. Either the pitchers have discovered a secret method to no-hitting the other team... or that secret method is actaully called paying off the other team So do you mean that the Doc bribed our Fish?! Are they not happy with the salaries Loria gives them!? Blasphemy! Which brings me to the question: What would Cody do with some extra cabbage?
  5. Coghlan's average is up to .242 now btw He is hitting .556 in June! Of course, two day sample size, but .284 for the last 30 days. I'd say he has turned it around.
  6. Gave it to Cody. His HR unchained our offense.
  7. I hope we can get some runs tomorrow lol
  8. Great inning by Sanches. No shenanigans.
  9. Chris Bleepin' Narveson, folks. Halladay's perfect game needs a huge asterisk. As in the team he got the perfecto against can't hit their way out of a paper bag. I kinda want to agree with you, but the Doc is still the Doc, no matter who he faces.
  10. Their pitcher is hitting better than our entire team right now. Pathetic.
  11. It would certainly be nice to have him back with the Fish, but, can he be saved? I guess out of all places, we have given a ton of washed up guys another opportunity, so why not him. He is still young, so who knows. Maybe he'll figure things out.
  12. I gave my vote to Paulino-a blasphemy since Anibal was amazing-because of our offense woes. Anemic as it has been, whoever drives in a run deserves to be FOTG.
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