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  1. It's funny that you mention whining when the movie is about the original trilogy's hero becoming a whiney quitter which is completely uncharacteristic of that character. Between Poe's tantrum and Kylo Ren's destructive tantrum (his second of the trilogy), this movie was all about developing emotionally unstable and insecure characters. It was just bad story telling: Subplots that didn't further the overall plot, instances deus ex machina, poor character development... Not to mention the plot of the movie was about running out of fuel while being pursued through hyperspace as if the original trilogy didn't set the precedent that this was already possible using one means or another. The biggest subplot's inciting incident was illegal parking. The movie did nothing to further the overall plot of this trilogy. By the end of act 2, we should know what to look forward to in act 3. This movie gave us nothing other than "Rey will have to go after Kylo Ren again." That part is a no-brainer. There were numerous scenes that I liked and some of the effects were great, but the direction this trilogy is going is actually damaging to the story telling of the original trilogy. This is evident just by looking at the titles alone. IV: A New Hope V: The Empire Strikes Back VI: Return of the Jedi VII: The Force Awakens VIII: The Last Jedi (We were kidding about ROTJ) IX: REAL Return of the Jedi? Yes, I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. Yes, I am disappointed—not just as a fan but as someone that gets writing.
  2. I'm more than just a little disappointed in how the first few games have gone. I'm just shaking my head.
  3. I'll be home in Michigan, wishing I could afford (or justify buying) a subscription to MLB.tv.
  4. i think I've been here since this was a geocities page and Admin scribbled updates in crayon. I recognize your screen name. In those days, I think some of the regulars were Moneyball and Hollyberry? Do those names sound familiar?
  5. I think the last season I regularly visited these forums was 2005 or 2006? Is there anyone from those days still around? Tough season so far this year.
  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again... Josh Johnson is the next Tim Spooneybarger. He has potential to have a great career but he just can't stay healthy. I still think the organization should let him go eventually. It's not too much to ask for pitchers that can keep themselves from falling apart every other season or so.
  7. I have to admit the Marlins had one of the worst showings on opening day. It worries me. It wasn't worse than the Nats losing 11-1 to the Phillies, or the Cubs losing 16-5 to Atlanta. Yeah, but that is expected from the Nats... expected by me anyway.
  8. I have to admit the Marlins had one of the worst showings on opening day. It worries me.
  9. i cant believe we are even talking about this. this is insane, if south florida cant support the marlins, NOONE else can... i wanna see one of these other "optional" cities like portland or vegas build them a half a billion dollar ballpark. portland is a cow town with a population less than hialeah and vegas is going bankrupt. I'd say Oklahoma City might be able to. The NBA never saw that as an option and then quickly changed their minds while New Orleans was playing there after Hurricane Katrina and now we have the OK City Thunder. I am surprised that Indianapolis never comes up. Sadly, I bet even California could support another team though I would hate to see that happen.
  10. If you were a real Marlins fan, you wouldnt want us to move I don't think the location of the organization should determine how much of a fan I am. I've been a fan since the beginning and I am sure that I can spend the next 70 years of my life getting excited about recycling the team every few years for some young and upcoming stars, but I'd really like to see some team development and a packed stadium when I watch the games online. It just gets sad when the fans get really excited about a player and just as soon as he has proven his worth, he is sent elsewhere because the Marlins can't afford to pay his relatively small salary. Even sadder is the fact that most of the games have tiny crowds. Our single-A team in Grand Rapids attracts more fans than the Marlins on many nights. That just shouldn't be happening. Everyone keeps looking to a new stadium to solve all the problems, but that just won't do it. I think a new stadium is just a bad investment. It just isn't easy being a Marlins fan.
  11. I found an article that does an accurate comparison between the Marlins organization and the American automobile industry. It sounds odd, but it kind of makes sense. See the link below. Hot Stove Daily: Florida Marlins The Marlins really should move to a location where the general population will support the organization. I used to be strongly opposed to this because I just couldn't stand the thought of my team changing its name, but now I support it because then maybe they can earn enough revenue to keep my favorite players around. The departure of Josh Willingham and Scott Olsen really struck a nerve with me this year and the possible departure of Dan Uggla is also upsetting. It just gets to be a little old when you see these great young players come up out of nowhere and leave before they really achieve superstar status. That has been the pattern for this team and I can't stand it anymore. As much as I love the concept of building a good team around talented young players versus purchasing superstars like the Yankees organization, I would still like to watch the team develop over a few years and make a run for the playoffs. It seems like just as the team starts to really come together, it gets split up. Being an out of market fan, my enjoyment really wouldn't change if the Marlins move... unless of course they move to Grand Rapids, Michigan which is where I live. Then my enjoyment would increase a lot! Of course, GR couldn't support a pro team though they would definitely get more fans in the stadium than the Marlins do right now. The evidence for this is the fact that we strongly support our single-A team here. And no, I am not seriously trying to make the case for the Marlins to move here, in case someone thinks that is what I am doing. It is simply wishful thinking.
  12. The sad thing is, I heard about the low attendance while listening to a local radio show in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Florida Marlins fans living in South Florida are a joke all over the country. I think the team should follow the footsteps of the Seattle Supersonics and move to Oklahoma City... that or San Antonio. Heck, they'd get a larger attendance if they just moved up here to Grand Rapids. If they build the new stadium for the team in Florida, they are going to lose so much money. It is just a horrible business move. The team has been around since 1993 and they have won two World Series yet they can't get fans in the seats. It doesn't take a BBA to see that there is no gain by staying in South Florida.
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