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  1. Our front office needs to trade for a reliever or two. This is sad. AND GET US A USEFUL LEFTY ...or five.
  2. WTF is up with the dude with the backwards Marino jersey and Colonial American flag?
  3. I love these losses, because after the team gained confidence from the hot start, now they can take these bumps in the road in stride. The squad will learn a ton of things that will be important as they get through this season and hopefully beyond.
  4. Ok, good to see from the other posts that I didn't fall into some time vortex and land around the time this trade happened and was thoroughly discussed.
  5. peteyrave

    The Dolphins...

    This season has been oh so wonderful, and hopefully it shall continue to be. The Raven's are going to be a tough competitor with that killer defense. Hopefully the Fins' offensive creativity and ball security will launch them far into the playoffs. That, however, is the future. I'm going to savor this now. AFC East Champs!
  6. Congratulations to the Dallas Cowboys for rolling over and dying when the pressure was on...again. :notworthy It's almost laughable. At least the Lions put up a fight, and they were just trying to not go winless, not make the playoffs.
  7. Rest in piece? They're dead, what else are they going to do? lol (Not trying to sound like an ass, by the way lol) I feel bad for the family, they must be taking it hard. Sucks to see this happen. Who was the criminal that the Marlins got...or traded for? Not trying, but succeeding so well. Rest In PEACE is what you're supposed to say when someone passes away.
  8. Heath Ledger takes some prescription meds and he goes down. Yet this hot mess is still kicking. Life is unfair.
  9. Those are great logos. Can't wait to see the girls sport those next summer.
  10. Looks empty. I guess everyone is at the GT football game. Don't dey no foosbawl iz da debull?!
  11. Oh well, game threads are more important than tradition. Yes, sir. Though if we do win, I will do tomorrow's too. Can't ignore tradition completely.
  12. Florida Marlins @ Atlanta Braves Starting Pitchers Anibal Sanchez vs. Charlie Morton TV:Sun Sports | Radio: 790 The Ticket
  13. Where's fishfan to start tonight's game thread? Are we gonna have to break tradition for the sake of our discussions?
  14. i have a cracking pic i made regarding this i would like to make it my sig however it seems only pics already on the net could be ur sig i cant find a simple upload pic for sig button any ideas? You have to upload it somewhere like photobucket and use the img tag to make it show up in your sig.
  15. Oh God! Are they going to free the Dueling Dragons and put them in their natural habitats as well??? :blink: Dragons are majestic and proud creatures. To see them enslaved and abused like they are is just unbelievably abhorrent. :thumbdown
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