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  1. Pretty difficult to believe he's worth giving up on with absolutely zero depth in the organization.
  2. Not sure, how about Dee Gordon?
  3. Plese explain how long was not used correctly. Well, I wouldn't say Admin was right. The word is still ridiculous. Entendu was right because I guess it's technically in the dictionary... But it doesn't make the word any less ridiculous. Just because people were using such a ridiculous word in the early 20th century simply means people have been saying stupid shit for a long time. BTW Admin, I didn't intend on this becoming a thing, I was just being playful. Some people have to make it a thing.
  4. Fine. Just like conversate is a word. Both words used by those short on diction and long on ignorance. FYI it's only a word today because so many people have used it improperly it has forced its way into the dictionary.
  5. So you did read that, right? It basically says he use of "irregardless" is complete idiocy because it literally means the opposite of its intended meaning. Kinda like when people say, "I could care less" which actually means you could care less, instead of the actual phrase which is, "I couldn't care less".
  6. You probably enjoy conversating, too. ❤️
  7. Irregardless is not a word ❤️
  8. Pretty sure our offense was right around 15th in baseball when Stanton went on the DL... Not top 10, but that was without major contributions from Bour, Dietrich and Realmuto and that was when Salty, Ozuna and even Yelich were not contributing much or anything.
  9. Is he available? Maybe he can bring some of that Oakland magic...
  10. Against the Jake Marisnick-led Houston Astros...
  11. All of this. The team only ranked 29th in runs because the best run producer in the game of baseball was on the bench most of the year. When Giancarlo gets back in the lineup I'd say our offense looks pretty exciting going into 2016. Menechino has done a great job IMO. Hernandez has done what he can with what he's been given and I also have no problems there. Hell, I didn't have any issues with Redmond... But I won't lose sleep if a new manager brings in his guys. It's just sad that a guy like Stanton can't get used to anybody.
  12. Speaking of catchers, anyone else notice that we paid Jarrod Saltalamacchia to post an .805 OPS for the Diamondbacks? I thought he forgot how to hit?
  13. Wouldn't it be nice to get someone like Joe Maddon? Like, what would it take to get a fucking manager that does nothing but win?
  14. FWIW I called for the Marlins to trade for Dee before last season was even over with and I was destroyed for it. If anyone recalls I got into a huge debate with several people about how his speed obviously helps him sustain a higher BABIP and they attempted to say what he was doing in LA was impossible moving forward. YEAAAA.... About that.... I hope those (and you know who you are) are loving the grilled crow I'm serving at Winn Dixie. Now, I will admit, Dee came at a cost. Heaney is putting things together and Kike could be something. But after a historical season I simply cannot wait to watch Dee at the top of the lineup next season with Yelich and Stanton and Bour to follow. Offensively this team looks bright, let's hope we can find some pitching.
  15. Menechino and Hernandez have been excellent. It would be a shame to lose those guys, hopefully this new manager is worth it. FWIW Jennings really put it together with this team to end the year.
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