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  1. Pretty difficult to believe he's worth giving up on with absolutely zero depth in the organization.
  2. Not sure, how about Dee Gordon?
  3. Plese explain how long was not used correctly. Well, I wouldn't say Admin was right. The word is still ridiculous. Entendu was right because I guess it's technically in the dictionary... But it doesn't make the word any less ridiculous. Just because people were using such a ridiculous word in the early 20th century simply means people have been saying stupid shit for a long time. BTW Admin, I didn't intend on this becoming a thing, I was just being playful. Some people have to make it a thing.
  4. Fine. Just like conversate is a word. Both words used by those short on diction and long on ignorance. FYI it's only a word today because so many people have used it improperly it has forced its way into the dictionary.
  5. So you did read that, right? It basically says he use of "irregardless" is complete idiocy because it literally means the opposite of its intended meaning. Kinda like when people say, "I could care less" which actually means you could care less, instead of the actual phrase which is, "I couldn't care less".
  6. You probably enjoy conversating, too. ❤️
  7. Irregardless is not a word ❤️
  8. Pretty sure our offense was right around 15th in baseball when Stanton went on the DL... Not top 10, but that was without major contributions from Bour, Dietrich and Realmuto and that was when Salty, Ozuna and even Yelich were not contributing much or anything.
  9. Is he available? Maybe he can bring some of that Oakland magic...
  10. Against the Jake Marisnick-led Houston Astros...
  11. All of this. The team only ranked 29th in runs because the best run producer in the game of baseball was on the bench most of the year. When Giancarlo gets back in the lineup I'd say our offense looks pretty exciting going into 2016. Menechino has done a great job IMO. Hernandez has done what he can with what he's been given and I also have no problems there. Hell, I didn't have any issues with Redmond... But I won't lose sleep if a new manager brings in his guys. It's just sad that a guy like Stanton can't get used to anybody.
  12. Speaking of catchers, anyone else notice that we paid Jarrod Saltalamacchia to post an .805 OPS for the Diamondbacks? I thought he forgot how to hit?
  13. Wouldn't it be nice to get someone like Joe Maddon? Like, what would it take to get a fucking manager that does nothing but win?
  14. FWIW I called for the Marlins to trade for Dee before last season was even over with and I was destroyed for it. If anyone recalls I got into a huge debate with several people about how his speed obviously helps him sustain a higher BABIP and they attempted to say what he was doing in LA was impossible moving forward. YEAAAA.... About that.... I hope those (and you know who you are) are loving the grilled crow I'm serving at Winn Dixie. Now, I will admit, Dee came at a cost. Heaney is putting things together and Kike could be something. But after a historical season I simply cannot wait to watch Dee at the top of the lineup next season with Yelich and Stanton and Bour to follow. Offensively this team looks bright, let's hope we can find some pitching.
  15. Menechino and Hernandez have been excellent. It would be a shame to lose those guys, hopefully this new manager is worth it. FWIW Jennings really put it together with this team to end the year.
  16. Actually Canha was much better against RHP. But yes, it would have been pretty great if we didn't just hand a talented hitter over to another franchise for literally nothing for literally no reason. A nice platoon option with Bour would have been another guy we let go for absolutely nothing... Kyle Jensen. Another big year against LHP, an .879 OPS against lefties in triple-A this year. It would be so great if we didn't just let players go for nothing, especially when we have absolutely no depth within the organization.
  17. Keeping Ozuna is necessary. Can't sell low, and Dietrich playing the role of Ben Zobrist is a huge luxury. I love Dietrich, always have, but having him available to fill in around the diamond wherever he's needed is just such a big plus and keeping Ozuna allows the team to have that.
  18. Definitely the starter next year. Dude is cheap, there's absolutely no way they go out and acquire someone to play first. Unless, of course, it's a right-handed bat to complement him, which is easy enough to find and cheap enough to get. Bour has certainly turned out to be an excellent diamond in the rough and shored up a position that was possibly our biggest hole throughout the entire organization.
  19. I do like Jennings aggressive attempts to maximize the teams potential by doing things Redmond wouldn't. Dietrich going to LF strikes me as the biggest move I don't think Redmond would have made, he didn't take those kinds of chances even though it's a move that seemed so obvious to most. I liked Red quite a bit, though, and it's easy to complain about any manager when things don't go the way we'd like.
  20. Pretty amazing how technology allows a cause like this to reach so many people so quickly to help Juan and his family. Obviously must be a very well liked guy throughout the entire baseball community.
  21. Hopefully the team invests in some more long term deals. Not any replacements heading down the pipeline for a loooong time.
  22. Cool. International. Miami. Seriously though, I'm in. Please.
  23. Just pray to God he doesn't get the Jason Stokes experience. Remember that guys power before the wrist injury? Holy fuck.
  24. Certainly feels good for Dee Gordon to validate my thoughts this time last year about the Marlins making a big push to acquire him. He as been everything I had hoped for and certainly more, I hope there's a few people here that will admit to some crow eating on this. It would have been nice if Justin Bour actually had a shot to earn that starting spot from the get go. I think a few others agreed with me on that before the year, but not many. The BB/K numbers in the minors always pointed to a pretty damn good future when you consider the power he offers. Would be nice if he could learn to walk a little more, but what a diamond in the rough, a minor league Rule V guy... Wow. Adeiny coming out and having the kind of year he had put up is fantastic. I don't think anyone can say he didn't have the ability to be what he is now, but the question was could he actually do it? Great to see he can put things together. Prado being Prado. Another 3 WAR season from one of the most consistent players in the game, certainly a trade that worked out for both teams. I was slightly concerned Marlins Park would kill him, and it has hurt the power a little, but the guy can simply hit. Realmuto certainly has a lot he can improve on, and considering he's a 2 WAR player already, what a dynamite player he can be when he actually starts to get better. It's nice to have a catcher to be excited about, our newfound Charles Johnson. Could end up being a very similar player to CJ, and that's exciting.
  25. Everyone seems to forget that young players can improve. Don't forget Adeiny Hechavarria was a -2 WAR player 2 years ago and he's a 2+ WAR player now. At that time a lot of people wrote him off as the worst player in the game with no future, he's now considered a top SS in baseball and a Gold Glove front runner. I know we're discussing pitchers, but just an example of a young player improving over time. Let's not be so quick to write people off, not all pitchers progress like Jose Fernandez. A lot of people sitting here criticizing Urena and Nicolino are the same that wanted to over pay for James Shields a year ago...
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