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  1. Joel Sherman ‏@Joelsherman1 2 execs spoke to already said this: Ricky Nolasco will be next to go from #Marlins Well, at least we got some good news tonight.
  2. Honestly People, I think you are all over reacting. We got the Blue Jays #2, #5, and #8 Prospect, as well as a pretty decent shortstop. I feel like Reyes, Johnson, Buerhle, and Buck weren't going to be worth the money toward the end of the deals, however, I am mad we are getting rid of Boni. Other Than That, I think it's a pretty fair trade if the Blue Jays take on all the money. See, the thing is most teams when they move quality ML talent get that kind a haul for one, maybe two players. For us it took 2 top end rotation starters, a top 10 SS, a decent utility player, and a bad contract. We gave up far, far more then we got in return and perception off the field has gone completely to the crappers. We are doomed.
  3. Man what a crash from such a high, really disappointed that's it's turned so bleak so fast.
  4. I don't see him going to the Cubs, there'd be no point as it's a far worse situation than what he has in St. Louis and what he could have here. So unless they're willing to toss a $50m raise into the pot I don't see them as a relevant contender.
  5. Its really sad that people are so greedy. $220 mil for 10 years... come on already. How much money do you need? I highly doubt the money is the issue holding up Pujols, More like weighing a life altering decision.
  6. I'd take him for a year at a mil. Better defensively than either of our catchers, no worse offensively than Hayes and not that far away from Buck. Would get a few more people excited and wouldn't really hurt the team any.
  7. Does anyone know if there is a way to listen to the press conference on an iPhone? Get the 790 streamer app, they're going to play it at 1.
  8. I do think Ozzie adds something to this team outside of his actual job. He is incredibly popular with Latin players in the league and if having him here coinciding with the fact that this is Miami helps to give us a bit of an edge in the market. At the very least he gives this team positive attention both locally and nationally for the short term. So for now I'm indifferent on this whole thing, certainly paid a lot to get and I'm not a fan of him as a manager but his name does have some positives attached to it. See in 4 years I guess, if he actually makes it that long.
  9. I thought it was great, the Red Sox and Buckner connection thing didn't bother me any as I thought the whole thing was focused more around the idea and possible redemption of these type of scapegoats rather than simply being about Bartman.
  10. I'd love to get Pujols down here, but not at 10 years and I don't see him getting 10 years. The three teams capable of eating away a couple of crap years at $20m-$30m a year (Yanks, Sox, and Phillies) are already set at 1B. Cubbies are still a complete mess financially so I don't see them driving the market to 10, the Cards out of desperation may be the only team who would do it but given the fact they're payroll right now is loaded I don't know if they'd pull the trigger. He may want 10 years but if no one is willing to offer it he's got no choice unless he's willing to retire which I seriously doubt. What team is in a position to put 10 years at $25m-$30m on the table for a 32 year old 1B and still remain competitive?
  11. I don't believe players not on the 40-man need to clear waivers either so it should be able to go straight through.
  12. '98 was the worst, though this one isn't far behind. Even though we were expected to be the worst team by far the front office did even more to pour salt on the wound by trading away even more as the season progressed. It sucks starting from day 1 knowing you're going to lose 100 games and watching the front office do even more to assure it. This season, at least we got a few entertaining months at the start and we actually had a bit of a run post-June to get back around .500 before crashing again. There's been a lot of but a few highs as well this year, '98 was nothing but rock bottom from start to finish.
  13. God what a horrible season which just somehow manages to find a way to get just a little worse every day. What is he looking to accomplish here? Shaming the front office? Doesn't he know they have no shame.
  14. Where are all the Gaby haters now? The same place Omar Infante haters should be. :mischief wat Infante has a .620 OPS I know, I was just noting that making an all-star game doesn't really mean jack and Infante getting selected last year is a good representation of that.
  15. Where are all the Gaby haters now? The same place Omar Infante haters should be. :mischief
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