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  1. move him down and shift upwards the lineup a spot. I want to get morrison some more AB's
  2. there isnt a list anywhere or radio broadcasts is there?
  3. there isnt a list anywhere or radio broadcasts is there?
  4. love Gammons, amazing baseball mind him and Boog both used to be great together I could listen to them talk baseball all day long
  5. run to the hills! Run for your lives!
  6. I remember ten years (?) ago when they said Adrian Gonzalez had a sweet lefty swing Yelich June 7 at 11:44pm Report Thank you!!! Can't wait! seems a nice kid from what I read of him sounds sorta like hermida actually. A lefty with gap power that walks well should develop into his body more muscle so should left about 20 Hrs, speed for the 2 hole type hitter so around 20-30 bags a year. Perhaps a future line like 290/370/430/800 20/20 Would be a nice player for the Fish. I hope we sign him, of course as a Canes alum if we don't I do not mind too much
  7. personally far more then the power this year is the concern that he learns to take Walks. You need to not always hit the homeruns but learn to do the small things that are given to you by the pitcher like simple base hit the other way or most importantly taking the BB. His BB numbers are up very far so far and I hope he continues at this pace. Now if he can do that then it will be interesting for the future. downside for him is russell branyan, middle adam dunn and high side is Howard but a + in the defense by about 3-4-5 range kid could be very special but little change he wont at least have a nice slugger ability.
  8. still think he could become a sick closer
  9. philly = worst city in the usa for fans of sports
  10. amazing arm and great fielder great defensive replacement and good hard worker
  11. hope his control picks up he has nice "stuff" if it does could be interesting cheap enough.
  12. it will always be joe robbie stadium the man is the reason there is sports in this town
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