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  1. Sounds like you need more fiber or more sex or both. Either way, calm your tits!
  2. Ok so if you have such little faith then, again I ask, why are you still a fan of the team? I just think people should ask themselves this occasionally. Might save alot of frustration and heartache.
  3. Honestly why are you guys fans of this team anymore? And by extension, why do you still come to this website? Getting used to the rebuild is part of the process and it appears you guys have missed the boat. Just go root for another team already because the game of hating every potential move or move already made is becoming grossly tiresome and overplayed.
  4. I say if you are committed to "hitting the reset button", you trade anyone with mlb experience who doesn't want to be a part of it. I think it's more of a mutual respect thing more than anything.
  5. It's a Documentary on Billy Martin. What a guy! I recommend this Doc to any baseball fan!
  6. Speaking only on recent experiences with ESPN, I used to always watch the 6pm Sportscenter everyday (b/c the local news just blows). The "new and improved" SC is now a nightly attempt at shoving a social disparity discussion into my brain. Not what I am looking for and I am guessing that a majority of guys in my demographic feel the same way. Just a thought on another reason why ESPN isn't making as much money as they used to. Also they need to get the NHL back on ESPN.
  7. I think this years Website motto should be MarlinsBaseball.com "Watching From Afar!'
  8. I think @fish20 has battered wife syndrome. The husband (Marlins in this case) is going to wake up one day and be changed and we will be so so so happy!
  9. I am really confused by this move! Don't they forfeit any insurance money they would get based on him not being able to pitch this year?
  10. I think he was only half lying. Both parties didn't want to continue the relationship.
  11. By virtue of what Hill just said on MLB Network, I believe Yelich is gone and gone soon! He just said "Trading Stanton was not only a financial decision, it was a decision based on the player not sharing our vision. He chose to not want to be here for what we needed to do to be competitive long term." I obviously don't believe the "not a financial decision bit" but i certainly believe (based on Stanton's comments) that this played a big role in expediting his departure to NY. Yelich appears, through various reports, to be just as fed up with the team at this point.
  12. Also... it's FCMSTIWAGOS (From Craig Mish So Take It With A Grain Of Salt)
  13. Wow! So many conflicting reports... Same exact time stamp. I dunno who to believe.
  14. I am guessing they are international players and the team is trying to contact them before the names are released.
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