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  1. Krispy Kreme will give away a dozen donuts to all Marlin fans if the Marlins have 12 hits all season, excluding Cabrera. How gay is that?
  2. I thought it was Wilma. :confused
  3. I agree with yellowman. As for the guys on top of the roof they have to be Men at Work... Carpenters make no sense And I disagree with blondie, her hair looks more white than blonde.
  4. THe monkey on the far left- Monkees I can't really see it, but if the blue cap the kid is wearing is a Bosox cap that could represent- Boston Um, the 3 chicks in front of the rolling stone- GoGos... maybe
  5. The dark purple building- Deep Purple Iron Maiden- on the crosswalk.... maybe
  6. In between the lemons and the watermelons, is that corn? Korn :confused HAMMER- what the guy smashing the pumpkins is holding. Sex pistols- what the queen is holding Green day- Calendar ont he wall has one day highlighted in green
  7. How come board statistics still say we have only 881,884 posts?
  8. I was contemplating registering the domain http://www.savethemarlins.com , but it seems someone snatched it up yesterday. Was it someone from this board? Perhaps you could ask him to join the movement, that would be a great domain to promote. Emailed him. He linked Miri's site onto his.
  9. How about posting some flyers up at Conines restaurant?
  10. Wow, I didn't even know we had a "Save the Marlins" forum until I saw this thread. Woa. Me neither
  11. SO wait... are they leaving for sure? We don't know but most likely, Yes! :crying Wow, it really hasn't sunk into me yet. This is sad... very, very sad.
  12. David Blaine should have a weekly show... that guy is SICK
  13. Stacey Dash my a a freakin' mile!
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