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  1. Krispy Kreme will give away a dozen donuts to all Marlin fans if the Marlins have 12 hits all season, excluding Cabrera. How gay is that?
  2. I thought it was Wilma. :confused
  3. I agree with yellowman. As for the guys on top of the roof they have to be Men at Work... Carpenters make no sense And I disagree with blondie, her hair looks more white than blonde.
  4. THe monkey on the far left- Monkees I can't really see it, but if the blue cap the kid is wearing is a Bosox cap that could represent- Boston Um, the 3 chicks in front of the rolling stone- GoGos... maybe
  5. The dark purple building- Deep Purple Iron Maiden- on the crosswalk.... maybe
  6. In between the lemons and the watermelons, is that corn? Korn :confused HAMMER- what the guy smashing the pumpkins is holding. Sex pistols- what the queen is holding Green day- Calendar ont he wall has one day highlighted in green
  7. How come board statistics still say we have only 881,884 posts?
  8. I was contemplating registering the domain http://www.savethemarlins.com , but it seems someone snatched it up yesterday. Was it someone from this board? Perhaps you could ask him to join the movement, that would be a great domain to promote. Emailed him. He linked Miri's site onto his.
  9. How about posting some flyers up at Conines restaurant?
  10. Wow, I didn't even know we had a "Save the Marlins" forum until I saw this thread. Woa. Me neither
  11. SO wait... are they leaving for sure? We don't know but most likely, Yes! :crying Wow, it really hasn't sunk into me yet. This is sad... very, very sad.
  12. David Blaine should have a weekly show... that guy is SICK
  13. Stacey Dash my a a freakin' mile!
  14. He gets horrible reads on fly balls that make it necessary use that burst of speed nature gave him to get to routine balls and make it appear as a "web gem" ... Additionally he has been very slow making adjustments, whether it be at the plate, on the basepaths (anyone remember 2004?!?) or the field... I realize after reading your comments for two years now how you loathe the guy Seriously, man.
  15. I still find it funny that this thread has 0 views
  16. Maybe you should just go the other route, bro I'm just kidding. I'm sure things will look up for you.... eventually.
  17. There are way hotter Heat dancers than Susie. + her face looks off. Manuela.
  18. Alright, so as we all know, Halloween is just around the corner. What are you dressing up as? What were you last year? I'm strongly considering going as The King (BK). :lol Last year, I didn't dress up.
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