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  1. I honestly don't know if Dontrelle will win the Cy Young. While he has the record and the ERA, he doesn't have the K's or the playoff team that Carpenter has. Ultimately, those may make the difference.



    2003, the Rookie of the Year voting comes down to Brandon Webb and Dontrelle Willis.




    D Train pitched poorly in the second half, Webb had slightly better stats, and the analysts said Webb was better.




    Why did Dontrelle win ROY? Even though intangibles aren't supposed to be considered when voting for awards, the voting panel took into consideration his humble attitude and energetic demeanor. That's why he won then, and that's why he'll win now.






    Not to mention his amazing defensive ability (what other pitcher do you see dive for balls???). His amazing base running (again, what other pitcher do you see sliding in head first.. numerous times). His amazing bat (DO I NEED TO EXPLAIN?) His ability to go deep into games. The way he just changes the face of the game when he's on the mound! The guy is just amazing! And to top it off, he's an amazing person, with a great attitude.


    All these things can't be said for Carpenter.


    EDT: PLus his stats are better.


  2. No way the blame is going to Jones. Because of him, we are even this far up in the standings.


    Winning is a team effort, as is losing. A lot of players didn't contribute a damn thing to this game. That's pretty much the story of the year. Riding on others (Dtrain, Delgado, Cabrera, Jones) back. When either of those 4 mess up we seem to put the blame on them, but what are the others doing? Jack sh*t.

  3. Juan Pierre (possibly the best lead off man in the n.league)

    Lo Duca (possibly the best catcher in the n.league)

    Cabrera (nothing short of phenomenal)

    Delgado (needs no intro)

    Luis Castillo and A.Gon (possible the best men up the middle in all of baseball)

    Mike Lowell ( possibly the best 3rd base man in the n.league)


    Dontrelle. Beckett. Burnett

  4. That ain't no silver lining. Still would be the case if our bullpen knew how to pitch.


    Go Dontrelle though. Hope you get the award you deserve. Getting 22 wins with a team like the fish isn't easy.


    Just bitter right now.....



    And I'm hoping the voters recognize this as well. Dontrelle could easily have 24 wins right now if he had the offense and bullpen to back him up.




    Not to mention if luiy had handled that ball hit by Abreu (easy double play), he could have possibly had another complete game shutout. argh

  5. I think back in 03, I cant remeber, the Phillies played a game under protest agianst us. It was when the ball got stuck under the wall at Citizens, and Conine threw his hands up late in a game. We went on to win it too. :D



    Yea, that's the one I was thinking of. It was in '04.

  6. You're right about Delgado. I don't know what the hell he was doing playing that far out.

    But Villone? Come on now...


    Delgado playing closer to the line could have been all the difference.


    But could have, would have, should have. It really doesn't matter.


    How about, the offense putting up some runs???

    Would've made more of a difference...dont ya think?



  7. doods calm down... look aj pitched pretty good but in order to win games you cant just pitch really good.... you have to hold runners, field the position ect. we needed a K not a wild pitch to let them tie the game


    How can you blame this on AJ? Wild pitch included, he still pitched an amazing game. Our offense sucked ass! End of story.

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