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  1. damn, I thought the cupid question asked who I would hook together. Not, that's who I'd personally hook up with.


    You got it right the first time. It is what 2 people you would hook up together.

    Hence: Cupid (the match-maker). :)

  2. If you could play cupid for a day, what two mb.com members would you hook up?


    List your weaknesses (we all have them):




    Are you single? If yes, why?


    Have you ever met up (in real life), with someone you have met online? How many people?


    Hottest male alive:


    Hottest female alive:


    How long was your longest relationship?


    This question is for the ladies:

    Has a guy ever made you cry? (Doesn't have to be intentional)


    This one is for the guys:

    Has a girl ever made you cry? (Doesn't have to be intentional)


    Do you consider yourself a sensitive person?


    Last song you heard/jammed to?


    Ever done anything illegal?


    How many different laws have you broken?


    Do you fantasize/daydream alot?


    Are you feeling guilty about something right now?


    If yes, get it off your chest:


    How would you define your style? (punk/preppy/ghetto/etc.?)


    Ever gave your number out online? To how many people?


    Would you date someone older than you? By how many years?


    Would you date someone younger than you? By how many years?


    What nationality are you?


    What nationality are you attracted to?


    What was the first album you ever bought on your own?


    Are you afraid of dying?


    Do you keep to yourself?


    Do you find yourself attractive?


    Do you have a job? If yes, where do you work?


    What color is you hair naturally? What color is your hair now?


    What attracts you to the opposite sex?


    Ever been in love?


    What body part on the opposite sex do you find most attractive?


    What physical face feature in the opposite sex do you find most attractive?


    >anything extra here

  3. The situation i'm in right now is so crazy, that words can't even describe it. Words can't describe what i'm feeling. I really like this girl, she's my best friend. I know her in and out. It's so much easier said than done. "Break up with her" I just can't, man. You don't understand. I tried explaining to her the dangers involved with stripping, but sometimes I just can't find the right words. Sometimes, my words don't even make sense to myself. I've tried telling her not to do something like this, because I care. She's in huge money trouble and when she comes back with something like "Well what do yo expect me to do? I need the money. No minimum wage job is going to get me out of trouble"... i really don't know what to say. I don't want to see her struggling and working 3 different jobs either. Damn. I really don't know.

  4. My girlfriend has been showing some interest in stripping. She's really serious about it, and it scares me. She has even talked to a few club owners! This is not like her. It hurts to know that this is even in her mind. Cash can make you do some crazy things. Man, I don't wanna lose my girl to this. Please help me convince her not to get into this type of thing. I dont know, share some horror stories, list the dangers, something! List some good reasons that'll be sure to change her mind. Just help me, please. I can't talk to anyone else about this, because she doesn't want people to know, and I don't want the word getting out.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. That's really messed up of Derrek Lee.

    Marlins don't have as many fans as the Cubs, but to say they don't support the team is pretty f***ed up. Especially to those who stick with the team- win or lose. To those who wait over 3 f***ing hours during a rain delay. To those who attend as much games as possible. To those who revolve their life around their freaking schedule.

    He can't speak for all Marlins fans, which is what he did. Not all of us are like that. Next time he should choose his word more carefully.

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