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  1. Also I don't think anyone is saying his development should come over the chance to win but it seems unfair to say "this is your last chance but you will only get spot starts." With that said, there's also an argument that he has already had multiple chances and if this team really is ready to start winning (still unproven) then maybe there is no time to give him yet another chance.
  2. This is a topic brought up in Frisaro's inbox and it's a bit of a conundrum... Brinson is on possibly his final chance to prove himself but the team, wanting to prioritize winning over development, isn't giving him "every" opportunity to do so. So how can he get a fair shot if he's only gonna start 2 or 3 times a week? It almost leads you to believe they have to allow him a chance next season as well.
  3. Hey are we winning this one or not? I got things to do and I wanna know if I should watch.
  4. I love how Brinson has handled his struggles but this is the major leagues and when someone can't perform they get replaced and its been multiple seasons of Brinson falling short so his time is running out. I want him to succeed but repeated failure means someone takes your spot. I'm pretty sure your job isn't like that but MLB sure is.
  5. I'm ok with Brinson staying up this entire season (or at least the majority of it) but this sure as hell feels like his last last chance. No more excuses after this year.
  6. This feels more like what we should expect, the team has fire and battles and can score some runs but the pitching staff outside of a few guys is shaky and will have a tough time holding opposing offenses down. And yeah geez Villar really blew it a few times tonight.
  7. The short season and the expanded playoffs means it might just take a strong 2-3 week run to solidify a playoff spot. We're basically a third of the way there.
  8. Roster moves while on the road must come from the taxi squad if I'm not mistaken so you're probably right that they can just repeatedly swap players out. If someone had to be recalled tomorrow Mejia would be an option to be it. Crazy.
  9. I'm gonna take the glass half full approach and say this kid must be impressive if they think he can make the jump to the majors this soon.
  10. This is the crazy part. It's still early and there's still some time before they return but it's wild to think that this team should actually be drastically improved a few weeks from now.
  11. Dugger is on the IL. I know Tarpley started some games in 2019 for the Yankees and the Marlins insist that Jorge Guzman is a starter so we shall see if they get some starts along the way. I'd imagine we do the bullpen game once or twice more until Donnie figures out his full rotation.
  12. This morning MLB Network did a little piece on the Marlins "introducing" some of their key players since they're playing well and everyone considers them unknowns. Well they named Anderson, Alcantara, Aguilar, Dickerson, and Pablo... to be honest, with the exception of Pablo, any serious baseball fan should know all of those guys along with others like Villar, Alfaro, Cervelli. I know we're not a team of superstars but the notion that this team is a bunch of no name players is ridiculous. I wouldn't think we have anymore "unknown players" than most any other team in baseball. Even t
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