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  1. It really feels like this team is one good starting pitcher and one good bat away from finally stepping forward especially with the way the division has been a mess so far.
  2. Like when someone says their bat has hits in it.
  3. He said the mustache had walks in it so he shaved it after getting pulled from the game.
  4. Hopefully prevent the Dbacks from doing the same along the way as well.
  5. It's weird how the guys usually designated for bullpen games are pretty solid and thus we look like we can win these games but then when we have a starting pitcher go 7 and then turn to the bullpen it's the other relievers, who should be the better relievers, who come in and blow those games.
  6. No no not at all, just that this guy also judges everything by how crispy they are, so I figured he's one of those air fryer experts.
  7. If you give them just one choice that means they actually don't have a choice which means they have no choice but to win?
  8. I'm curious, are you one of those people who uses an air fryer for everything?
  9. Are games that are not no-hitters be referred to as "hitters"?
  10. I like how @taiwanmarlin has stripped the Marlins of their freedom and right to choices. I totally approve though.
  11. I disagree. I think we should leave him in the bullpen, like, permanently. Lock him in there and don't let him out during games. He can't enter the games if he's forced to stay in the bullpen.
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