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  1. Hey @taiwanmarlin do you remember after 2012 when the Marlins had a fire sale and then the 2013 season they lost 100 games as they started another rebuild? Well in 2014 they improved significantly compared to 2013. So what happened going into 2015 and up until Loria sold the team? They spent money on Wei Yin Chen, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Jeff Locke, and Edinson Volquez, they traded prospects for Mat Morse, Mike Latos, Garrett Jones, Jarred Cosart, Dan Haren, Andrew Cashner, Colin Rea, Dan Straily, and Fernando Rodney. If you want them to go that route again then that's all you but I'd rat
  2. He means don't do a Loria and waste money or trade away the farm system just to try and accelerate the process. You can still field a winning team while sticking to the plan.
  3. Wasn't even on my Post of the Hour nominees and I'm the one that made the post!
  4. This just made me realize that since we still don't have naming rights Marlins Park kinda is really a BTBNL.
  5. That would be BTBNL, Ballpark To Be Named Later not PTBNL
  6. You're saying you'll do this trade?
  7. Marlins acquire Blake Snell and a PTBNL Rays acquire JJ Bleday and Marlins Park
  8. I wanted to catch this when it first aired but I somehow mished it.
  9. Risky move. It just takes one other team to offer him even 100k more than $4M and Kintzler is gone, especially feeling slighted that the team he wanted to stay with thought he wasn't worth keeping immediately.
  10. We explain this to him every year.
  11. Marlins didn't protect any women from the rule 5 draft. The organization is already going backwards after breaking new ground last week.
  12. Yea I get it with Apple and Starbucks, just saying I dont think Coca Cola and McDonald's would suffer if they marketed less, especially coke.
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