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  1. And the Absolute Trevor Rogers one big time.
  2. The slight discoloration of those cards makes the Miami blue jersey look like they wearing the early 90s teal jerseys.
  3. Pics or it didn't happen.
  4. A ball doesn't have sides, it's a circle.
  5. You said the year 2000 is part of the previous century so by your same logic the year 1990 is part of the 80's.
  6. Right but that's essentially days away, he's not locked in yet so he's basically got the chance/choice to think about his options. It's not like he's signed for next year and Hal is giving him an endorsement, there's work to be done to keep him for 2022.
  7. Boone is technically a free agent though so this may mean very little His contract is up, he'll get the chance for other clubs to talk to him and he'll get the chance to evaluate if he even wants to do this again next year. Hal may not blame Boone, which is nice, but the Yankees might still need a new manager next year regardless.
  8. They'll non tender Alfaro and Sierra, they'll keep Cooper because of the DH and because he may still have some trade value. They might non tender Brinson but I wouldn't bet on it. Brinson's chances of being a star are gone but I can see him lasting quite a few more years in the majors as a bench piece or as a starter on a rebuilding club. He's not guaranteed a spot on the Marlins but I could see him finding a role especially if Sierra is cut loose. Oh, also wouldn't be shocked to see Berti and Brigham non tendered.
  9. Pretty sure blaming the manager is always step one in trying to explain why a team underachieved. Not blaming the manager is like a trailblazing new concept in the world of baseball.
  10. According to Das the year 1990 is part of the 80's.
  11. Agreed. Educate people so that they don't see the game as boring. I understand the pace is slower than other sports but if you know what you're watching it can be an entertaining watch. Also, I'm starting to think they're at a point of a self-fulfilling prophecy... you keep telling people that baseball is boring and needs to be fixed and any new fans will be turned off because they've already heard for ages that this game is boring so now the game is shooting itself in the foot with this stupid problem, cutting off potential new fans before they even give the sport a chance.
  12. Through the eyes of the TV networks, baseball is still a TV show and thus entertainment, even if there are good one man commentators I can't see them going that way ever. There's the entertainment aspect of having more than one person so they can have conversation and banter. Silence between pitches is probably something the TV networks fear, especially considering the already relaxed pace of most baseball games.
  13. Ok cool but why he gotta mention a discount when talking about us? That stings. Like he knows we won't outbid anyone for him.
  14. Also, it's accurate enough every year after 2011, if they had any championships over the last decade then it would be a bad meme.
  15. There was no year zero but you should include the zero in the count of a decade because when one talks about, for example, the 90s, they're including the year 1990. The year 2000 is in the 2000s, not in the 90s, so I think the 2000 should count in this question above . This century started with the year 2000, not the year 2001. It's not the same as counting things. The zero counts. The year you were born you were less than a year old but the year itself counts in your life.
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