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  1. This is getting out of hand but I have to ask, how do the French season their crisps?
  2. A little more detail from Barry Jackson of the Herald... Money was definitely a factor in Hill and the Marlins splitting up. Hill made more than $3 million per year, and was asked to take a pay cut of more than 33%, to which he declined. Hill had more say with Jeter than with Loria but ultimately Hill was still just one voice in what was basically a committee of front office voices so in that sense I can see why Jeter didn't think he needed to keep Hill. Maybe if Hill was clearly the one guy leading to all this recent success maybe Jeter would have valued him staying more but he wasn
  3. So Jeter thinks he's the head of baseball ops now too?
  4. Mattingly saying Sixto isn't a lock is the same type of managerial psychology as a year ago when he said Garrett Cooper isn't a starter.
  5. That's right, thanks. Man I really couldn't even come up with a guess on his name. Geez think of all these front office guys over the years who came to the Marlins in an attempt to fix our mess.
  6. I'm not disagreeing with you but lately what I've noticed is how easily it is to blame moves (both positive and negative) on so many different people that it's hard to know the truth anymore. We just heard for three years that Mike Hill was handcuffed under Loria and that now under Jeter he has more control yet now he's gone and reports are saying he wasn't as in control as speculated. And like you're saying Castillo Paddack and German were on Hill but how do we know that none of those were the idea of Loria or Samson or Dan Jennings or Stan Meek or even Beinfest or, who were those lower
  7. They're already there, no reason to keep saying this.
  8. It really is just Samson though, and at the very least he made one solid complimentary tweet when the Marlins clinched where he did acknowledge his part in the team's previous failures. He's still a fool but it makes me question how much of what he does is just for show.
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