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  1. Don't knock her until you try her. Edit: dont knock it until you try it.. ugh damn you autocorrect
  2. Do they really think they'll have another 2-3 month season? I can't imagine any more than a few weeks of delays if any at all. No reason for the 7 inning double headers or the extra innings baserunner unless it's like the 13th inning or later.
  3. Because you can find 45 saves from guys who won't cost $10 million a year.
  4. Did they not settle with Bleier?
  5. Why? Did they use a really cheap quality paper?
  6. Well said. I wonder if they went anywhere else for lunch though or if they just canceled the plans and ate at home.
  7. I spoke to my season ticket rep today and I asked him why the team hadn't signed any big free agents yet and he responded by asking me if I was Taiwanese. How weird.
  8. This means he didn't wanna sign with the Marlins right?
  9. Maybe Bradley preferred the Phillies for whatever reason. Can't just assume every free agent could have been had if they wanted him.
  10. Pfft. It was a short season and everyone made the playoffs. You should know that.
  11. Weird of him to wanna play for a team that nobody knows. This is also confirms it's not an MLB team because all 30 of those teams are very well known.
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