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  1. It bothers me how many people don't get this joke.
  2. Good point. The fence changes "will definitely help" the Marlins opponents as well.
  3. Fyi you can go on the COVID IL without having the virus. It could be as simple as self quarantine for precautionary reasons.
  4. I don't blame them for hating us but why take that out on the Marlins?
  5. The first time they changed the dimensions and wall heights those changes were more noticeable and realistic. These new changes are really just a correction on what was still the one most extreme distance in center. Any changes after this would be probably just be seen as making it easier for them.
  6. Isn't it cheating to get help from someone not on your team?
  7. Does Marlins Park have a lost and found?
  8. The Marlins schedule has them playing 60 games. MLB said they would only agree to a 60 game season but if each team is playing 60 games then that's way more than 60 games in total. Bunch of liars I tell ya!
  9. I'm not clicking that article, title makes it sound gross.
  10. If they pack enough snacks and find some good radio stations along the way I don't see how it'll be so bad. Worst case scenario would be catching more traffic than expected.
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