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  1. Cool, thanks. It's ridiculous that the ps5 still isn't more readily available.
  2. You've got some weird ideas of what is fun.
  3. This means you can have multiple custom stadiums so very likely not limited. Still I have questions but this is good.
  4. Is this only in franchise mode where you create one ballpark for your team or can you jump into the mode and create as many ballparks as you want whenever you want?
  5. SilverBullet


    Looks like they accidentally bought the wrong domain name and had no choice but to run with it anyways.
  6. In the wording of that quote, isn't every team the hometown team? He didn't say MY hometown team. So no matter what city he's playing in he plays for the hometown team.
  7. Anyone else have vivid memories of the thread during that time? I think someone even ordered chicken wings.
  8. Yea that would be a bad idea because of the smell.
  9. SilverBullet


    You spelled cheeseburger wrong and why did you type it twice?
  10. I thought the offseason ended in early November and that the Marlins did nothing because they didn't care and needed a new owner?
  11. Also, it's long overdue for Gio Gonzalez to don a Marlins uniform.
  12. Why is @SonOfJack beating off so many guys here?
  13. Interesting. As long as he's not given a spot without earning it I'm cool with it. Might help to have a guy there to eat up innings throughout the long season.
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