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  1. Nationals selling off from the mlb roster way more than the Marlins are.
  2. I love shrimp but that's borderline not even seafood anymore considering how differently it's used compared to other seafood. It's like another form of chicken at this point.
  3. I think you misunderstood, Yimi isn't on the list, De la Cruz is.
  4. SilverBullet


    I wasn't so anal before but once I became a homeowner there's countless things I'm anal about in my house. If it's something I always do in my house I get extremely frustrated if anyone does it because they won't do it the way I do. Bigger things like the organization of my garage to small things like doing the dishes. In general, in every room I know where everything is because I put everything where it goes, if someone tries helping but does it differently they haven't helped me at all. My mom and my mother in law put dishes away where they don't go and then it becomes a big search to find them because even they don't remember where they put them. At work, my desk seems like a mess but it's my mess, it looks a certain way to everyone else but I know where everything is and why it's there. Our computer tech is ridiculously OCD and she couldn't help herself one day and organized my fucking desk to her liking, my God I wanted to kill her. Don't touch my space.
  5. SilverBullet


    Oh geez sorry I thought this thread was about something else.
  6. I wonder if anyone has interest in Bass.
  7. I was always told that if I'm gonna remain very active I should always use protection.
  8. Maybe I'm crazy but I don't see Jazz arrogant like this kid. Confidence and arrogance aren't the same thing. Jazz has a confidence and energy but he's likeable. This kid seems like he's unlikeably arrogant.
  9. Glad he's gonna sign but this kid is gonna give us fits with his personality. He better be good.
  10. He was a great player here, great in the community, his request to be traded and his shit talking was specifically about the organization and it's clown show antics, he was very complimentary of the city and the fanbase, no reason to boo him and anyways he already came back and was cheered here before.
  11. I can only guess that since he's already signed for next season at an affordable price it's like they know they have one starting outfield spot covered so he stays unless a for sure replacement is found.
  12. Cheap ass Yankees, nothing ever changes with them!
  13. Kinda nice that being sellers doesn't mean "everything must go" like it used to for the Marlins. I'm loving this "sell while buying for the future" deadline approach that this FO has done a couple times now.
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