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  1. I'd still be worried about overpaying for him.
  2. Are we sure Stallings is the answer though? I don't know much about him but seems like he was nothing until a strong 2020. Sounds like the kind of guy who we trade a lot for and suddenly he goes back to being nothing. Plus he's already almost 32, could have already peaked. Doesn't sound like a sure thing to me, might be buying too high on him.
  3. Agreed but I'm saying they even gave him another year to confirm it and he double stamped it lol. This goes back to my post of a few weeks ago about Kim Ng, having 2021 under her belt is gonna make her 2022 decisions even more amplified because she got a full season of this crap already. Nothing should be a question mark for her anymore.
  4. You'd hope they go even harder for a catcher this offseason. They had questions about Alfaro a year ago and he answered those questions pretty conclusively once again so there shouldn't be any excuses to not move on from him now. He's proven he isn't the guy.
  5. When did the Marlins get Austin Jackson? I thought he retired in 2018?
  6. MLB Network on why 3rd base may no longer be the hot corner. Sounds like they are on the same thought process of this thread... https://www.mlb.com/video/mlb-tonight-hot-corner
  7. Like Stanton suggested to us after he was traded, "watch from afar."
  8. This kinda illustrates my point. I don't wanna say Sandy is as good as Scherzer but we already have upper level pitchers like Scherzer. Going after Scherzer would be a poor use of the offseason.
  9. With a good lineup we already have a lot of pitchers who could probably get about 15 wins a year. Let's work on getting that good lineup though.
  10. Pretty sure this is a mandatory criteria for Marlins employment.
  11. Over the years I've also realized there's a big difference between bandwagoners and just taking a step back from a frustratingly bad team for a bit, which is what a lot of us are doing here right now. Sports are supposed to be for fun and entertainment. If it doesn't bring that to you then it's ok to take a breath yet still be a real fan.
  12. These are the posts that you make that make people bash their heads against the table.
  13. Let's not jump the gun on this one. He wasn't flat out fired he's being reassigned. Fired implies you absolutely suck at your job so they want you out of there immediately. It's still possible that he did well but that they think a replacement could be better for the organization. How the story is presented sure can make a difference in how its perceived.
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