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  1. "Marlins only made the playoffs because they gave the Phillies covid on purpose and because they had a runner on 2nd in the 10th inning."
  2. Marlins are gonna be the one team that wins their clincher using the 10th inning baserunner on 2nd rule so that all of baseball can laugh at us right? I mean that would be so Marlins wouldn't it?
  3. Are you watching the same game as I am? This type of game makes me shit myself.
  4. Anyone else watching these last few innings on the toilet?
  5. Not trying to be funny but anyone else gonna be a bit of an emotional mess for a moment if we clinch?
  6. Good point. Always make yours look bigger by putting it by something relatively small, like one of those mini bananas. Also, a tree looks taller when the grass is lower so make sure to mow the lawn. It's all about perspective.
  7. Also Frisaro sometimes get ripped for writing lame articles but those are required articles of his job, you can tell because those articles appear for all 30 teams from all 30 writers on the same day. So it's more like a school assignment and they're all told "write this article and post it on this day."
  8. Frisaro is just the daily beat reporter so he follows them daily and reports daily news and general thoughts. He's not much deeper than that though I'm not sure if he's supposed to be some kind of crazy insider. He's more like a narrator, gives you the general daily information. But he does know what's going on.
  9. I was playing off Michael's joke that every team has 30/1 odds when the season starts.
  10. If we get to the World Series its 2/1 odds right?
  11. Lmao I remember that one, that shit was funny.
  12. Frisaro has his faults but he's nothing like that, he does know the Marlins story and reports it accurately. And about MLB Network this question came up last week, I still don't get why they're so off on this. They're not the oblivious local news sports reporter. They deeply cover MLB 24/7, it's literally their job. They do know the stories and most of their broadcasters seem to enjoy discussing it when they do. Feels like a network decision to touch on it quickly and then carry on.
  13. I'll confirm Glenn Geffner as he introduced himself when he posted on here last year and he commended us for our fandom... except for Das of course.
  14. MLB.com in a preview of this series: "How wild would it be if the Yankees eliminated Derek Jeter's team on the final weekend?" Why can't the narrative be the opposite? "How wild would it be if Derek Jeter's team clinched vs the Yankees on the final weekend?" Even with any anti Marlins and pro Yankees bias I would think the second option is the better story especially since it's the likelier scenario. Also, in Yankee Stadium with Mattingly managing and Stanton playing for the Yankees, I think this is more a Marlins story than a Yankees story.
  15. Kinda jealous but I'm glad, Wallach deserved that treat with the amazing game he has last night! Edit: wait nevermind I think I misinterpreted this post.
  16. Has anyone ever taken those giant checks to the bank to see if they'll cash it for you?
  17. It sure was. That's the team that solidified me watching this team always even through the bad years. I'll admit I zoned out in the late 90's-early 00's and only checked on the team from a far. Once 2003 happened I felt awful for doing that because I was such a diehard fan 93-97... so after 03 I said never again will I zone out again, then came 2006 to realllllly test my promise but when that team was so fun and I saw that even a team with low expectations could be a blast if you actually pay attention (and then sometimes they can even overachieve and be even more fun) that's when I knew I was
  18. You guys keep saying that JT will get a larger contract but I don't see it. I'm pretty sure all contracts are printed on the same 8.5 x 11 papers. There's no need for teams to print them out any larger, that would be a waste of both paper and ink as well.
  19. Yeah this is what I mean. It's not a bad thing it's just something I've noticed how there's so many Marlins fans who actually didn't experience the first two championships. There was a tweet read on the broadcast the other day and it said the guy had been a fan since just 2016.
  20. You know, it's amazing how long ago 2003 was. Those of us who have followed the team since the earliest years have experienced 2 world championships here and it's a blessing and a joy but there are so many Marlins fans who became fans after 2003 or who were too young to remember 2003 very well.
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