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  1. Seriously? It's a bread made with bananas and usually nuts, its sweeter and more moist than normal bread so it's more like a cake than actually bread. Shocked you've never heard of it.
  2. I'm sold. Picking up a case asap.
  3. Had to google this to know what it was.
  4. I find Cocoa Pebbles vastly superior to Cocoa Krispies.
  5. Yeah plenty of people have been there, it's been open for decades now.
  6. I used it as an insult but it really isn't. Video games can be a form of easy, "mindless" entertainment and we sure do need that at times so there is a place for those games. Maybe that's my problem, that there aren't enough easy mindless games out there? Or, no, more like I wish the really deep video games were as easy to play as the mindless ones, though I know that doesn't even make much sense, it's contradictory. I dunno, sometimes it feels like people have to work harder at their gaming then at their actual jobs. And while yes there's a place for that and yes those games can be so great I
  7. Even though The Show is always adding things to make this game more beginner friendly I feel like this game, and most major games in general, are wayyyyy too targeted to hardcore gamers. Not enough easy pick up and play stuff for kids and casual gamers. It's crazy how this doesn't seem to be of concern to the gaming industry. Two years ago when I did a deep dive into Diamond Dynasty I was playing pretty much every day for a good chunk of time and my son noticed and wanted to give DD a try because he saw how much fun I was having and how invested I was in it. But he picks up the controlle
  8. Another mutual agreement in the books.
  9. Shouldn't be that tricky. That doesn't seem like anything to us but that's not as clear to casual gamers or kids.
  10. It's not something that can't be done but CF has more ground to cover and so the CF tends to need more speed and usually be a better defender than a corner outfielder. Also if the player has never done it then they might have more trouble reading balls off the bat. Usually a CF can switch to the corners much easier than a corner outfielder can switch to CF. So yes in this situation it's most likely that Marte is replaced by Brinson Sierra Berti or Monte or a combination of those.
  11. I knew a girl in college who had this same problem.
  12. I actually have an answer for this. The Marlins have a uniform "schedule" though it can be changed if the feels like changing it up, it's not like it's something concrete. But at home they wear the black uniforms on Friday and Saturdays, and they just so happen to have won 3 of their 4 four Friday and Saturday home games. They wore the black jersey on the last game of the Cardinals series probably just trying to break their losing streak in that rough first week but of course they lost that one. Anyways the point is that your observation is more about how well they've played on Friday and
  13. So does that mean they won't bother having anyone in center field until Marte returns?
  14. I've only seen a couple of YouTube videos but I see no noticeable difference in the ps5 player models compared to past games. Am I wrong? I dunno, I think I was expecting a bigger jump in visuals once they got to next gen especially since player models on the ps4 had been pretty stagnant for years now.
  15. Yet another conflicting opinion about PNC park!? Which one is it guys?
  16. So whoever told @rmc523 that PNC is great was wrong?
  17. "Jeter buying this team was the worst thing to ever happen to the Marlins"
  18. It's pretty crazy how this team could look at the rest of the division, especially the top of the division, and could shrug their shoulders and not really expect to compete and most people wouldn't really blame them... yet the Marlins actually play like they think they're the best team in the East. Their energy and confidence is so impressive. What a treat this team is.
  19. The team is, at the very least, proving that they aren't a lock to be the last place team in the division. It'll still take some slip ups from the other four teams but the Marlins aren't doormats in the East.
  20. This game is so difficult, very nice to see Jorge get a moment like this one tonight. Hopefully it's a step in the right direction for him.
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