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  1. If they pack enough snacks and find some good radio stations along the way I don't see how it'll be so bad. Worst case scenario would be catching more traffic than expected.
  2. Didn't they say they settled on a 60 game season? Bunch of liars.
  3. There's no way that split city plan goes anywhere. Normally I'd say expansion is the way to go too but the Rays situation is so bad that I can see MLB insisting on relocating them before expansion. It would actually be pretty unfair to the Rays to expand and leave them in the dust especially considering how well run that organization is run despite all their challenges. Ideally we get the Rays a new ballpark and expansion right behind that as well.
  4. We actually can't go, haven't you heard?
  5. Will they still have Party in El Parque on Saturday nights?
  6. When do single game tickets go on sale?
  7. In the 30s, I never get the chance to play consistently enough and I haven't touched it in weeks.
  8. Guesses on which is more likely between expansion or relocation to Nashville? I'd imagine the Rays going to Nashville is the most likely scenario at this point.
  9. That's right it's all about that pace of testing initiative.
  10. Testers failing to show does sound like a more fucked up problem, a sign of incompetence instead of just a delay in results.
  11. True. Then again, its only been 3 days. It's possible they get the results today or tomorrow and then this wasn't actually a big deal. Getting the results back is more important than baseball anyways.
  12. This isn't just an MLB problem. My parents were tested 12 days ago, they were told they'd get the results 2-5 days later, they're still waiting. They were given a number to call and were told there was a big delay in getting results back. You'd think MLB would have their own way of getting results expedited but maybe not.
  13. I'm not sure what's Mish's take on the covid stuff, he's kinda misleading, giving mixed signals, very unclear.
  14. If that's confirmed then yea absolutely. I did read that it's the players choice whether they can be revealed as having tested positive and none of the 4 Marlins agreed to it so that explains why other teams have been able to reveal names and why the Marlins haven't. Still it's hard to keep quiet about it. Reporters and fans will figure it out especially when someone mysteriously goes on the injured list without having suffered any clear injuries. A reporter can easily ask "Did so and so injure his leg on that last play in yesterday's game?" And then the manager, not allowed to ment
  15. It's not our business but this is a public team and whoever it is will be figured out shortly and there's no real way to hide it besides them just flat out denying it. It sucks but it's the way it is now.
  16. I'm not against fixing whatever is offensive but I find it laughable that the Indians stubbornly ignored this for DECADES yet suddenly now they wanna act like this matters to them.
  17. Some general thoughts on this season to ponder and discuss... -Virtually every team is a contender when the season starts but a bad losing streak could essentially eliminate a team early on as well so then I wonder about the mindset and motivation of a last place team in the later parts of the season with nothing to play for, not even hometown fans to play in front of... the bad teams could get trounced. I'm talking losing like 18 of their last 20 or something. This could have a tremendous effect on the standings, more so than in other seasons. There may not be much in terms of spoiler te
  18. I'm disappointed in everyone here, including myself, for not making this joke about the Marlins. Gotta step up our game fellas...
  19. If they're right in believing this guy is ready for the majors then this is gonna be such a hit.
  20. Immediate answer is serious playoff contention, like being a couple of wins away from clinching a playoff spot, that would get people to more games quickly. (This was proven both in 97 and 03) Longterm answer is sustained winning and contention. "Just" winning isn't enough as, contrary to popular belief the Marlins have had numerous winning runs here and there yet attendance wouldn't really rise in the short term. I think the bottom line is that fans need to feel like the team has a great chance to win every single time they take the field... so that fans feel like they can watc
  21. So the Marlins just need to win the majority of 20 more games?
  22. Tune in to the 10 o'clock news to find out.
  23. Channel 7 news sports just said that the season starts today. Always amazed how misinformed and generally misleading the local news sports guys can be nowadays. It's not major but that one guy in his 3 minute report on the local news broadcast is often the only sports news given to the casual fans and local community and I'd be kinda embarrassed by how often they say unclear things.
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