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  1. This is like one of those tik tok things where you hear only what you're reading.
  2. Yep. The absolute lack of reaction from anyone and everyone near the person said it all for me.
  3. Can't wait for all the media outlets to correct themselves now that the story has been clarified .
  4. We also can't rule out the possibility that it was said by a black guy filming a rap video.
  5. Yea I just went back and heard it, I'm not convinced he isn't yelling Dinger.
  6. I think this is more than a health issue. This situation is not common. Its stubbornness.
  7. First I thought u were crazy then I was like ohhh I get it now.
  8. It's still got good stuff but it's not the must have it used to be.
  9. Still doesn't explain why a vaccine doesn't prevent you from getting the illness it's supposed to be vaccinating against.
  10. Damn so close. Still impressive. Congrats.
  11. This is the answer. They're in line for the same spot, Brinson is technically first on the depth chart but he's on his last legs here and Cruz is there to step in next.
  12. Unless Laureano knew and gave them a heads up I'd say no. I don't think the testing gives much of a heads up before releasing the news to the public is what I mean.
  13. At least those work. I haven't seen polio numbers spiking during my lifetime, have you?
  14. Funny you say that, there's millions of Americans doing this right now actually.
  15. No wonder he had to use performance enhancing drugs, he's on at least three teams at once! I don't blame the guy.
  16. No thanks, I prefer Heineken.
  17. Has anyone bothered to check his temperature for a possible fever yet?
  18. You make it sound like this is something good for them? Wtf do you do on there?
  19. I don't think this is too hot of a take, it's at least closer than people realize and the Marlins are probably just a good piece or two from making this a no brainer. With that said it's up to the Marlins to prove it and not keep shitting the bed like they usually do.
  20. What do you think of Don Lemon?
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