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  1. someone has to be able to exactly calculate this for us...what are the ways Miggy can win it all tomorrow?
  2. damnit...am i the only one being a little selfish here? I agree, we should shut him down...but I'm going on Sunday and kinda wanted to indulge in one more Dontrelle start before we close off this season...just like I did the last game of 2005...but instead I get Jose Garcia :thumbdown
  3. it can still be done... but our time is running out...remember we've only lost one game the past few days...just 3 games out...something has to give... sweep the braves? YES...thats our best way to get things going...get it done... its not over yet...not by far...
  4. fire bill robinson... :plain
  5. ALL HAIL King Miggy... :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
  6. the hawk's reaction is the best :lol
  7. he probably kinda wanted the trainer to just leave him alone...thats an injury that you just heal with a few mins alone while u breathe your gonads back out, bad enough it was on live tv...the wife might have secretly enjoyed it though
  8. ...the best part, it comes on a 2-ball count... http://www.break.com/movies/baseball_nut_shot.html
  9. Cant Be Touched by Magic, Roy Jones Jr and Trouble tha Truth
  10. the Cubs, Braves, Red Sox, and Yankees come to town...and you go to the games feeling like youre in a whole different city than last week when you went to see the Marlins and Colorado... oh and...you love to rub it in that the Marlins have more recent success than the Heat, Dolphins, and Panthers COMBINED... you read this whole thread and cant stop saying "yep, Ive done that"...this thread is great, its fun to be a Fish again! I love this team
  11. nothing wrong with the joke, but the Eric Reed joke is priceless too
  12. no relation to Peter? :mischief2
  13. whats flatter? Messenger's cap or his pitches?
  14. Thanks...we need more posts like this around here :notworthy
  15. anyone know where I can find that clip? Just seeing Andruw Jones taking a tumble today reminded me...i need that laugh again...
  16. woah woah....I meant best years of their careers so far...thats the way i always understood the term career years...not overall...I sure didnt mean to say nobody is getting better, I sure as hell dont hope for that and thats not what i intended to convey here...dont throw rocks, I wasnt trying to jinx anyone...my bad
  17. best years of their careers...SO FAR... :shifty just play along damnit :banghead
  18. This is why we're taking it all folks... its been said that a team that has several players having the infamous "Career Years" will be the big team to make the playoffs...well its obvious, 19-20 Marlins will have the best years of their entire careers in 2006! I'm willing to bet that, when its all over, Mike Jacobs, Dan Uggla, Hanley Ramirez, Taylor Tankersley, Josh Johnson, and even Paul Hoover will have the best years of their careers in 2006! Isn't that enough? Let's make it happen! :shifty ...I'm not wrong though...and you know it :whistle
  19. bleh, still doesnt top 493 :shifty
  20. i agree about the nostalgia factor...I'm always tempted to go buy a teal cap both with and without the black lid just for nostalgia...but I usually resist because I realize I will never wear the dang thing
  21. well...I love the black caps and black jerseys...I liked the '03/'04 Sunday Alternate ALOT because the Marlins cap logo is my favorite logo ever, I think it should be displayed more...as far as teal...I do think the Marlins should use it more...but NOT on the caps...its sooo not intimidating, its so Little League...I wouldnt mind the all teal BP jerseys with the black text...but Im not a fan of the teal pinstripes nor the sleeveless jerseys...I think should be used more, but it shouldnt be so prominent cause its not tough...
  22. this really upsets me...but anyways, if it truly cant be Girardi here next year, I'm scared of 07 already...I'd take Fredi Gonzalez if we absolutely must...but I'm afraid of messing with whats already been working :confused
  23. hey babaru, I kinda dont think that you are the type of fan he's talking about...its those bandwagon people who havent gone to a game since opening day '04 and are still wondering why the words "San Antonio" keep popping up...those people
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