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  1. hey guys, maybe u can help me out quickly here... i'm going to tonights game but havent bought my tickets yet...I figure I can get them at the stadium but now I was looking at one of those little schedule booklets and it says the box office at the stadium closes at 5:30 and now its 5:34...I'm almost positive that cant be right on a game day, because dont they have to leave it open until game time for walk up sales? can anyone verify this for me? or do i have to run to ticketmaster before i leave? thanks
  2. stranger things have happened...and with less talented teams :thumbup
  3. anyone know where I can find a clip of Craig Counsell getting busted open? I heard it was worse than the Cody Ross hit but I never saw it
  4. Cody Ross is in there with a VENGEANCE tonight!
  5. Herges did well cause his wife and son were there...and, with all due respect, I'd be performing much better with a wife like that too! Now I like Matt just a teeny bit more... :thumbup seriously though, good luck to that baby, congrats on the cute wife...now win some games for us Matt!
  6. Just wanted to make the point...the Braves are playing some hard times right now, theyre in a slump, while we are obviously hot...this series isn't out of our reach to take at all...let's get it done... GO MARLINS! :notworthy
  7. wait a minute...that Rockies game last week, where Treanor blocked the plate and the runner was called out despite being safe is MUCH different...that was a CLOSE play and the ump had to make the best possible call, he just so happened to make the wrong call...that is human error and I can accept it... but last night's play wasn't even close...it was obvious that Treanor was safe...you cant compare the two plays...last night's call was just incompetent umpiring...and shouldn't be considered acceptable
  8. when our 'pen is on, like tonight...I seriously match us up with any team in baseball...and we're capable of beating anyone...
  9. :banghead ...damn... ...its still not right though...I think he still deserves at least an open handed slap in the mouth, probably from Randy Messenger :shifty
  10. why would the other umps protest? he clearly screwed up...theres no question about it...it wouldnt be picking on Dreckman, it would be acknowledging an error...
  11. Ok seriously...for those who saw 1st base ump Bruce Dreckman's PATHETIC call on the Matt Treanor "double play" ball...I was watching with my dad and we're curious...with a call that bad, is there some type of penalty or consequence for Dreckman? I mean, I understand "human error", its an integral part of the game of baseball...but blatantly missing an obvious call can't just go untouched, or can it? I mean the man has a job to do, and he completely failed at it...in most jobs, something has to give... Please tell me something comes out of this... I know we won, but thats beside the point...if we have umps making calls that bad, somethings wrong and it needs to be corrected... Whats the procedure here? And is there any precedent for something like this? I'm so curious on this...any help would be appreciated... Thanks :thumbup
  12. I havent been watching much of Baseball Tonight this season...because, well, I'm a Marlins fan...but anyways, I saw a bit tonight and noticed a feature on Safeco Field where theyre apparently highlighting all 30 MLB stadiums for 30 days...just wondering if Dolphin Stadium has already passed? Does anyone know when it might come up? Or are they gonna skip it entirely since, you know, the Marlins play there... :plain
  13. God I love this thread... No sport is as smart and intricate and thought-provoking as baseball... Every other sport is "easy" for the players...in baseball, you fail 7 out of 10 times and youre considered a successful hitter...because hitting is HARD...in basketball...the team scores like 50 shots a game...cause for them, its relatively easy... I can go on and on...but i wont... I Live For This :thumbup
  14. :lol i love that...BUT i ask...can anyone on here photoshop that kid to have a red sox jersey and/or cap? Im dying to give that to my red sox friends...i hate those punks
  15. you know whats interesting about Matt Herges? At first I would get furious whenever he showed up...I would moan and complain and so would Dolphin Stadium...when he appeared in Saturday's game against the Mets, my whole section went "oh man, there goes the game"... BUT NOW....I see Matt Herges and I smile! I start to chuckle in joy! Why? Instead of wasting my energy getting mad...I smile because I realize that if Matt Herges pitched to me, I could probably get a few good big league hits, probably a few RBI, maybe a homer or two...he's that bad folks...
  16. i dont blame you for accusing me...but I dont have it on easy, its on All Star level...its just someone called Miguel Cabrera consistently coming through on offense for me...oh and, I can pitch quite well.. Dontrelle is 7-0 and my lone free agent pick up is Randy Wolf at 5-1...and Joe Borowski has only given up 2 runs in 2 months with 17 saves...those guys keep me in games :thumbup
  17. ive got reggie with the generic stance in mvp 05...but ill check how he looks with Preston's stance later today when I take on the Mets in a four game series...believe it or not, I've actually got the 06 Fish in first place in the NL east, we're in the first week in June and we're like 2 games over the Phillies...and yes I started from scratch with this low ranked team, we're ranked 30 out of 30...but we've come through
  18. yeah the second set looks like her face is melting off...hehe :thumbup
  19. we're very good...beyond good for RIGHT NOW...we have all the pieces to be successful...more than a lot of other teams that are just winning more...the key is having all our pieces working at the same time...once we get that working, as we have this homestand...then we'll truly be on the rise... in all honesty...with no silly mental mistakes or rookie errors...I'd match this team up head to head with all but a select few major league teams right now...and we'd have an excellent chance of winning...I strongly believe that...
  20. strangely...when I look at Reggie's stance...I think Dan Uggla...they seem identical to me
  21. Cabs is working well as clean up now...you gotta remember part of the reason he was batting third was we werent exactly sure if our 1 and 2 hitters would even be getting on base...we had him third so he could bat in the first even with 2 outs...which is somewhat better than leading off the second with no outs...now that we know our top 2 guys can get on, Cabs has better chances of coming to bat in the 1st, and likely with runners on...
  22. why are people so ignorant...how is this part of the show? damn
  23. how many individual stars...maybe its a hint but theres only one complete team that has held both titles...
  24. Since the wrestling board is now gone...here it is... the other day I just randomly thought of this question and wanted to see if any of the wrestling fans on here could answer this one... How many superstars have held BOTH the WWE Tag Team Titles (SmackDown! Version) and the World Tag Team Titles (RAW)? Name them... I'll post the answer later, though its not too hard to find... :mischief2
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