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  1. anyone have a video clip of this? I love Josh's emotional outbursts and this one may have been my favorite...I wanna save this one if I can...
  2. I feel like I should know the answer do this but I'm stumped... Tonight's game.... Todd Jones came in for the 8th inning then also the 9th...but when he came to bat, he was in the 7th spot in the order...and Encarnacion was batting 9th...which tells me there was a double switch and Encarnacion played RF for Aguila... did that happen? Cause I dont remember Aguila being replaced in right...I could swear I saw no mention of Encarnacion in right for the 8th and top of the 9th... If he was there and I just missed it, then it answers my question...if not, how in the world did that happen and who played right? And if he did play right...does that mean he's more or less ready to get back to starting? And why in the world did Tommy and Rich not make a better point... or maybe I should pay more attention...eh...
  3. thats interesting but it definitely brings me some chills...its a shame what happened but then again, if you look close enough, you see that travesty was what planted the seeds for the 2003 title...not to mention, our continued success since then...if it wasnt for what happened in 97, the magic of our 03 season wouldnt have felt the same... :notworthy
  4. After remembering last night that Devon White was a Diamondback in '98, I been wanting to refresh my memory on the 1997 Marlins...where did everyone end up in 98 and who stayed with the Fish? Hate to bring back that memory but oh well...we'll live... thanks
  5. By the way, any idea what happened to the Sunday Home Alternate of 2004 and I believe 2003 as well? The white w/ pinstripes and just the "F" cap logo on the left side of the chest? I happened to like that one...I thought it was a nice look, since I consider our cap logo one of baseball's most beautiful...in all truth, I can't stand our Official Team Logo, the Marlin jumping over the baseball through the silver ring...it has an OLD look to it that just irks me...but our cap logo? A thing of beauty! :notworthy
  6. woah woah woah...this always bugs me...where in the world do you see ORANGE in the Marlins logo? (and whatever color the baseball seams may be, does not count) I HATE how South Florida loves to slip some orange in Marlin designs...I blame those bright orange seats at the Stadium which are always quite visibile...people figure, "if Cincinnati has red seats and they're a red team, then the Marlins have bright orange seats, so hey they must have orange in their logo!" So let's put orange on every promotional thing they produce and why not on those Mermaids while we're at it! That's all garbage to match with the Miami Dolphins image that we're forced to live with...the Marlin logo has NO ORANGE...somebody please kill that idea! Sorry for the rant but I hate it with a passion... :mad Geez I shudder at the thought of a Marlins uniform in 1976... :blink: By the way, teal pinstripes = NOT COOL...vests? = funny looking on most teams...imagine the Yankees w/ vests...not gonna happen...
  7. its VERY difficult to sweep a double header, I dont care who the opposing team is...while a sweep is possible, I wouldn't bank on it...I'd be very satisfied with a split...
  8. You know, if teal wasn't so UNINTIMIDATING...maybe I'd sign that...I love the teal but only as a "trim" color, which the Marlins use enough...I think the black alternate is beautiful enough... Look at other teams with bright colors, with the exception of red...the bright colors tend to be toned down as a trim color, like the yellow of the Pirates, the purple of the Rockies, and the orange of both the Giants and the Mets... sidenote, now that I think about it...why do expansion teams always start out with the brightest, most unintimidating uniforms? They always scream out "Hey, we're a little league team that just got promoted!"
  9. its so irritating but dang its funny to see 20,000 people like a bunch of trained monkeys anticipating that silly thing to come around... nothing like watching an 0-2 pitch with two men on in the 8th and as the pitcher starts his delivery...."WOOOOOO" :notworthy
  10. ^ that reaction...priceless! :lolup :rofl
  11. Thanks for the kind words, being a gentleman, and all that good stuff...But is this the wrong post for me to let it be known that after the Marlins my favorite team is the Yankees?
  12. I hate to bring this back up cause I know it bugs everyone but im wondering if anyone at today's game caught what song Moehler or Dontrelle were using? :whistle
  13. Houston is down by 5 in the bottom of the ninth and even the Phillies look to lose today...so the only team that we should worry about that won today is Atlanta...that ain't bad...we've been solid since we left Philly and we've cleared gained ground...we're looking good..
  14. i was wondering that too...I was thinking Creed, Alter Bridge, something in that vein...but I got no clue besides that...someone else has to know...
  15. ok I was at tonights game, lets update this some... So far... Delgado- Tego Calderon- "Pa Que Retocen" Cabrera- Daddy Yankee- "Machete" Encarnacion- alternates between: Daddy Yankee- "La Gasolina" Remix (with Lil Jon) Don Omar- "Dale Don Dale" Gonzalez- Los Adolescentes- "Me Gusta" Pierre- Archie- "We Ready" Conine- Metallica "Devil's Dance" Treanor- Ozzy "Crazy Train" Lo Duca- Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive" (anyone else sing this when Duke is fouling off 0-2 pitches?) Beckett- Some new country song Easley- "Poppin' Them Thangs" by G-unit Castillo- "Just a Lil' Bit" by 50 cent Lowell- More reggaeton stuff Lenny Harris- "I'm coming out" (dont know if thats the exact title but a few years back there was a commercial where a bunch of ladies belly buttons where singing this song, hehe) Jim Mecir- god I wish I knew the name but its some mid 90s classic hip hop song sung by some Jamaican sounding guy...its a classic, i know youve all heard it, I'll look around and report back to you...its got some "Naaaa NaNaNaNa" business in there Todd Jones- he had two, when he was walking out of the pen they played a video of him with Metallica "Wherever I May Roam" but while throwing warmup pitches they had something else that I couldnt recognize Alfonseca- Um, lord knows I wont know the name but being Dominican, I've heard it at every family party...I cant even explain it, I'll ask my uncle and I'll figure it out... finally...I notice at every game right before the fish take the field they play Saliva "Click Click Boom"...might wanna use that if I make this CD...
  16. I was there last night, Josh = God...Bullpen = God...good luck with the heat for tha Fox game, I'll be watching from my own living room front row seat...anyone hear what I heard that Tommy Hutton might be broadcasting this one for FOX? I think it was Monday when they were showing the upcoming games, Rick said "Saturday the Marlins are on FOX, Tommy you'll be there right?" Tommy said "Yeah I just got the call!" Does that mean he's broadcasting? That would be nice hearing a knowledge Marlins broadcaster besides these other guys FOX puts on there...and its not that theyre bad they just dont know the Marlins in and out day by day so they are forced to go with stats and stories that are just obvious tip of the iceberg stuff....Josh was Series MVP, Miggy is only in his early 20s, AJ is trade bait, and Lo Duca was a popular Dodger, same stories over and over... and oh god I cant stand when they have to say something negative...on ESPN this past Wednesday against the Bucs, Tony Gynn made it sound like JP and Mike were having the worst years ever and were in a nasty pit that they would never climb out of...Rich and Tommy say things are a struggle BUT Tommy points out the little things that show Mike's improvement...plus JP is no longer in a slump... Tony Gwynn just reads "Pierre and Lowell are slumping" and thats all he can say and it hurts to know that the entire nation is watching that and thinking "damn those Marlins suck this year".... Wow I wrote a lot...my bad! :pcguy
  17. I'm on my way to the park in a couple minutes...I can't wait to finally welcome the Expos back into town!
  18. Oh I definitely wont forget Penny's that was one of the best ever for sure... I know Easly used "If I Cant" from 50 Cent last year, I dont know if its changed... And I'm like 99% positive that Josh no longer uses In The End, I believe its either Faint or Numb that he uses now...
  19. Allright, since we've come this far, any others? I might make a CD if I get enough of these, I did it early last year and enough of them have changed... So far... Delgado- Tego Calderon- "Pa Que Retocen" Cabrera- Daddy Yankee- "Machete" Encarnacion- alternates between: Daddy Yankee- "La Gasolina" Remix (with Lil Jon) Don Omar- "Dale Don Dale" Gonzalez- Los Adolescentes- "Me Gusta" Pierre- Archie- "We Ready" Conine- Metallica "Devil's Dance" Treanor- Ozzy "Crazy Train" Lo Duca- Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive" (anyone else sing this when Duke is fouling off 0-2 pitches?) Beckett- Linkin Park...but which song? I know he alters it some times, I lost track whos left? How about Castillo? Mike? others? Jack? :whistle
  20. I'm going to tonight's game for sure but I'm just wondering if anyone's got word on how tonight's weather is looking? thanks
  21. hmmm, i wonder, should i whip out my high socks for some added support? :mischief2
  22. ummm, theres no rain over us in that radar shot...am I reading it wrong or has it all passed?
  23. I didn't know they sing...do they have a CD out? :whistle
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