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  1. You guys haven't changed one bit. IT WAS A f***ING JOKE! You people are way to serious. Get a grip. Rabbethan! Good to see you man.
  2. I'm pretty sure he chose the Giants over the Marlins due to that milk fiasco a few years ago.
  3. If Sid would drop his whole Howard Stern schtick he would be the best host on the station. Great interviews, great comments but his need to act like Howard Stern is annoying. I don't need to know when he farts or poops in the bathroom like Howard Stern used to do.
  4. Im getting sick of tired of Jerry Manuel's postgame interviews popping up on ESPN everyday after every game with his fancy ass glasses and his smooth gangsta like attitude. All the motivational words cant save your team now Jerry! Oogedy Boogedy Mother Effers. BOO!
  5. JonDigital

    Tampa Bay Rays

    I dont give a sh*t about the Rays. In fact, I am rooting for them to crash and burn.
  6. By the way, I hate to sound like I'm paranoid or anything, but I swear I feel like the mets were given all of their easy teams at the end of the schedule this year on purpose because of their pathetic collapse last year. They also play like 2/3 of their last games at home. Thats exactly what i was thinking. How gay was it that we had to play the cardinals and Cubs while the Mets played the pirates and nationals. And that is how the mets went into first place, because of their schedule. I'm pretty sure that at the beginning of the season the schedule makers did not intentially schedule us back to back with the Cubs and Cards to "stick it to us". Besides, who the f*** thought the Cards were going to be any good this season? Facing some crappy teams down the stretch really didn't help the Mets much anyways did it? This thread is a HUGE stretch. Your not paranoid, your an angry Marlins fan.
  7. Well hopefully we can get a good luck at Maybin and company sooner than later. That's the only bright side to this.
  8. It's ok. Fredi will just lay wee wee pads down in the clubhouse after the game for the puppies to walk on. He will pet them and tell them everything is going to be ok like he always does. Quite frankly, I would love Fredi to just lay into this team finally and give them a f***ing wake up call.
  9. F'in Giants. Seriously. I'm glad I'm at work.
  10. That was some serious insider info there. http://blogs.sun-sentinel.com/sports_baseb...ing-of-the.html
  11. Little Leaguers have more fundamentals when it comes to hitting. My 5 year old tee ball playing cousin has better situational hitting skills then the entire Marlins team combined. IMHO this is the reason LoDuca will help us.
  12. Actually it was the Red Sox that won the claim. http://www3.signonsandiego.com/weblogs/pad...m-giles/?padres
  13. Jeremy Hermida called it "one of the most humbling experiences of my life," and he wasn't talking about the four runs he drove in during the Marlins' victory over the Phillies on Tuesday. He was referring specifically to his first at bat when he hit a young fan in the eye with a line-drive foul ball. "My heart skipped a few beats and I got a lump in my throat," Hermida said Wednesday. It was a harrowing moment for everyone at Citizens Bank Park, players and fans alike. Hermida said he could tell by the sound of the impact -- a "thump" -- that his foul ball had hit someone. "And then I saw the dad pick him up and carry him out, and I wanted to almost run over there myself to help," Hermida said. Instead, Hermida and Phillies pitcher Jamie Moyer paused to allow the situation to settle. But Hermida said his heart wasn't into the rest of the bat (he fouled out with a weak swing) and felt worse when he took his seat inside the dugout and heard the unmistakeable sound of an ambulance pull up outside the stadium. "I was shaken up," Hermida said. The young fan, an unidentified boy, was in a Philadelphia hospital on Wednesday with a broken orbital bone near his left eye. Hermida tried to get in touch with the family to express his sorrow and see if it was possible to visit the boy, but he was unable to get in touch with relatives. He said he would try again when the Marlins return to Philadlephia in September. "I'm going to try to do something for him," Hermida said. http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fish_bytes/...idas-scary.html
  14. New report from MLBTRADERUMORS.... Obviously the Red Sox and Yankees never would've worked out a trade for Manny Ramirez. However, CBSSports.com's Scott Miller says the Marlins briefly explored the idea of acquiring Ramirez and flipping him to the Yankees. The idea didn't get anywhere - neither the Yankees nor Scott Boras were having it. Miller also talked to "a person close to Ramirez" who says he wouldn't have accepted a trade to the Marlins due to their "big ballpark and unstable ownership." Miller suggests the Marlins were never actually close to obtaining Ramirez, despite the various reports floating around Wednesday night. Jon Heyman wrote Thursday morning that Ramirez consented to a trade to the Marlins though a deal had not been reached. So we've got conflicting reports on his willingness to play there. Heyman believes the Marlins overplayed their hand, asking for the $7MM to cover Manny's salary plus $2MM to pay for the resulting draft picks. http://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2008/08/marlins-explore.html
  15. Wrong will be taking Soriano's spot Yeah too bad that pretty boy snuck his way in at the end.
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