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  1. SilverBullet

    Likely NL MVP, Christian Yelich, on 790 AM right now

    What did the judge tell you about that?
  2. SilverBullet

    Likely NL MVP, Christian Yelich, on 790 AM right now

    I'm sure she misses you too.
  3. SilverBullet

    2018 attendance on par with 2017?

    Thanks a lot, Jose. Yeah this was me A LOT this year. This or just having it on in the background while I do other things and never really stopping to watch more than an at bat here and there.
  4. SilverBullet

    2018 attendance on par with 2017?

    I'd imagine a bigger drop in TV ratings than in ballpark attendance. There are many who will still go out to watch a last place team at the ballpark because it's still fun to go watch an MLB game in person or as a family but it's waaayyyyy easier to not watch a losing team on TV in a season like this one. I know I still made it out to a few games this season but I definitely feel like I watched less games on TV because it's just easier to choose other options when you have your home and your other TV channels and also don't have tickets to a game that you're fairly committed to attending.
  5. SilverBullet

    2018 attendance on par with 2017?

    Ok so that's sarcasm too or not? When does this take effect?
  6. SilverBullet

    2018 attendance on par with 2017?

    That definitely wasn't clear.
  7. SilverBullet

    2018 attendance on par with 2017?

    Surprised but not surprised. Not surprised because I knew last year's numbers were exaggerated but still surprised because even with the exaggerations by the previous ownership this year's crowded looked smaller by my own eyes every time I looked. Also someone today told me we this year had the worst attendance since the 2004 Expos which is laughably bad, I wonder if that's true.
  8. SilverBullet

    Will the Marlins be worse in 2019?

    If they keep JT and their pitching stabilizes I don't see how they can be worse.
  9. SilverBullet

    Will the Marlins be worse in 2019?

    Will the Marlins be worse than 2018 next year or better?
  10. SilverBullet

    Teal Throwbacks Back in 2019

    I can't honestly say I "know" things more than being super into uniforms and uniform changes etc etc for years upon years allowing me to speak with a bit of extra knowledge based on history but at the end of the day I'll admit I know nothing official and could absolutely be wrong on all this uniform stuff. With that said, a logo change in terms of color and adding a new cap to the rotation is way more than just changing a logo size on the manufacturing of the caps. There's more of a process and approval needed to change things past size. The two things aren't the same. I just don't see more small tweaks happening at this point especially with a bigger rebrand coming sooner rather than later. Again, I could be completely wrong.
  11. Yea that's all understandable criticisms, I can't fault anyone for bringing those up... I just responded to you earlier because some people make it sound like they have never heard the reasons for the trade and they were clearly given whether anyone agrees with them or not.
  12. You can make $5 million working as a clown?
  13. I honestly think they got greedy knowing Yelich could provide the most return in terms of talent... that's the biggest "reason" why he was traded. Combine that with the thought that he might become a clubhouse problem and that's why he was traded. Everyone has a right to wish they never traded Yelich but I keep seeing people say they don't understand or get why the trade happened and that kinda confuses me because I think the reason was very clear... He was their most valuable trade piece with a possibility of being a clubhouse problem. He wasn't traded for the sake of making a trade. The case could also be made that trading that guy actually advances the rebuild faster. It's not a bad baseball move believe it or not.
  14. SilverBullet

    Victor Victor cleared

    Teams would prefer to use their own organization's evaluators in person before committing millions of dollars to any player. That's why the showcase is done. Its not like teams are gonna make their final decisions on these guys based off rumors, online articles, SportsCenter highlights, and YouTube videos alone. It's like buying a car... you may have seen the commercial and your coworker may have told u the car was great but you still go take the car for a test drive before purchasing it.
  15. SilverBullet

    Teal Throwbacks Back in 2019

    Tinkering with the logos and designs on a flag and on social media is way different than doing so on the uniform. They can tinker around literally every day of the season on other platforms because it's relatively easier and they don't need any permission/approval to do so but I can't see them doing a half ass uniform tinkering until they're ready for the whole rebuild.

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