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  1. Wow look at those lineups... I haven't seen so many busts in one place since _____________?
  2. Has Jazz Chisholm's WAR surpassed Gallen's yet? Because that's the only way to win the trade.
  3. I think the next GM should be a committee of members of this forum. Between all of us combined we are experts on everything.
  4. The chances of Diaz Harrison Yamamoto and/or Brinson contributing to a future successful Marlins team are a lot higher than the chances of your aunt suddenly growing testicles though. At the very least you'll have to let the careers of those four men gather a lot more seasons before making a final judgment on the Yelich trade though. With everything I've said though I can still admit that the Yelich trade seems tough to swallow today but I have a problem with it being labeled "worst trade in Marlins history" before those players are allowed to show what they can do. This is like planting seeds, sprinkling some water on them, and then immedietaly staring at the dirt and proclaiming that the plants will never grow.
  5. If the Yelich trade has to be judged by the Marlins return equaling or exceeded Yelich's WAR then it's virtually impossible for the Marlins to ever win that trade and I don't think that would be a fair thing to say as 3 (if not all 4) of the players could still achieve their original intent of being longterm contributors to the next good Marlins team. If they do that then I think the Marlins will have done well in the Yelich trade despite possibly not match Yelich's WAR. I'll give you a similar example... did Ugueth Urbina ever match Adrian Gonzalez's WAR? Because I don't think he did but for anyone to say the Marlins lost that trade, which ultimately helped seal their 2003 championship, would be completely asinine.
  6. Why is the trade a mistake? If Jazz Chisholm is the starting SS on our next contending team then it was not a mistake regardless of what Gallen does. This team had/has pitching depth and a deficiency in offense so they used that pitching depth to acquire more bats. Good players get traded and it doesn't have to be labeled a mistake everytime a good player gets traded.
  7. Does everything have to be statistical? Mike Rabelo, Cameron Maybin, Andrew Miller, and the other guy (De La Cruz? Trahern? Or was it both?) barely did anything for the Florida Marlins... if Isan Diaz and Monte Harrison are in our lineup for years to come then that's enough to not make the trade the worst. I think too many people want the Yelich return to match Christian's potentially two MVP seasons but I don't think that's a fair way to analyze if the Marlins got a good return. But if you wanna do it that way then yeah sure go ahead and label it the worst trade ever but that's lame.
  8. Calling the Yelich trade the worst in history is already a stretch... it's not like it was Yelich for Brinson straight up. We still have high hopes that Monte, Isan, and Yamamoto can all contribute at the big league level. Way too soon to write that trade off considering 3 of the 4 guys are meant to contribute to this team down the line.
  9. Yeah I'm already convinced we've won (or at least "didn't lose" those three trades because we got enough back even if the guy traded has done well too)... but I'd be curious to know what the Mariners Cardinals and Yankees fans would say about those trades in hindsight now.
  10. Haha yeah I guess so, but the two batters seem like something we are able to get as opposed to the two top pitchers we needed back then.
  11. Tbh that report doesn't sound very concrete to me and if anything Hill has made his case to stay at least in some capacity so I wouldn't count on this unless something more definitive is reported.
  12. Thanks. Yeah I know it's not as simple as I made it sound but was just thinking in general that being even just a little better offensively makes this team so much better.
  13. Last night's loss got me thinking, is there a way to see what our record would be if we averaged like 2 more runs per game this year? Is that something that can be calculated? Because obviously what I'm thinking is that since our pitching is ahead of our hitting then maybe with the right additions of bats we could be a significantly better team.
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