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  1. Yea I get ya, just saying I don't think it would work because the two things I quoted above have faults... Like Yelich is now a hot commodity with the Brewers and those fans have probably bought a ton of merchandise recognizing him as #22, it would be odd for him to suddenly change his number to another Brewers legend's number. And then a highly touted rookie getting a legendary number is asking for trouble if the rookie becomes a bust like VVM.
  2. Executing that would be odd though... what if the later players fuck it up and end up ruining the legacy of that number? And I think you're saying give the number to a player once they've established themselves but the problem there is wouldn't the player by then have established themselves with a different number? For example let's keep with the Marlins and say they decided to give Stanton #16 after he won the 2017 MVP. At that point it would be silly because Stanton would already have made his name as #27 so a number change at that point to a number already belonging to an important player would be really weird. With your idea someone would have to be given the legacy number before they made their mark but what if they Brinson it? Or Hermida it?
  3. It'll be interesting to see who and when the number comes back to the Marlins. While this ownership has shied away from unnecessarily spotlighting Jose I don't believe 16 being out of circulation is an accident. They likely have it locked away so to speak on purpose.
  4. I wanna say the answer is no, the number is just temporarily not in use, but Cooperstown lists 16 as a retired number for the Marlins. You can see it in the pic below...
  5. Nice of you to offer to make the call but I'm sure Mike Hill can do it.
  6. Probably got bored there and... well... you know...
  7. Good job opening this thread about what we should do at the deadline. We were long overdue for a thread like that.
  8. He's had plenty of injuries and now you want him to break something too?
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