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  1. SilverBullet

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    As much as we're not making a fuss about it they did make a massive widespread printing error here. I'm starting to wonder if anyone got the correct design. I wonder when someone will figure this out over at Majestic.
  2. SilverBullet

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    If you see the missing drop shadow you'll be looking at the front of his shirt so why would he have to turn around?
  3. SilverBullet

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    Got my jersey, its the white one so maybe the black one is out of stock? Those of you who got it cancelled was it also the black one?
  4. SilverBullet

    2018 Winter Meetings

    Why do u say that?
  5. SilverBullet

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    She could have been exaggerating about the cup but she spent the whole game complaining about the Marlins even though she (presumably) spent money to buy Marlins tickets so all her complaining is moot unless she got in for free, she still paid the team money. She wouldn't be caught dead drinking out of a cup with a Marlins logo but she'll buy tickets to sit in Marlins Park.
  6. SilverBullet

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    Might not mean much... it says lowered their price since the start of the offseason. Probably means they're being more realistic as opposed to just suddenly having a low bar.
  7. SilverBullet

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    Welcome aboard... I love fans like you who are fans of another team but are open to other teams and fanbases within reason. It's refreshing because sadly it isn't the norm. (I once sat in front of a Cubs fan at Marlins Park who was so thirsty but said she refused to buy a soft drink because it came in a Marlins cup... people like that... ugh) Also nice to hear how you came from the creamer boards as I was probably the one who exposed that board to this one. You're also the first Cardinals fan to be a member here who isn't an a-hole.
  8. SilverBullet

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    I'm a narcissist. I stare at myself in the mirror 95% of the day.
  9. SilverBullet

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    Yes though I don't think any deals would be "equal" here. This isn't a trade that will net us one random single A relief pitcher or something like that.
  10. SilverBullet

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    My wife wore hers yesterday and I couldn't stop looking at the error. We were with other people and nobody else noticed it of course but I was sitting there with a twitch in my eye.
  11. SilverBullet

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    But I did order two jerseys and am getting one, with the discount, but not the other... so it IS possible to get the discounted jersey without a big hassle. I also don't understand how they're out of stock already. I'm sure demand is high but they clearly didn't order enough. And yes they shouldn't be cancelled orders, they should be kept on back order until they're restocked. I would be 100% certain it was a scam if I didn't get the one discounted jersey that I did get without any trouble. Since I got that I'm chalking all this up to incompetence more than anything else.
  12. SilverBullet

    Unveiling of new logos and uniforms

    Don't forget to start painting murals around your neighborhood hyping this up. I got my second shirt, same design, one for me one for my wife, they came in different shipments and yes both shirts are missing the drop shadow on the last i.
  13. SilverBullet

    Sunday Night Baseball to start one hour earlier

  14. SilverBullet

    Realmuto updates and rumors

    When did the Marlins say they prefer to not trade in the division? I feel like that was a rumor that got stretched too far. When I heard Mike Hill on MLB Network and he was asked about trading in the division he said they go with best deal for the Marlins regardless of division.

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