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  1. I always tell my wife this but she says long equals 7 or more.
  2. Cool, looking forward to trying this soon.
  3. Why doesn't that sound like a horrible idea?
  4. No, the assistant hitting coach is next. I'm kidding, you're right, Don is very close to being cut too. And I'm not saying he shouldn't go and I'm not saying this shit storm is Pagatino's fault. I'm just saying I think this was the right first move as opposed to the usual reaction of complaining when a team makes a move like this. So what is Frank Menechino doing these days? I really liked him. I felt like he was the one hitting coach who seemed to make a noticeable difference as opposed to most coaches who are just lost in the background.
  5. Are there different moments to get each guy or are they the same moments and when I'm done i choose any of the three.
  6. I know it's not his fault alone but I don't hate this move, I think it's actually a more realistic move than firing the manager or cutting the players. The team can't hit so you change the guy in charge of the hitting philosophies and see if a new guy can guide them to do better. If a math class isn't learning any math, what is the most realistic change that should be made... the teacher, the students, or the principal?
  7. This isn't the point. The point is why this straw thing is an issue to begin with. People worry about the stupidest shit these days.
  8. I'm not even sure of what to do when they win?
  9. 3 outs away from our first win of the season.
  10. Don't worry, he'll strike out later tonight at the bar.
  11. I wonder if Tony Sipp is mad that the Marlins eliminated straws.
  12. I'm surprised she still had one anyways.
  13. I doubt Donnie will see your post.
  14. Nick Anderson suddenly bumped up the pecking order right? We have the lead and he gets the 7th inning? Not complaining but just wondering if Mattingly sees him as a set up guy now.
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