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  1. But I think Stanton was selected healthy and then got injured before the game. Caleb is currently on the IL that's why my question was a little less certain.
  2. No it's too early. The game is at 1.
  3. Can Smith be selected if he's injured at the time and still count as our representative? Because that could happen and would be so fitting for us lol.
  4. Ooooh are we playing Hangman?! Can I go first? Is there a B?
  5. You and I don't see eye to eye on plenty of things but I see and appreciate that you are still and truly are a Marlins fan even in seasons like this one. Have fun today.
  6. I despise people like this. Especially when they do it to people like us who do go to the games. It's insulting.
  7. Thought this was worth sharing... Hat Club exclusive designs of MLB caps if they were in neon lights which really makes them all in the style of the Marlins' logo design... heavy on black with a vacant/more black middle of each logo to accentuate the colors of the outlines. Here are a few examples. Some are pretty cool and I think it kinda "proves" what the Marlins were going for and shows that it can work even if it's different and not for everyone. One more, there's a few retro versions as well and here's the Florida Marlins logo, not too much different since the F was already black in the middle anyways...
  8. For the purposes of adding Rivera as the direct replacement for Prado as a backup infielder, yes Urena was transferred to the 60 day IL so that Rivera's contract could be selected. Might Urena's injury eventually lead to Zac Gallen getting his opportunity? Maybe. But for today this move was done for Rivera.
  9. This is nice. The 4 guys you have competing for the 5th spot should all be good enough on their own. Definitely seeing the depth now. Also we might still have a couple more who sneak into the picture by the time we're ready to compete.
  10. So remind me again why we got rid of Dan Straily? He wasn't gonna make us any better but this is exactly why a guy like Straily had a spot on this team especially in a season like this one. Even if they thought all 5 starters were better than him you know they always need more starters and a healthy veteran guy to eat innings would have been welcome now.
  11. You think they should trade Caleb now? (Nevermind, I read your reasons in the other thread)
  12. Yeah to go from lower back strain to 60 day IL within 3 days is really weird.
  13. Gallen's contract has to be selected and someone has to be removed from the 40 man roster. Putting someone on the 60 day IL temporarily removes them from the 40 man roster so this seems like the perfect way to add Gallen. Edit: Actually no this isn't for Gallen, at least not yet... Rivera wasn't on the 40man roster so that's the reason Urena was moved to the 60 day IL. So for it to be Gallen someone else has to be taken off the 40 man.
  14. Also wins in DD online count for all the programs at the same time so one online win would give you a win in all 4 programs at once. That's excellent.
  15. Content and updates for the 4th inning program looks great. More ways to progress farther and faster and easier in some ways. Also more valuable rewards sooner. Diamond cards available at 100 stars instead of later. New bosses are all great. Can't wait to dive in.
  16. Because most are college seniors who will never be drafted again so they aren't able to ask for more. They either take it or leave it and never get signed at all. And even then the lower amount is a huge improvement of what they were getting before so they take it. Yes there's a huge gap between 100,000 and 300,000 but if you weren't making much before then even the 100,000 is an excellent amount at this point so they take it.
  17. There's no way they can sign all the draft picks from this year. The Marlins can only sign the ones that they drafted.
  18. Wait a minute, the Marlins have already blown their end of the deal. It says they're required to operate a Major League team and I've been told the last two seasons they've put a AAA team on the field.
  19. So the deal basically says minimum 35 years but up to 45... even better.
  20. I've heard this countless times but have never seen anything definitive either. I don't doubt it's true though.
  21. Chris Paddack is a single A pitcher. We were right to trade him. He sucks. Also, Luis Castillo was great for us in 2003 but he's way too old now so forget him. Mike Hill knows what he's doing.
  22. There are people who would kill for a debut as solid as that one. Good for him.
  23. Wow, interesting. With that said... that's the Cubs and Red Sox... do you actually think the Marlins, in this city, can actually get away with that? Just doesn't feel like something that would work in every city or for every team.
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