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  1. Why are we mad at Acuna? He just got hit yet again and this is the first pitch of the game. Why are we bringing up old shit again? I'm shocked the announcers are so sure Elieser didn't intend that HBP.
  2. Gabby Guerrero is up? Pretty positive I just saw him in the dugout.
  3. Uh oh https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2850395-ex-mlb-players-luis-castillo-octavio-dotel-arrested-on-drug-trafficking-charges
  4. Former Marlin Brian Flynn beat the Baby Cakes yesterday.
  5. Unless he's invisible I'm positive many people have taken a look at him.
  6. I wish I had known you were doing this. I would have offered you a friendly wager on the outcome.
  7. And in theory the team is supposed to be getting better from now on so at what point does keeping him feel like they're not trying to win? You can't preach building a winning atmosphere while keeping Chen.
  8. I hadn't even thought about DFAing Chen because it feels like they're so against paying him not to play but at what point is eating the money better than paying him to suck on the field? I mean I know the answer from us here but when does the team finally decide they've had enough?
  9. I strongly dislike the term "video game stats" and several people use it. Have you actually played baseball video games these days? They're realistic and hard as fuck.
  10. Yea that's crazy because besides just talent that also takes a tremendous amount of luck too.
  11. I wish I had the option to understand what the point of this conversation is.
  12. Totally forgot that I had made yesterdays thread....
  13. If Sierra does not get called up this year he doesn't not use an option. Right @SonOfJack?
  14. Looks like starting all future games at 3:05 will now be a valid consideration.
  15. On Saturdays I really like 4pm games. I think they're perfect for when you have other Saturday evening plans. 7pm Saturday games really make some people have to choose between the game or another activity.
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