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  1. I strongly dislike the term "video game stats" and several people use it. Have you actually played baseball video games these days? They're realistic and hard as fuck.
  2. Yea that's crazy because besides just talent that also takes a tremendous amount of luck too.
  3. I wish I had the option to understand what the point of this conversation is.
  4. Totally forgot that I had made yesterdays thread....
  5. If Sierra does not get called up this year he doesn't not use an option. Right @SonOfJack?
  6. Looks like starting all future games at 3:05 will now be a valid consideration.
  7. On Saturdays I really like 4pm games. I think they're perfect for when you have other Saturday evening plans. 7pm Saturday games really make some people have to choose between the game or another activity.
  8. https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-manager-hot-seat-rankings-mets-callaway-nationals-martinez-earn-some-breathing-room/ This idiot says Mattingly is the number one manager "on the hot seat." He must not understand the situation. How is Donnie, in the final year of his contract and managing a team built to lose, on the hot seat? There is almost literally zero pressure on him to do anything on the field this year. In my eyes, managers on the hot seat are guys managing underachieving teams. To say the Marlins are underachieving means you actually thought they could do better than last place.
  9. Hey man, I was being funny with my earlier response to you but I also can't believe anyone, especially the people on this insane blog, would stop being a fan of the Marlins if Mattingly is retained. We've been here this long and with Mattingly already her for four seasons... who in their right mind would give up based on that alone?
  10. I notice that it's only for April May and September so it's based on the school year and its also only during the week so it's clearly meant for those who want to get home a little earlier on a school night. As a teacher I think it's definitely worth a shot as it will help in removing "oh but it's a school night" as an excuse to not go. And as a fan sitting at home and watching on TV I think starting a little earlier could be nice too. I definitely don't think this idea can hurt.
  11. Yes, seriously, not kidding, the game is actually scheduled for a 3:05 pm start time. This is not a joke.
  12. The trade fit the Yankee criteria of making big moves even at big costs. Yankee fans are just lucky that many of those moves have led to great teams and championships despite all the bad moves along the way.
  13. I also hope people don't overreact when Donnie gets canned.
  14. Bottom line I don't think it's about firing Mattingly as much as it is just about bringing in his own hire so I definitely believe Jeter has had a short list of dream candidates in mind since before buying the team and Mattingly is nowhere near that list.
  15. Speak for yourself, I don't want anything in my end.
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