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  1. 3 hours ago, FishFan95 said:

    You don't understand. The Marlins were just #2PitchersAway from being a world series contender before the fire sale. This season proves it since they now have the 7th best starting rotation per ERA*. Without the trades the team would have contended since Richards, Lopez, were in the system and would have been those 2 pitchers^. The offense was clearly going to put up the same numbers they put up in 2017 when they were 5th in the NL in runs scored+.


    *Ignore the bullpen

    ^Ignore the fact that without Alcantara and Smith and considering the injuries the Marlins would have had to rely on Straily and Chen (and they are both having Cy Young worthy seasons!) in the rotation plus others who would not even made the club this year.

    +Ignore the fact that the same offense was 13th in the NL the year before (Just the NL which was been the weaker league offensively.) and that Gordon, Ozuna, and Stanton regressed, and that Yelich probably would not have put up an MVP caliber season considering his career home/road splits and that his launch angle would not have done shit at Marlins park thus leading to many fewer homers.


    Bottom line, the Marlins would have won a World Series last year and this year if it was not for #CheapJeter and #FuckJeter.

    I mean I know you're being funny but it's not the complaints about what they've done in the past now... it's the complaints about present day that dumbfound me.

    Basically this...

    Jeter is a failure and the Marlins will never be good again because they're in last place in July of 2019 and no last place team has ever improved even the slightest bit and this current team is the team they'll have for the remainder of time and there are no good players coming up down the line and the Marlins haven't drafted any players and haven't signed any international free agents so this is the way they'll be forever. 

  2. I still continue to hear fans and read articles saying the Marlins rebuild is a failure because the MLB team is in last place. 

    It's like nobody understands the plan and the process even though ownership has repeatedly explained it and even though other teams have successfully done the same thing. 

    I guess the Marlins will never be on the right path until the final out of our next world series win. Maybe not even then honestly as we can win it all and then I know will be bombarded with "ok now comes the fire sale."

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  3. 1 hour ago, FishFan95 said:

    Yeah, but they lose a run if he is out. Really puts pressure on the batter to make the right decision as far as go for the extra run while risking a run to come off the board.

    And yes this will result in negative scores.

    The Marlins would lead the majors in negative runs. 

  4. 10 minutes ago, Michael said:

    Here's another question - what if the batter starts to go, realizes the ball didn't get far enough away, and changes his mind? Tough shit for the batter? I don't see this rule making it to MLB.

    Lol like can he go back to home plate and if he gets back safely he can resume his at bat? That sounds so stupid that it might be comedy gold. 

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  5. 7:10 is perfect. Anything after that is way too late and unnecessary and would probably decrease attendance to be honest. I can see 6:40 being a thing but is 30 mins really much of a difference when 7:10 is good enough? 6:10 seems super inconvenient for many reasons... though I love that time for Saturday games, 4:10 is phenomenal for Saturdays too. 

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  6. It's illogical to even try this if you're not the fastest guy and if the ball doesn't literally bounce 100 feet away... because if u don't run the pitch would be a ball and you'd just get another chance for an actual hit so why would anyone give up the chance for a base hit just to most likely get thrown out on the way to first? You'd probably even just get fans and even teammates and coaches mad at you for even trying it. It's a lose lose situation all around. 

  7. 7 hours ago, Michael said:

    You misread - the last combined no hitter in California occurred that day, but the Angels were not involved in that game. That would have been a bit too much.

    So who got that no hitter? Just curious. 

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