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  1. Trading from a position of depth? how good is Chisolm?
  2. Actually we got him at the perfect time... it was extending him past that which was the bad idea. Remember he was very good for us in 2015 and 16. It was the three year extension he got from that that was the mistake.
  3. They absolutely need to trade at least two of Castro Walker Granderson, even if the return is lesser, it would be a waste to hang on to them. There are no positives to keeping those guys any longer. Smith and or Richards you hold to a super overpay or nothing. The relievers and Rojas are not must go's like the veterans but if you get anything worth a shit you do it. Nobody wants Chen, Prado, or Holaday but if anyone even calls and asks for them you take the first return they offer no matter what it is. If someone says they'll give us a pack of bubble gum for Prado you do it.
  4. For it to be a disaster Vallimont would probably have to be a multiple time All star and Diaz would never make it to the majors for an extended period of time. I'd consider this a low risk trade.
  5. Ah yes, gotta layer the busts throughout all levels of the system.
  6. Still trying to figure this one out.
  7. Yes, quad strain but they say its minor, just giving him some rest.
  8. Why'd they promote Mesa? Don't they know he's already a bust?
  9. Huh? Too many negatives. So real fans do this?
  10. The current banners look like temporary place holders. Like theres no way someone thought those were good enough.
  11. Good idea, I did the same. I said to make them more visually visually appealing too. They're literally just a plain font typed on a white background with no real imagery. So bad.
  12. I thought you were from the future? Must not be any farther than Wednesday.
  13. I read this while sitting on the toilet. How fitting.
  14. So basically the Mets are selling for 2019 yet already going for it in 2020?
  15. Mish obviously is joking but at the same time he's ripping on the Mets for their silliness.
  16. According to Mish they love this guy and are ecstatic to be getting him.
  17. That's not the way it works. The numbers in opposing systems don't match up. If Diaz was 30 for them but 21 for us he is higher for us than Vallimont was for us (29) so I think it means Diaz > Vallimont. Can anyone confirm or am I thinking of this wrong?
  18. Just to remind everyone, Romo is on a one year contract so to get Diaz we had to overpay. They weren't gonna give us their #10 prospect for Romo alone.
  19. So they rate Diaz higher than Vallimont is what that means right?
  20. Wait I left out Bleday and Misner and potentially Nunez... man we're looking good.
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