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  1. So who got that no hitter? Just curious.
  2. Angels last combined no hitter was July 13, 1991... the day Skaggs was born. Holy. Shit.
  3. First @SonOfJack was full of milk spilling gifs and now he's full of gorilla gifs. I wonder if he has any of a gorilla spilling milk?
  4. Tl dr can anyone sum up the last few pages in this one for me?
  5. As soon as he signed he became a bust. That's the way it works around here.
  6. What bitch? How come I wasn't introduced to her?
  7. Maybe he should try carrying a rabbit's foot?
  8. Why go to the minors for seasoning? Pretty sure they have lots of seasonings at their local grocery stores.
  9. Not really comparing amounts just kinda thinking how many people get rich in one day like this and then don't know what to do with it or how to use it right. I'd be so set with $6.67 million yet so many people fuck it up.
  10. No actually that isn't handled by our staff, the union handles PED matters.
  11. $6,670,000 as a signing bonus alone... insane. Kid better use that money wisely. I don't know about you guys but I get upset when I see people get money like that and then they blow it all away.
  12. Shut up bro this doesn't fit the narratives! #CheapJeter
  13. Does this place give suspensions if we get caught?
  14. Regarding Stanton 2012 I don't think an injured All Star needs to be replaced by someone from the same team. That would be silly and would take away from someone more deserving. Remember that most injured All Stars still appear at the game in the introductions. In 2012 it's not that we didn't have a representative that year, Stanton was still an All Star it's just that he had knee surgery so he wasn't able to travel to the game so we weren't physically represented but we did have an All Star in 2012. That year I was bugged that we had a new ballpark and new uniforms yet in the ASG it's like the Marlins were nonexistent but looking back it was a simple foreshadowing for our time as the Miami Marlins under Loria... nonexistent and irrelevant.
  15. Would have been really hard for Prado to be our representative in 2012 considering he was on the Braves that season.
  16. I don't think there's anyone who has a real baseball reason why Sandy should have been our All Star especially over Caleb.
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