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  1. Will Jeter say Mattingly has done a great job on the field when he discusses this with the media?
  2. If they followed their own narratives the media would be universally commending the Marlins for trying this even if Mattingly isn't the greatest. But of course this is more proof of moving the goal posts. The Marlins can't ever win.
  3. This doesn't really fit because his contract was up now so now was the time to make the move smoothly without backlash of firing a guy. And you'd also want their guy to come in as soon as possible, you wouldn't necessarily want your guy to come in the one year you think you'll be competing because there can be an adjustment period needed as well.
  4. That article doesn't make sense. The fact that they're keeping Don now means he isn't gonna be fired for "their guy." The time to do that was now as his initial contract expired. This pretty much says he's here to stay (not to say he won't be fired down the line but this extension means he's not seen as the transitional guy anymore).
  5. Which is why I think it says that Don is their guy, or has become their guy.
  6. This is the refreshing part of this. For better or worse Donnie has earned the chance to see the rebuild into it's next phase (hopefully that means into contention) so it's like a shock that this front office didn't decide to go with "their guy." They've decided to trust that the previous ownership's guy is their guy too.
  7. There's this thought too... how long of a leash does Donnie have now even with the extension? Remember Redmond got an extension and was fired like two months into the next season. Are the Marlins shooting themselves in the foot and forcing themselves to stick with Mattingly even if 2020 is a disaster?
  8. For the record, I get why we're like this, but it's funny that the Marlins change managers like they change their underwear but the one time they finally extend a respectable manager this is us...
  9. Ultimately I think this has nothing to do with Donnie's on-field work. In the last two seasons Mattingly has to have convinced Jeter and Co. that he had the right qualities that this front office wants in their team's manager and that not even an outside hire would have been a better fit. As crazy as that sounds to us it's gotta be the case. There's no way the front office discussed this and said "there are better managers available" and then kept Don who was on the way out anyways. They didn't think Girardi, Posada, Hillman, Espada, or whoever could lead this team any better than Don.
  10. This also means the front office didn't think any of the available managerial candidates were any better than Donnie.
  11. This is fair too. I mean... Don Mattingly isn't the worst manger in the world but it sure feels like we could have several more wins if he wasn't making the on field decisions. With that said... has Donnie done a great job with leading the clubhouse through down times? Has Donnie gotten guys to play hard even though two almost 100 loss seasons? Definitely yes to those two. I just cant stop thinking how ballsy this move is. It's almost never that a rebuilding team sticks with the same manager from start to (hopeful) finish... it also goes against the grain for the Marlins as an organization. Also, remember when asked if Donnie was sticking around and Jeter was like "he's still under contract right?" Such a different tone set with this move.
  12. Shocked but if they think this is the right move I gotta commend them for having the balls to do this. They want continuity and I can appreciate that. I wouldn't think Donnie is the best choice but if they don't want to keep starting over I can see why they did this.
  13. I agree with this but I think it would really help the perception of the rebuild to the fanbase if we can improve the on field MLB product in 2020. It would show "the right track" more clearly.
  14. This is actual footage of them "spending a little" this offseason...
  15. It might not seem like much to us but being in the 80 loss range going into 2021 would look a lot better to the general fanbase than another 95+ loss season. If the target is 2021 you wanna be able to say "Hey we gained a dozen more wins in 2020, now we're moving up, get ready for 2021" If not, you'll have the fanbase going "lol how can we contend next year if we just lost 100 games again!!!??"
  16. I don't think he meant meaningless over-the-hill signings such as Granderson was this year. I think he meant moves that can legitimately start increasing the win total in preparation for 2021... players that can actually stick around and contribute for a few years. In a sense it's like their thinking with Rojas. You don't want to lose 100 games in 2020 and then have to convince the fans that we're gonna contend in 2021.
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