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  1. There are numbers you can call for help my friend
  2. Game over already, close the thread.
  3. No decision has been made officially by the organization as a whole but you know damn well that Jeter has had his mind made up on this for a long time already. This isn't something that a CEO or front office doesn't already contemplate way in advance especially for a team like this that's in the process of attempting to build a longterm success.
  4. I think people do forget that we had Jose leading a team that we thought had a chance at the postseason (and they did have a chance as they were still in the race in September)... so going after someone to be a number two behind our ace was not a bad plan. The problem of course was that Chen really did become a number two.
  5. I mean, I kinda get what he's saying... at the time they thought it was the right move even if it wasn't. Thoughts?
  6. I like how this thread is like a one man show with only you making occasional entries, like a journal. Wait, did I just ruin that?
  7. Dude, grab a gatorade or something, you must be dehydrated by now.
  8. In other news, at least his brother seems to be figuring things out.
  9. This is what I think. Based on the timing I think a trade was in the works but never got completed.
  10. 17 is too young for him to be getting dongs. I mean to each his own but I think it's best that he waits until he's really ready. Peer pressure sucks.
  11. Definitely still time for him but, like Brinson, it's great to see that the organization doesn't add some talent and then stop. They keep adding and that depth is what allows the organization to still have hope when any of the prospects start to falter. Just imagine if they thought Mesa and Brinson were enough and then stopped adding pieces after acquiring them.
  12. @FishFan95 does have a good point though, it'll be interesting to compare Gallen's numbers per team once he reaches the same number of starts for each club. For an added bonus, let's check Gallen's numbers compared to Alcantara when Gallen has a full year under his belt.
  13. I was waiting for you to let me know when it's enough.
  14. It's creepy that Mish wants to focus more on young kids.
  15. Marlins playing in Puerto Rico always reminds me of the great Edwin Rodriguez.
  16. Definitely. He's been playing baseball most of his life, I'm sure plenty of people have watched him pitch.
  17. How can anyone be better than Gallen who is Cy Young 2.0?
  18. How come no one on here is talking about Sandy having a good game yesterday?
  19. One could argue getting the Yankees to take that $300 million already made it a good trade as it was very much a salary dump before anything else and that definitely got done. Having the players be any good would make it a great trade. There's a long list of salary dump trades where not one player contributed anything... anyone remember the Ricky Nolasco salary dump?
  20. It would be very nice if Guzman becomes a legit piece of the major league team considering the Stanton trade looked the one with the least impressive player return (notwithstanding the Yankees taking $300 million off our books of course).
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