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  1. Definitely. He's been playing baseball most of his life, I'm sure plenty of people have watched him pitch.
  2. How can anyone be better than Gallen who is Cy Young 2.0?
  3. How come no one on here is talking about Sandy having a good game yesterday?
  4. One could argue getting the Yankees to take that $300 million already made it a good trade as it was very much a salary dump before anything else and that definitely got done. Having the players be any good would make it a great trade. There's a long list of salary dump trades where not one player contributed anything... anyone remember the Ricky Nolasco salary dump?
  5. It would be very nice if Guzman becomes a legit piece of the major league team considering the Stanton trade looked the one with the least impressive player return (notwithstanding the Yankees taking $300 million off our books of course).
  6. Why are the walks an issue? Every athlete should have a strong exercise regimen and walking is part of that.
  7. Really though, this thread wasn't meant to be a joke... Castano, the forgotten throw-in player for Ozuna who didn't do much of note in his first year plus in the organization is suddenly making waves. It would really be nice if this means we've uncovered another talented piece for the future.
  8. One of these things is not like the other...
  9. Another one of the nobodies that Mike Hill accidentally got for Ozuna.
  10. The box score says the Marlins scored 9 runs tonight... "that isn't proof at all, nice try though."
  11. It's all we have. If multiple reporters have interviewed multiple people who have said the same thing multiple times it's as close to proof as we have. On the contrary where's your proof that Loria DIDN'T demand specific moves from Mike Hill? Because I've yet to read one single report that refutes it. By your logic nothing that has ever been reported by any media anywhere has ever been proof of anything.
  12. Seems unnecessary and overly aggressive.
  13. If the Marlins lose tonight it's Michael Hill's fault. If the Marlins win tonight they just got lucky because Michael Hill still sucks.
  14. No it's not time, it's only 4pm, they have to wait until 7.
  15. That's nice of Steckenrider, I didn't know they were friends.
  16. This is America son, speak English!
  17. Thank you, I was already getting a headache.
  18. If you don't not like BABIP then you aren't a real fan.
  19. My only proof is the multiple media reports saying that Loria repeatedly demanded moves from Hill that Hill didn't want to make. At least I have that evidence while you continue to deny that this ever happened.
  20. Wtf? This confusing shit again?
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