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  1. I believe this... but do you have any proof?
  2. Noah Syndergaard has a problem with being paired with WIlson Ramos as his catcher but the Mets keep doing it because Ramos is a better bat than the other catchers and now Noah has spoken up about this concern. https://www.mlb.com/news/noah-syndergaard-questions-catcher-pairing What do you think? Is Syndergaard right to complain or is he not being a team player by making this a thing? Seems like a fine line, thoughts?
  3. Yea that's why I'm confused. The narrative was the Marlins are the only dumpster fire and now suddenly I'm being told that the reigning World Series champs are a dumpster fire too. How am I supposed to keep up with all of this???
  4. Most media is making it look like Dombrowski left behind a dumpster fire in Boston even though they're still the defending champs. Do we agree with this? It all shows how difficult building a real winning team is. Even when it seems someone has it figured out it seems like they're always so close to being a dysfunctional mess as well.
  5. Huh? Like, like a newborn as our GM?
  6. The Dolphins would be so much better if they had Zac Gallen on the team this year.
  7. Tommy Hutton on commentary again.
  8. It's interesting hearing local media/radio trying to grasp the start of the Dolphins season when it's clearly a rebuilding year. Dolphins fans normally have some optimism at the start of each season despite being not that great for seemingly ages now but this year there is clearly diminished hope even at the start of the season. Heard a radio guy this morning saying basically "why should I even watch, what's the point knowing they're gonna suck." Of course I say this as a Marlins fan who has had to endure countless seasons with diminished expectations from day one so it's amusing to hear Dolphins fans having to deal with this now.
  9. Also, I heard on the radio last week, in discussion of that low attendance during the Reds series that, even though the gimmicks like Bark at the Park and Heritage Nights were all nicely done that all the Marlins need to do to increase attendance is to bring in good players and that that was the bottom line, it was a simple as that with nothing else to it.
  10. I thought the same, also at that point the storm was not the threat it became later in the week. But Gammons was implying it so who knows what he thinks about it.
  11. So because they have a negative past it's impossible for them to ever have a positive future. I can understand skepticism, especially through journalism, but sometimes it feels like they're saying "because it rained yesterday it can't be sunny tomorrow."
  12. So what did they say is the reason for "the forecast is lazy?" Just because attendance is bad in late August of a 100 loss season for a mid week game vs an unpopular opponent just as a major hurricane is forming? Or did they say something more?
  13. Tyler Heineken is a great name. I approve.
  14. I disagree though. Yes I would agree that the general narrative around an organization might not fully change until the plan becomes successful but I don't think it's fair to say that nobody will believe or buy into the plan until the end. There are many ways to gather more believers along the way if an organization can prove that they seem to be on the right track towards success. Perfect example being the Marlins farm system jumping up as much as they have... that has to have created more believers in the Marlins plan.
  15. I don't know what Brian did to piss off that reporter but it's very unprofessional for this guy to call him a moron on social media like that.
  16. Even then, are they actually "painful"? And why would the organization be "anxiously awaiting" them? Both things seem to be part of the process at this point, almost like a side effect, and neither is gonna change anything, and I'd say neither one hurts the organization in relation to where they are in the process. The article also says these two things overshadow the fact that farm system has improved so much over the last two years... really? Is another losing season and a managerial change gonna actually put a damper on the farm system leaping over like 25 other teams?
  17. Apparently the Marlins might not finish 2019 with a winning record and they might be changing their manager again?
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