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  1. Never doubt me again. Interesting that the Marlins are doing this again for a few reasons... last year was the 25th anniversary season so they almost had to do throwbacks. This year is not an anniversary year so there's no obligation to do it again and also they introduced the new uniforms and some teams don't like throwbacks when a new uniform is out because it can easily distract from the new look. So maybe this implies that they keep this up every year?
  2. Actually a sweep means when a team wins all the games in a specific series, it doesn't necessarily guarantee a winning month.
  3. Not to shoot Glenn down but this goes back to the thread a few weeks back about ballpark atmosphere. The atmosphere was great tonight because the team played well, the game was competitive, and there was plenty of offense. If tonight's game was a 6-0 Phillies shutout the atmosphere would have still sucked even with the exact crowd in attendance.
  4. I must have misread how Mish described it as far as being an injury or not. So it seems like exactly what I thought yesterday and his reaction got him in more trouble than batting lefty. As long as its squashed its fine. This does feel like something the organization will want to crush asap to prove their claim of trying to be a better organizationa than this stuff.
  5. I don't think so. They're clearly showing the black cap here and making the tweet seem "mysterious" so to have it be a cap that's already revealed doesn't seem the way it's going.
  6. I watched that for like 30 mins waiting for the hairball to come out.
  7. This actually sums up the entire rebuild.
  8. This is what I meant. He wasn't taken out for batting lefty he was taking out for being hurt. Not letting his manager know of either issue didn't help.
  9. Monte may have known what he was doing but not communicating this with his manager is likely where the problem came from. Manager probably said if you're hurt we're pulling you, no need to risk anything. Might very well have been pulled for health and not as a punishment.
  10. I bet all the airport employees know Jeff Brigham very well these days.
  11. The fact that Jose Fernandez never got to the playoffs and that Mike Trout has only been there once shows how little one great player can do when the rest of his team is flawed. Goes back to proving why the Marlins weren't as close to contention as people think.
  12. No need to deny that motorboating is something you occasionally search for.
  13. He was already there. It took place a long time ago for him.
  14. That's fair, but I do it to amuse myself, I don't need it to be right.
  15. It's just as tiresome as people who continue to doubt even when positive signs keep showing up.
  16. Would it be wrong of Glenn to jokingly tweet out "If you all had listened to me and increased attendance the Marlins would have swept the Nats, this ones on you."
  17. First time in history that the Marlins have had 3 prospects selected to the Futures Game. The rebuild is clearly going nowhere. #FuckJeter #50YearPlan #TheyllBeTradedSoonAnyways
  18. The weirdest part was this one... no one came out to watch Stanton and Yelich but apparently they had star power... and if this club is successful no one will come out? Disagree. Make all the attendance jokes you want but if this group truly is successful, as in playoffs and winning seasons, they'll crush the attendance and viewership records of the 13-17 Marlins.
  19. Wtf? No. I don't think Fangraphs even writes elegys anymore. Haven't seen one from them in years.
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